Chapter seven – Fate

'Wait! What are you doing?' said Roger as he followed the backup of L.

'I'm out of here! There's no meaning for me if L is not with me!' said Beyond as he returned to his room, packing his goods. 'Roger, I'm 18, I should have leaved his orphanage long ago! But now with L gone…' he sobbed. 'Get out!' he snapped. 'Get out and don't dare stop me! I didn't stayed here just to get humiliated, I have to find L!'

When he was ready, he took a winter coat, just in case, and fled, leaving the entrance door wide open.

'So… another have has vanished!'

That happened in 1999, Beyond Birthday was 18 and L Lawliet was 20… what a shame!

Lawliet continued to give nasty looks to his caretaker, but never mentioned anything about Beyond. He continued his work as a private detective, well, perhaps a little too private. He and his caretaker lived in a special headquarter in London, and B did not know he was there… despite his genius.

As for Beyond Birthday, he turned to be a tramp on the streets of London, a burglar more precisely… he stole moneys from the orphanage so he wasn't forced to steal or beg.

His love for Lawliet grew into a powerful obsession, he dressed like him all the time, and things got worst, his urge to have Lawliet to his side drove him to madness, and in 2001 fled in Los Angeles for the perfect revenge.

Beyond lay in bed with eyes wide open in a prefabricated store-house. It was August 18th 2002.

'L… you send Naomi Misora to solve this case. Why haven't you shown you face to me? I miss you! Are you afraid I'll hurt you?'

'Hurt' he thought, he remembered that last night at Wammy's House, before Watari broke in and ended their reunion.

He sensed that Lawliet let his guard down, he never even imagine he would look so vulnerable under his touch. It wasn't at all the perfect 'first time', and he lusted to have Lawliet under him and scream for him as both of them melted in pleasure. Unfortunately for him, no person could replace Lawliet, so he had to bear his urges without using someone, he hate it. It was an unwritten rule: never to fuck a stranger, and make love with the 'chosen one'… that's what Beyond endlessly repeated it to himself when he found it hard to resist.

That was Beyond's dream… just a dream.

'Oh, Lawliet! How I wish to be with you! Damnit! I really must do this to have your attention!'

Sadly, for Beyond, he died some years later, on 21st January 2004, after endless nights of howling and mourning his desire.

His heart stopped beating for his longed love, forever. The love he never saw time during his prison life.

Beyond was found a few minutes after his death: eyes wide open as well as his mouth, a hand clutching his chest as his heart was forced to stop. Yet, from his face, everyone could read that he cried until his last moment: his tears were still fresh.

'I'm glad I will die, it will release me from pain,' these were Beyond Birthday's last words.