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Johnny Storm felt hung over. His naked back touched the cold slab of stone he had been dumped on.

Half conscious, he was suddenly thrust onto his feet as the chain and collar around his neck were ripped at. The nude male grabbed at his neck to prevent his choking to death. After the wind was knocked out of him, he managed to open his eyes to only see a fat, grotesque monster drooling over him. His heart racing, Johnny's first instinct was to run, but as he had almost reached the doorway, the silver collar binding him stopped him in his tracks and he fell backwards. He tried to crawl frantically but the restraints pulled him back to the slab of stone he had just stood on. The slobbering green slug spoke to his new pet, "I am Jabba the Hutt, and I have taken you from your time and world because I know of your capabilities. You shall be my slave for the rest of your days, here in my palace."

The human was furious and confused, and he knew he had to find a way to escape and get back home. "Flame on!" he shouted, and he burst into flames and soared into the air, only to be pulled back down again. "As you can see, you are my dais, and you will stay chained to my throne, and you should know that it is impossible for you to escape." Disheartened, the superhero turned slave reluctantly whispered "Flame off."

***The next morning***

Johnny again awoken to find Jabba grasping his chains in one hand, and touching his stomach in the other. He looked around the circular room to find stocks of human-like beings huddled together throughout the room. Johnny went to stand up, but the sound of his chains rattling woke his captor, who immediately yanked at his collar, and pulled upwards so the slave and captor were face to face. "You move when I tell you, boy" the disgusting beast then let a long, snakelike tongue fall from his mouth. Johnny, catching his breath as his heart pounded, felt the monster's saliva caress his body. When this process was done, Jabba motioned and a white snakelike being walked towards him. They whispered to each other and the servant grabbed the slave by the arm. "No, stop, what are you doing?!" he shouted, helplessly.

The nude slave struggled as Jabba's servant held him, clipping chains from the floor to manacles on his wrists. He stood, quivering, in the center of the room, with all eyes on him. Over several long hours, he was tormented and raped. His masterfully sculpted chest and abdomen pulsed in rage. Every muscle in his body shook in rage. Jabba, in jealousy of everyone else, wanted his slave now and pulled so hard at the collar that the chains which bound his wrists snapped. Jabba forced his slave onto the ground and taught him a lesson in "humility."

Weeks later, the slave had been granted a metal loincloth, but the looming reminder of his capture was everywhere.