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Inuyasha and Sesshomaru emerged from the forest together, headed for their camp. Inuyasha smelled food and his stomach rumbled in response.

"Whatever they're cooking smells good, sex can sure work up an apatite, eh?"

Inuyasha elbowed his brother playfully and the demon lord felt himself blush. The two approached the camp and their packs, but once they came into view, all eyes were on them. They took a seat around the fire, Inuyasha went for the food, and Rin ran up to Sesshomaru, falling into his lap.

"Sesshomaru-Sama is back! Yaaay!" Rin giggled.

Sesshomaru smiled down to Rin, patting her on the head, he coiled his Mokomoko around her, and she giggled again and snuggled into his pelt. Sesshomaru felt something bump into his chest and looked down. Inuyasha had a bowl of stew held out for him.

"Here, eat. I know you must be hungry."

Inuyasha ginned, and Sesshomaru felt himself blush. Turning his head away, he huffed and took the bowl. Inuyasha chuckled turned his attention to his own food, and promptly began to stuff his face. It wasn't long before he felt eyes on him, he looked up nd noticed that everyone except Shippo and Rin were still watching the two. Even Jaken was starting unblinkingly at his lord. It didn't take long for Sesshomaru to notice as well. The two demons stared back.

"Oi, what are you all staring at?!"

Everyone immediately adverted their gazes and went back to eating. Sesshomaru wasn't having any of it. He turned his gaze to his little green retainer, who eeped and shrunk back under his piercing eyes.


"Y-yes Milord?"


"A-ah yes of course. W-well see...earlier young Rin all...Milord."

The imp shrunk himself back again, and Sesshomaru looked down to the giggling girl laying in his lap. He gave her a quizzical look.

"Oh? And just what did you say Rin?"

Rin looked up at her lord and giggled again, she sat up and put her hand on her chin thoughtfully.

"Rin has said a lot of things. She has talked about flowers, about Ah-Un, OH she talked about a cloud that looked like a bunny!"

"Ah, I see, have you spoken of anything else? Anything about Inuyasha and I, perhaps?"

Rin thought again for a moment, before placing her fist in her hand, in a very comical aha moment.

"Oh yes! Rin told everyone why Sesshomaru-Sama and Inuyasha-Sama would be late to dinner!

Sesshomaru felt his face redden as a deep blush formed. Oh kami she didn't.

"What...exactly did you say?"

"That Sesshomaru-Sama and Inuyasha-Sama were hugging like a mommy and daddy!" Rin said cheerfully.

The whole camp was deathly silent as the two demons started at the little girl, their faced a deep blood red. Sesshomaru eyes darted back up to the rest of the camp, just in time to see them avert their eyes again, their faces were blood red too. The kitsune however, just looked confused. Sesshomaru heard Rin gasp and he looked back to her, her hands were covering her mouth, her eyes wide.

"Was Rin not suppose to say that? Was it a secret?"

"It's not really something you should go announcing to everyone." Inuyasha mumbled, arms folded.

"Oh, Rin is sorry! Rin didn't know. Why would a hug be a secret though?"

The two demons looked at each other at a complete loss at what to say. Their faces, if possible, were even redder than before. Miroku cleared his throat, and they turned their gaze to him.

"If I might, I would like to apologize to you two, on behalf of everyone. We are being quite childish about this whole thing. Your, uh, hug, is something completely natural, and there is no reason to be embarrassed about it. Right everyone?"

A murmur of agreement and some sorrys came from the small group, and as helpful as Miroku was, it really only made the two demons more embarrassed about the whole situation. Shippo however, furrowed his brows, even more confused than before.

"Why would you be embarrassed by a hug?" The kitsune pipped up.

The camp grew silent again.

"Er, because, its an adult hug, Shippo." Miroku nervously added.

"What's the difference between a normal hug and an adult hug?" Shippo pipped up again.

"Maybe because they don't have clothes on when they hug?" Rin added in.

"Yeah I guess so, but its still a hug. Unless they're doing something else too."

"Oh! Like a secret handshake! That's why it was a secret!"

"Ooooh yeah that would make since!"

"Kitsune, Rin, enough."

Sesshomarus soft, but commanding voice hushed the children immediately. The two children looked up at him with big round eyes.

"It is called an adult hug, because it is not something children should talk about. You will learn of this matter soon enough when you are older. Until then, let us not speak of such things."



Rin fell back into Sesshomarus lap and curled up with his Moko, while Shippo went back to petting the two headed dragon he was sitting on. The camp fell silent once more. After a while, it was Miroku who spoke up, again.

"So, if I might say, I believe we handled that situ-"

"Miroku." Inuyasha spoke up.


"...Just...shut up."

"...Yes, good idea."

The sun peeked over the horizon as the group began to make their way up the mountain pass. Sesshomaru and Inuyasha lead the way, as they walked in silence. Probably still in shock from the event that happened during the night. Sesshomaru hadn't gotten much sleep, being embarrassed, a feeling he wasn't use to, and anxious, about finally having his power back. Inuyasha must have picked up on his anxiety, because his brother moved closer to him, and took his hand. Just the simple act of holding his hand calmed him down. The two demons eyes met, and Sesshomaru gave Inuyasha a small smile, and Inuyasha smiled back. The two not caring about the looks they were receiving from behind them. Inuyasha gave his hand a small squeeze, and let go, walking ahead.

"C'mon, were almost at the top."

The group picked up their pace, and within the hour they made it to the peak of Mount Hikari. The peak was covered in beautiful small white flowers, and blueish green grass, the air was crisp and cold. Rin jumped down from Ah-Un and went running into the flower patches, spinning around and laughing.

"Look at all the pretty flowers Sesshomaru-Sama!"

"Yes, I see."

"There are so many, and they all smell like vanilla! I wonder which one is the Mo..mudo..uh..."

"Modosu, Rin."

"Yeah! That one! I'll start looking!"

"I'll help too!" Shippo shimmed in.

The two children started running around the flower patches laughing, more playing than actually looking for the flower. Seshomaru took one sweeping look around the area, none of the flowers really stood out as special to him.

"Oi, did the old lady actually mention what the flower looked like?" Inuyasha called out behind him.

The others though for a moment, it dawning on them that she didn't. Inuyasha let out a huff and folded his arms. Great. Inuyasha scanned the flower patches, and frowned.

"Maybe these little ones are the Modosu?" Inuyasha puzzled.

"I do not think so, Inuyasha. There are many, and their smell strong, the pollen would have effected me by now."

"Have you tried?"

Sesshomaru thought for a moment. He supposed there was no harm in trying. He held his claws out, and tried focused his poison. He waited...nothing. He lowered his claws and turned to look at his brother, his expression said it all. Inuyasha huffed out a curse and folded his arms again.

"Well damnit. Looks like were going to be here awhile, this place is huge."

Two shrill screams caught their attention and they turned to see Rin and Shippo running towards them, away from the last person they ever wanted to see.

"Magatsuhi!" Inuyasha growled.

On the other side of the flower field, Magatsuhi stood, grinning at them from eat to ear. The smell of the flowers were so strong here, Inuyahsa hasn't even noticed him. Inuyasha cursed and drew Tessaiga and leapt protectively in front of Sesshomaru. Kagome, Miroku, and Sango rushed by his side, weapons drawn as well. Ah-Un, rushed to stand beside his master, and Kirara transformed and stood by Sango. Magatsuhi laughed.

"My my, aren't you all ready for a fight."

Sesshomaru felt little hands grip at his pant legs, and he looked down to see Rin, Shippo, and Jaken behind him hiding.

"Get lost Magatsuhi, we have no time for you!" Inuyasha shouted.

The demon laughed again, and tentacles sprouted from his back.

"See, I would, but Naraku is pretty upset right now. Losing four shards of the jewel and his prisoner, the man was practically foaming at the mouth. I'm only here for Sesshomaru and the shards, but I am to prioritize the Daiyokai above all else. Heheheeh Id hate to see what he has planned for you."

Sesshomaru felt his heart catch in his throat and a shiver down his spine. He backed away slightly, and it didn't go unnoticed by Inuyasha. He growled and held his sword in front of him, pointed right at Magatsuhi.

"Not gonna happen!"

"Fine...hard way it is."

Magatsuhi lunged the tentacles from his back forward, headed for the group at a blinding speed. Inuyasha swung Tessaiga at them, sending a Windscar to destroy them. Magatsuhi laughed as the parts of his tentacles went flying, but stopped midair and rushed back to reform themselves. he sprouted more tentacles and sent them at the group again. Sango and Miroku leapt on Kirara and took to the air, and Sango swung Hiraikotsu at the appendages. Kagome launched arrows and destroyed a few that came flying her way. Inuyasha launched more Winscars and slashed at as many tentacles as he could, that came flying at him and his brother.

Sesshomaru just stood there and watched as Inuyasha and his pack fought, he felt so useless. Tiny hands gripped at his legs, as the children hid behind him. Sesshomaru felt his resolve return. If he can't fight, he could at least protect. He grabbed Rin and Shippo and placed them on Ah-Uns back, then grebbing Jaken as well he pulled the muzzle off his two headed dragon, and jumped on its back.

"Ah-Un, go."

The dragon obeyed his master and took to the skys, firing lighning out of their mouths at any tentacle flying their way. Now that he was out of Inuyashas way, Inuyasha didn't have to hold back. And Inuyasha took advantage of it, he launched blast after blast from his blade, destroying tentacle after tentacle flying at him. It wasn't long unto the ground was littered with parts of Magatsuhis body. But instead of reforming them, he plunged the broken appendages into the ground. The battlefield went silent, then the ground began to rumble, and suddenly dozens of tentacles burst from the ground. Inuyasha cursed as he tried to jump out of the way, but was caught by two appendages, which wrapped themselves around his arms and legs, holding him in place.


Inuyasha cursed as he tried to pull himself free. Kirara raced towards Inuyasha and sunk her fangs into one of the tentacles holding him, Sango raised Hiraikotsu up to cut them apart, but three more appendages grabbed her, Kirara, and Miroku, pulling them away. A scream pierced the air as one grabbed Kagome and held her high in the air with the rest of them. Every one of them caught. Magatsuhi turned his gaze to his final prey, and shot four tentacles at Sesshomaru and his dragon. Ah-Un, did his best to dodge them, but failed, as two wrapped themselves around the dragon, Ah-Un, reared up and shot lightning to try to escape, and Sesshomaru was thrown from his steed.

"Sesshomaru-Sama!" Rin and Jaken called out.

A scream escaped Sesshomarus throat as he fell, the ground closing in fast. In his current state, a fall like this would surely kill him. He almost let out a sigh of relief when two tentacles lunged forward and caught him, wrapping around his arms and legs.

"Tsk tsk, It would do no good to have you die. Naraku wants you alive...for now."

Sesshomaru allowed himself to catch his breath before he began to struggle. He pulled and jerked against the appendages to free his arms, but they held fast. Magatsuhi just laughed. Grinning he leered down at all of his captured enemies, all struggling to free themselves.

"I've said it before, I'll say it are all weak."

Weak. The word echoed in the back of Sesshomarus head, anger building inside of him. With strength he didn't know he had left in him, he struggled, and pulled one arm free. Looking around desperately, his eyes darted to his two headed dragon being held above him, Rin the kitsune, and Jaken, all still on the steed. Then his eyes fell onto the blades on Ah-Uns side. Bakusaiga! One swing of his sword would end this quickly. But without his yokai, could he even use Bakusaiga? He looked down and saw Inuyasha struggling against the demons appendages, and his eyes hardened, he had to try.


Rin peeked her head down from the dragon, to look down to her lord. Sesshomaru reached his free arm out towards her.

"Toss me Bakusaiga!"

Rin nodded and reached down to pull the sword from Ah-Uns, saddle. Pulling the sword from its sheath she held it high, before tossing it as hard as she could, to Sesshomaru. He reached out and caught it by the blade, wincing as the sword cut into his hand. Bringing the blade back, he grabbed it by the hilt, and raising Bakusaig above his head, he plunged the blade into the tentacle holding him. Nothing happened, and Magatsuhi laughed.

"Just what were you expecting to happen, Sesshomaru? You have no yokai, the sword won't listen to you!"

Growling he plunged the blade further into the appendage, all the way to the hilt, and focused on the sword, focused on unleashing a blast. He faintly heard his sword hum in protest. Bakusaiga still recognized him! It was warning him, refusing to unleash its power, knowing that if it did, it would hurt its master. Sesshomaru knew he wouldn't be able to handle Bakusaigas yoki in his current state, but he didn't care.

"I know Bakusaiga! But I need you right now, if we do not act, everyone will die. I need you Bakusaiga, please!"

To Magatsuhis surprise, Bakusaiga began to glow, he cursed and went to toss Sesshomaru and his damned sword to the ground, but he was to late. Bakusaiga blasted through his tentacles, the light trailing down into the ground, coursing through his other appendages. The light headed for Magatsuhis main body, and he moved to break away, but was too slow as the light engulfed him. The tentacles began to break apart, and the ones holding Sesshomaru disintegrated under him, He felt himself begin to fall, and he plummeted to the ground. He called out for the only person he could think of.


Seconds after that cry left his lips, a red blur grabbed him out of the air, they landed on the ground softly, and Sesshomaru looked up at his savior. Inuyasha set him down, and after checking to see if his own pack was ok, he gave Sesshomaru a once over.

"You ok? Your not hurt are you."

It was then Inuyasha eyes fell to Sesshomarus arm. His right arm stay limp to his side, the sleeve up to his elbow had been burned away. Angry red burns coated his hand that still gripped Bakusaiga, and snaked their way up to his elbow like lightning bolts, the burns so bad they were oozing blood.

"Sesshomaru you idiot..."

Inuyashas voice was soft, and he gently pulled him into a hug. Ah-Un landed softly behind them and Rin and Jaken leapt off and ran to their lords side, Shippo bounding over to Kagome, who caught him in a hug.

"Sesshomaru-Sama! You did it!" Rin cheered

"I knew you were never in any danger my lord, always one step ahead!" Jaken pipped up.

Inuyasha heard Sesshomaru let out a small chuckle and he pulled away to look at him.

"Guess I'm not so useless now, am I?"

Inuyasha frowned, is that what he thought of himself without his powers?

"Sesshomaru, you were never useless-"

"Oh how quant, the two Inus embrace once again..."

The two pulled away as the spirit of Magatsuhi hovered above them, his borrowed body destroyed. Inuyasha stood in frot of Sesshomaru protectively, and Sesshomaru took a step back, bumping into Ah-Un. Looking behind him, his eyes fell to his other sword, and he inwardly grinned.

"Just because you've won this battle doesn't mean you've won the war, well keep coming after you, over, and over again!" Magatsuhi laughed.

Inuyasha growled, his grip tightening on Tessaiga. He knew Tessaiga couldn't hurt him in this form, but what else could he do? Only Tenseiga could- Inuyasha felt something nudge his hand and he turned to see Sesshomaru placing Tenseiga in his hand. Inuyasha looked into his eyes, as if asking, are you sure. The look he got in return was an absolute yes. Sheathing Tessaiga, and holding out Tenseiga, who hummed approvingly in his hands, he turned his gaze to Magatsuhi. The demon spirits eyes widened and he turned to fly away. Inuyasha leapt high into the air and with one fell swing, he sliced Magatsuhi down the center. A shrill scream echoed throughout the sky as he spit in two and vanished.

"Hah! Take that!" Inuyasha shouted as he landed back on the ground.

He turned to Sesshomaru went to hand Tenseiga back to him, but stopped as he watched Sesshomaru sheath Bakusaiga back onto his dragons saddle. His right arm still limp by his side. Inuyasha sighed and walked up to the dragon to sheath Tenseiga himself. Afterward taking his brother arm into his hands, to inspect the damage closer, and Sesshomaru hissed in pain through gritted teeth.

"Im glad you saved us and all, but you really hurt yourself bad here Sesshomaru."

"I've had worse. It will heal."

By this time Kagome and the others had made their way other to the two demons, she took a look at Sesshomarus arm and winced.

"I have some bandages in my backpack, here let me-"

"It is unnecessary, Miko, once we find the flower my wounds will heal quickly."

"...If there are any flowers left." Rins voice was almost a whisper.

The group looked out to the field, and Sesshomaru felt his heart fall. The once lush field of flowers was almost completely destroyed.