Title: Before we vanish

Rating: Mature

Spoilers: a lot

Characters: L, Beyond Birthday, Watari and Roger if u look closer.

A.N. – I got bored XD so I wrote another fanfiction with L and B.

Chapter one – Backup

At the first floor of the orphanage, in the room at the bottom of the hall that was decorated with blue flowers texture, was the room of the deceased successor named Beyond Birthday.

The room seemed untouched, no child dared to even near it, not even Mihael Keehl, the bravest, or stupid of them all.

Inside, was a strange feeling, as if Beyond Birthday was still there, the curtains pulled , creating an intimate effect, the walls slightly enlightened with an marine-blue color. On the floor were empty strawberry jars, on the carper was sketched a "B" letter with chalk, and near it an "L" letter. The chandelier was hanging heavy on the rotten ceiling and even when a mouse was swarming in the loft, the whole structure seemed to be shaken.

The bed was nicely done, and on the nightstand was the only evidence of Beyond Birthday's existence. A picture of him, when he turned 18.

He represented the image of an immature young man, tall, with spiky hair, his clothes hanging on his body, standing in sort of a yoga position, with a threatening look, a smirk

smile, and his eyes… just a pair of rubies.

Still, the room was a sad place, full of an unpleasant events, although it was a room of a scared boy, who's friend died, A, who committed suicide.

But, that boy fled from the orphanage.

Beyond Birthday ran away.

Those things where in the past, many years ago… and now, some of them thought that would have been better to catch the time when Beyond Birthday and A were still alive.

The view from that room gave an sad, melancholic feeling to the children.

It was said that, before the flight of Beyond Birthday from the orphanage, Lawliet visited him for the first time and also last time.

'You look just like my mirror image' said Beyond full of astonishment. 'So you are my true predecessor, about you everyone was talking so much about. Hmm, hmm, hmm, he he!'

Lawliet said nothing, he was just staring at Beyond.

Beyond also became silent when he saw the unchanged expression of his predecessor.

'Okay… what do you want me to tell you?'

Guessing why Lawliet came to him, it was time for his story version of A's death, and also some personal issues. B let out a sigh, stretching on the bed, making himself comfortable, hands under his head he started to talk with a weak voice.

'A was one of my closest friends, but the thought of being a successor made him feel weird: "I'm the alpha!" he told me, "I should have successors, I'm the first one!" but I answered that if he's the first one to succeed you, it wasn't my duty to stop him by having his own way of solving things. He became stressed by the things he had to learn, then he was disturbed, withdrawing from the real world. I couldn't get close to him, although he was a damn of a genius, above all, even me. I tried to talk with him, but failed. After a week I found him in my room, hanged by the candelabrum. At his burial I saw you, and I felt I have to do something, but I can't! Why do you keep looking at me like that. No expression on your face! That's just pathetic.'

Beyond fell into silence, hoping that Lawliet could understand how everything matched together, and it was his fault.

'What do you want from me?' asked Lawliet after a while.

Hearing that question, Beyond jumped off the bed and spoke smiling:

'I am your backup! B comes from backup, that's what I am, your copy! If something happens to you, I will take your place, Lawliet! I will!'

Beyond burst into an unnatural laugh, moving away from Lawliet, arms crossed to his chest, leaning on the wall.

'Don't be so sure about your fight for the name of "L". You are alone now, but I planned to bring new ones for the fight!'

'I know this is what are you going to do! Don't worry, I'll go away, and I won't disturb the peace of this orphanage' Beyond answered quickly, shaking his head as "no". 'I know you don't want me here!'

'I don't dislike you, B! You have all the abilities to follow my footsteps. There's no need to do away.'

Beyond laughed again, getting closer to Lawliet, face to face, much to closer, and his spoken words were … just too full of sensuality, spoken by his soul-mate:

'You don't want me to leave because of my abilities to be like you, or is something else? Is there something else in your mind now? Some good reasons?'