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What flowers were not incinerated by the blasts from the brothers swords, were blighted out by Magatsuhis miasma. Only small patches of the once beautiful field of flowers remained. Sesshomaru looked out at the destruction, anxiety starting to grab hold of him again. Was this Magatsuhis and Narakus true plan? To destroy his way of ever returning to his former self? He sat down on a large stone as he stared out at the battlefield.

"Don't worry Sesshomaru-Sama! I'm sure there are plenty of flowers left! I'll go look!" Rin called out as she ran out into the destroyed field.

"I'll help too!" Shippo called out running after her.

Soon the whole group was searching the ragged mess for any sight of unusual flowers. They searched in the small patches of flowers left, they searched under rocks, in between cracks in the mountain side, they searched everywhere. No one searching as hard as Rin. After about an hour everyone decided to take a break and rest, but not Rin. She continued to rummage through the rocks, look within the patches, she wouldn't stop. She finally sat down on a small rock exhausted, and feeling defeated. What if the flower was destroyed? They wouldn't even be in this mess if she hadn't giver her lord that flower in the first place.

"This is all Rins fault..." Rin whispered.

She suddenly felt a small breeze on the back of her legs. Turning to look, she spotted a small crack in the side of the mountain, just big enough for her to fit through. Staring at it for a few seconds, she sat up, and squeezed her way into the small crack, and stumbling out into a small cave, it was dark inside, but she heard the sound of running water. She followed the sound and found a small clearing in the center of the cave, light shining down on the small river like flow of water rushing through the cracks in the cave. She walked closer, and gasped when her eyes lay on five large white and pink flowers, growing by the water.

Sesshomaru sighed as he sat down with the group, they had been searching for nearly an hour for this damned flower, to no avail. Kagome started passing out snacks from her large bag to everyone as they took a break. She handed him a yellow bag, with bold letters on them, Lays Potato Chips, interesting, and he was hungry. He pulled open the bag and took one of the chips into his fingers, inspecting it, he took a bite and blanched. It was salty, waaay to salty. Inuyasha seemed to like them though. Sesshomaru handed the bag to Inuyasha, who gladly took and and devoured the second bag as quickly as the first. Sesshomaru rested his head in his hand as he sighed, the other still limp by his side.

"I am starting to believe our efforts are futile, the flowers must have been destroyed...if they were ever hear in the first place."

"Oh please don't talk like that Sesshomaru-Sama. I'm sure they are here somewhere." Miroku chimed in, with a cheerful smile.

"Yeah, well find them, don't you worry!" Inuyasha patted his brother on the shoulder.

"And if we do not? What will happen to me? Will I stay powerless for the rest of my life?"

Sesshomarus voice sounded defeated, and Inuyasha lowered his ears. He placed a hand on his brother shoulder, and their eyes met.

"Hey, no matter what happens, I'll be here for you. Ok?"

Sesshomaru felt himself smile, and Inuyasha did the same.

"You two aren't gonna kiss again are you?" Shippo asked suddenly.

The two demons blushed and Inuyasha snapped his head to the fox kit.

"W-where the hell did you hear that from!?"

"Miroku" Shippo said flatly.

Everyone turned to glare at Miroku who sheepishly shrunk back, when Kagome spoke, catching everyone's attention.

"Um...where's Rin?"

The group looked around, Rin was nowhere in sight. Sesshomaru groaned, not again. The group stood and began looking for the little girl, calling out to her as they did.


"Oi, Kid where are yah!?"


It was then they heard a muffled voice call out to them.

"Mrrff- Over here!"

It was Sesshomaru who got to her first, followed shortly by the others. Half of Rins body was sticking out of a crack in the mountain side, she smiled and waved sheepishly to her lord as he knelt down to her.

"Rin...what are you doing?"

"Aha, well, see, Rin is...Um..."

"...You are stuck aren't you?"


Sesshomaru sighed as Rin giggled. Inuyasha helped Sesshomaru as they grabbed her free arm and began to pull, it was only a matter of moments before she was free, he knlt down to her again.

"Thank you Sesshomaru-Sama and Inuyasha-Sama!"

"Rin, why were you in there? What if we hadn't found you?"

Rins shoulders sunk as Sesshomaru scolded her.

"Rin is sorry Sesshomaru-Sama, Rin was looking for the flower."

"Hnn, and did you find it in there?"

To Sesshomarus surprise Rin beamed up at him and held out her other hand, in it a beautiful while and pink flower unlike any of the others they had seen in on the mountain. Sesshomaru stared at the flower, before pulling Rin into a giant, one armed, bear hug, the little girl giggled and wrapped her arms around his next, hugging him back.

"Thank you Rin."

The two pulled away from the hug, and Rin was absolutely beaming, she held out the flower to him, and he gently took it from her. Turning the flower around in his hand, he stood, and turned to face the others, his eyes meeting his brothers, who was smiling at him.

"Well, what're you waitin for? Sniff the damn flower already so you can stop bitchin about your powers."

Sesshomaru could tell from his voice that he was joking with him, but he was right. Looking at the flower one last time, he brought it up to his nose, and inhaled deeply. It smelled exactly like the first one did. He waited...nothing, frowning he sniffed the flower again, when suddenly he felt a rush of power inside of him. His yokai, after being gone for so long, overtook him before he could stop it, it surrounded him like a whirlwind.


Inuyasha grabbed Rin and leapt away from Sesshomaru as his yokai only grew in power. Inuyasha saw his brothers eyes bleed red, and his mouth elongate, and he cursed again.

"Hes transforming! Everyone get back!"

Everyone rushed to get away from him as Sesshomaru began to transform, the yokai surrounding him began to glow and the light engulfed him. Seconds later, a giant dog stood, where a humaniod Sesshomaru once did. The giant dog looked like it began to inspect itself, lifting its massive paw up to its nose to sniff. Inuyasha swallowed, and began to approach the dog.

"Hey...Sesshomaru? You good?"

The dog stopped, and looked down the the half demon carefully walking up to him. He lowered his head slowly, bringing his nose to the hanyo. Inuyasha felt himself stiffen as the dog began sniffing him, then as it drew its head back, it ran its tongue across the poor hanyos entire body, leaving him sopping wet.

"Aaaaccckkkk grooosssss!"

The dog began to bark, and wag its tail, the ground shaking each time the tail hit.

"Dammit Sesshomaru, stop, your going to break the whole mountain!"

Rin came rushing past Inuyasha and headed straight for the giant dog, who lowered its head back, and ran its tongue across her as well. Rin giggled and hugged the dogs nose, and the tail started to wag harder, shaking the mountain.

"Oh great, this is much worse, thanks Rin." Inuyasha muttered.

"Your welcome!" Rin giggled back.

Afterward Inuyasha had asked Sesshomaru if he could changed back, and to his surprise the giant dog had tried, its yokai flaring up, but sizzling out. After several more attempts Miroku had suggested they make their way back to the village, and try again later. Everyone agreed and set off back to the village. While Sesshomaru was not 100% back to normal, he at least had his yokai back. After a few weeks of traveling, Rin opting to ride on Sesshomaru instead of Ah-Un, and Sesshomaru allowing Inuyasha to hitch a ride as well, they finally made it back to the village.

The villagers had been shocked at first, seeing the grand dog demon land in their village. But after Kagome and Inuyasha assuring everyone that he was least to them, they settled down. Sesshomaru now sat in a clearing next to the village, with Rin and the village children playing on the great dog demon as if he were a playground. Allowing them to climb up his back, and slide down his tail, it was comical. Inuyasha however, wished for his brother to be back to normal. He yearned to kiss those lips of his again, to hold him close.

It was nightfall when Inuyasha approached his brother, still in the clearing, the children long gone to bed. Rin, Inuyasha noticed, was cuddled up next to the great dog demon, chatting and telling him stories. Jaken and Ah-Un, right next to him. Rin stopped when Inuyasha approached them, and she waved.

"Oh, hello Inuyasha-Sama!"

"Hey kid, what cha doing?"

"Oh, Rin is telling Sesshomaru-Sama stories so he won't be bored!"

"Hah! As if out great lord would ever be bored! Your stories are just nonsense!"

Sesshomaru let out a low growl and the Imp eeped and bowed low.

"E-exactly as I was saying milord, Rin has such wonderful stories that one would never be bored listening to them!"

The great dog demon huffed and Rin giggled, Inuyasha just rolled his eyes.

"Say Rin why don't you and Jaken so say hey to Kagome. Shes making some tea, and I sure she would love your help."

Rin jumped up, shouting something along the lines of yay for tea, scooped up Jaken, and make a beeline for Kagomes current hut, Ah-Un slowly standing, and folling behind them. It was just Inuyasha and Seshomaru now. Inuyasha moved to sit next to the dog demon, and he leaned into him, as Sesshomaru rested his head onto the ground. The two just sat there in silence for a while, until Inuyasha spoke.

"So, have you tried to change back again?"

His question was met with a loud huff, I guess that's a yes. Inuyasha sighed and folded his arms.

"I wonder what's going on now. You have your yokai back, so that's a good thing, maybe its been gone so long you need to get control of it back?"

Sesshomaru gave Inuyasha a puzzled look, cocking his head to the side like a puppy would, it was adorable.

"Well, whatever the case, please hurry up."

Inuyasha leaned over to Sesshomarus massive head, the dogs eyes following his every move.

"I want to kiss you again, I miss you."

Inuyasha planted a kiss on the side of Sesshomarus head, and suddenly, the whole clearing lit up, the glow and rush of yokai coming from Sesshomaru. Inuyasha leaned back and covered his eyes, as the light got brighter. Slowly the light faded, and Inuyasha uncovered his eyes, blinking the spots away. Then soft lips crashed into his, and Inuyasha leaned into the kiss, grabbing desperately at the other demon. The two kissed like that for what seemed like an eternity, before Inuyasha pulled back, to take in Sesshomarus form. He was his normal self again, and he was smiling back at him.

"Jeezz if that's all it took, I would have kissed you weeks ago." Inuyasha teased.

"I guess, I just needed to want it hard enough, to be able to revert back."

"I'll tell you something that's hard enough" Inuyasha grinned.

Inuyasha grabbed Sesshomaru and pushed his back up against a tree, nipping and kissing at his neck. He pulled Sesshomarus haori open and let it fall down to his elbows, as Sesshomaru pulled open Inuyasha haori as well. The two crashed their lips together, their tongues danced. Inuyasha began stroking Sesshomarus member through his hamaka, and he groaned into the kiss.

"Sesshomaru-Sama! Inuyasha-Sama! Kagome-chan wants to know ...want...tea..."

The two stopped and looked back to see Rin standing next to them...again.

"...Ooooh! Are you two hugging again? And your kissing to! That's so sweet!"

The two just stared in disbelief at the girl as she rambled. This couldn't be happening...again.

"Oh right you two want probably want to be alone! Rin will go now...should Rin keep this a secret?"

"Y-yeah Rin, keep this a secret" Inuyasha choked out.

Rin shouted an ok, and bounced off back to the village. The two demons sighed and Inuyasha rested his head on Sesshomarus chest.

"That is the second time...your kid has interrupted us..."

"I am aware..."

Commotion from the village drew their attention. Apparently the bright blinding light from Sesshomarus yokai transformation, had awoken half the village. The villagers now coming out from their huts to inspect what that was, the two demons were in clear sight if anyone looked. Sesshomaru sighed, and sat up, pulling his haori back on, Inuyasha did the same. The mood was gone. Shaking his head, Inuyasha stood, and held out his hand, pulling Sesshomaru to his feet.

"Next time, lets go somewhere where no one will find us, I'm tired of being interrupted."


"Tea actually sounds kinda nice right now, you in?"

"Yes, tea sounds pleasant."

The two made their way back to the village, to the little hut Kagome and Rin were staying in. They walked in silence, until Inuyasha spoke once more.

"So, have you given it any thought?"

"Given what thought?"

"About if your going to stay with me, if your going to travel with us."

"I have."


Sesshomaru slowed to a stop, as Inuyasha leaned in closer to him, their eyes staring into one another.

"I would love nothing more than to stay with you, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha moved closer and embraced his brother in a hug, Sesshomaru hugging him back. Inuyasha pulled and and gave his brother a small kiss on the lips and smiled, earing a smile in return. It was then Sesshomaru noticed the beads around Inuyasha neck, sparkle in the moonlight. He reached his hand up, and took the string of beads in his hand, and he felt Inuyasha stiffen.

"I believe I made you a promise, Inuyasha."

Sesshomaru focused all the yokai he could into his hand as he gripped tightly onto the beads. The beads began to glow a brilliant blue, and sparks of purity erupted from them. Sesshomaru then tugged on the beads with all his might, the beads sparked and burns formed on Sesshomarus hands, but he didn't let up. Until finally a shattering sound came from the beads, and they burst, beads flying in every direction, clanking onto the ground. Sesshomaru let the remainder of beads around his hand drop to the ground, a triumphant grin across his face. And Inuyasha said they couldn't be taken off.

Inuyasha slowly brought his hands up around his neck, where his necklace no longer was. His wide eyes looking to the beads on the ground, back up to Sesshomaru.

"Y-You did it...You actually did it!"

Inuyasha cheered and embraced his brother in a hug once again, a huge grin on Inuyashas face. He pulled back with a laugh and started kicking the beads on the ground.

"Lets see her try to sit me now! Ha ha!"

Sesshomaru could help but smile at Inuyashas antics. Grinning Inuyasha turned back to his brother.

"Well, Now that that's settled, lets go find Kagome, I feel like gloating! Hey maybe she made dinner with tea, I'm starving!"

Inuyasha grabbed Sesshomaru by the hand and pulled him along. The feeling of his brothers hand in his made his heart flutter, and he felt himself entwine his fingers with Inuyashas.

Months had past, and they had indeed merged their packs, everyone in agreeance that Sesshomaru would be the main alpha of the pack, even if Inuyasha was the one who took control when being intimate. Everyone had grown to accept Sesshomaru, even Kagome, must to Sesshomarus surprise. The large pack fought demons together, traveled together, grew together. Each day getting closer and closer to finding and defeating Naraku. The two demons grew closer and closer each day. They had found the other half of themselves, finally feeling whole after so many years. They had each other, and they would stay together, forever.