A/N- Shut up. :P It was like 1 AM when I wrote this. Wrote this for a friend, btw. ;) Oh, and my friend's friend drew me some fanart. Link on my profile. (No one wants to be mentioned here. I wonder why?) Thanks. :D

One early morning, Juudai woke up.

He'd been awake all night, what a good fuck.

He looked to his left and saw some blue hair.

He smiled, running his hand over his partner's skin, looking oh-so fair.

He yawned, stretching, hoping for another rest.

He looked to his right and saw a broad chest.

What the hell happened last night?

Something wasn't effing right.

The brunette scrambled out of bed.

All he remembered was giving a head.

But had he given two?

He looked at the person next to his boo.

It had white hair.

And a disco stick.

Blue lips.

But was it a bastard or a chick?

"Good morning, JuJu," his significant other said.

The white haired one asked,"What are you doing out of bed?"

Juudai remembered the second voice that along with Johan, had also said, "I'm gonna cum!"

And then he realized, he had done a threesome.