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'Cause all I try to do is spend my life Chasing You.

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I hope one day you realize I'm the only one for you.

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Duncan P.O.V. - Saturday

For once everything has been going pretty great. Everything has been totally chilled and laid back for a bit because we're all unwinding and getting back into our normal schedule. The day we got back, after the train ride with Courtney we basically have been spending time together none stop.

I know what you're thinking. This just brings back that whole inseparable theory. It's just…things are so much easier when I'm with her. And I never thought that I would say this because she use to be the most difficult person I knew. Then she became my personal most wanted person, and now I have her.

We just hang out and do pointless things together or do nothing together. Like, we'll be in my room and just stare at each other until she blushes and tells me to stop it, because apparently I give her a look that freaks her out.

I know what look she's talking about. Trust me, it's far from freaky. The look is like, a stare I give her when I know I'm lucky to have her.

When did I become such a sap?

Oh and on the train ride home, about the whole Geoff thing? Yeah, he missed the train. He got in a few nights ago, he had to take another train to school. Apparently, his family threw a ginormous beginning of the year bash.

His parents and all of his siblings where in on it…so yeah, I'm guessing it was pretty huge, and Geoff slept all day and missed his alarm. They all were knocked out pretty much.

Things with Geoff and Bridgette have definitely scaled to the next level. Whenever I see one, I always see the other. Attached to one another's lips. Seriously, they suck face twenty four seven, and I'm not sure when they come up for air.

They only time they aren't making out is when they're in class. But even then they try to restrain themselves from touching each other, so they sit on opposite ends of the classroom.

More recently Courtney and I have switched from hanging out in my dorm room to just hanging out in my dorm common room, or the café. Change of scenery is good…and then there's the factor that Trent threw us out when him and Gwen wanted to "talk" and "get to know one another better" I'm not sure what happened with them, but they both seem really happy.

I walked down from my dorm, and across campus to Courtney's hall. She told me to meet her in the front common room to hang, Geoff was over in her room with Bridgette, and the sounds of them making out made studying uneasy, so she says.

I simply told her studying makes life uneasy, and that she should just chill for a little bit and take a break. Surprisingly, she agreed and said it was a good idea.

Ladies and gentlemen, hell just froze.

I wrapped on the scarf my parents gave me, and the black coat did come in handy, since I've been wearing practically everyday. It has been freezing here. The gloves I just started to use. I'm into the fingerless gloves, so I hadn't been wearing those leather ones mom and pop gifted me.

But, two nights ago I was outside with Dj and Trent and we got into this epic snow ball fight battle. It started out with Trent falling into me, and me face planting into the snow. Then that evaluated into snow flying, and Dj and Trent creating a war zone with me. Ice and snow was flying, and it was like eight o'clock at night, so it was twenty degrees below what it normally is in the daytime.

I wasn't wearing my gloves, and an hour into our snowball fight, the tips of my fingers began turning the lightest shade of blue. First they turned pink from the cold, then white, and then blue. That was when I had to surrender.

But, I'll get them back. Mark my words. We have plenty of snowy days left.

After my snowball fight, I met up with Courtney inside of the café, it took me a while to warm up, I drink two cups of coffee I was pretty awake that night. Courtney noticed the band on my finger.

She lifted her delicate fingers underneath mine, to examine the ring.

"What's this?"

I shrugged, and took a sip of my drink with my free hand. "A ring my dad gave me as a Christmas present." She slid the ring off of my ring finger and examined it with her own tiny, tan fingers.

"It's so…blank." She said a minute later, handing it back to me.

I shrug and reply, "That's the Lindon way."Courtney giggled for a second, "The what way?"


I shuffle my feet through the snow, thinking back on the memory and pull open the front door to Courtney's hall. I wipe my feet down on the welcome mat. I saw the back of Princess's head, sitting on the black leather couch, looking down at a book.

This common room was far nicer than the one in my hall. The one in my hall had a few old couches, and had a couple of book shelves. Wow, that's sooo fascinating. The one here have better couches and chairs, nice rugs and a TV hung up on the wall. This building is the newest one on this campus.

Princess was telling me about it when I complained about my common room.

I unwrapped my scarf, and stuffed my gloves into my coat pocket. I hung it up on the coat rack beside the door when you entered the common room. I walk up to Princess, and immediately plop down next to her.

She cast an annoyed look over to me, but when she noticed it was me, she smiled. "Hey you, I didn't think you'd get here so quick." She says, closing her book and putting it on the coffee table in front of us. I kiss her mouth, and she smiles into the kiss. I wrap my fingers around her neck, and pull her in closer to me. A what feels like a second later, she breaks the kiss, but remains just as close to my face. Her breathing was speeding up and she stared at me into my eyes, "Wow, that was…wow." She blushed, and I smirked.

"How's that for hello?" I ask while my eyebrow raised.

"Pretty good." She leaned back into her seat, and I shifted my position so I could look at her better.

"How has your week been, Princess?" I ask her. She secretly likes the nickname, even though whenever I use it, she sighs or rolls her eyes annoyed, but I know she really likes it.

"Manageable." she says with a sigh.

"Thank God for Saturdays, eh?"

"Definitely." She confirms with a nod.

A minute later Geoff and Bridgette came down the elevator, surprisingly not all up on one another. But, they were holding hands, looking perfect together. Seeing as they're both tall, blond, and have vibrant personalities.

"Hey guys, we were looking for you!" Bridgette says once they get over to us, and sit down on one of the other leather couches.

"Where did you look first, down Geoff's throat?" Courtney shoots.

The three of us laugh over it as Bridgette's face turns beat red. Geoff rubs his hand on Bridgette's shoulder. "Lighten up, babe. They're just joking." He tells her.

"Good one." I tell Courtney, she shrugs and smiles. "I'm pretty sure I got from you." She tells me, and I smile bigger.

"What are ya'll doing here?" Geoff asks us.

"Nothing, just meeting up." Courtney replies, I wrap my arm around her shoulder.

"Ah, I see what you mean." Geoff says sending me a smirk. I reply with a puzzled expression.

"What does she mean?" I ask.

Geoff drawled, "Uhhhh…"

Bridgette giggled, "Close your jaw Geoff, you're attracting flies." Bridgette jokingly pushed his jaw up with hand. "I don't think Geoff knows what he's talking about." Bridgette says, and Courtney and her begin laughing.

The four of us sat in the common room talking about classes and just aimlessly doing nothing. Geoff tore a page out of the back of Courtney's novel and turned it into a paper airplane, which seriously peeved her.

It was one of those random blank extra pages in the back of the book when the story is done. Even though there were no words on it, she was still pissed. And when my Princess is pissed, I'm pissed. Unless, I'm the one causing it, otherwise I'm entertained.

Courtney and Bridgette talked about their classes and probably did some of that girl talk I'm only half way invested in, Geoff and I talked bros and sports; Geoff wants to join the hockey team, and he tried convincing me to join too. I might…haven't decided yet.

It might please Courtney and my parents too. Courtney is always telling me colleges love extra curricular crap like that, and my therapist had once told me that if I joined a sport I could get my aggression out during practice and games. As long as no one was hurt. But, where's the fun in that?

Courtney was now sitting next to Bridgette on the other couch, they were cross-legged facing one another, as Geoff and I slouched on our couch playing a game of cards from the deck Geoff found on the common room table.

"Oh, hey you two!" Bridgette's voice greets. I crane my head to see who she could be talking to. Sure enough, Trent and Gwen were walking in together, hand in hand. Trent had his guitar strapped to his back, and Gwen was wearing what looked like a new shirt. She wasn't dressed in her usual Goth clothes. She had on a pair of denim skinny jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt. She was also wearing a few beaded necklaces and her nails were painted black, as always.

It was refreshing to see her wearing brighter colors, but also a little weird. This must be the reaction people get when I'm not wearing my dog collar and when I'm not wearing my regular dark clothes on the weekends.

Like today, I'm wearing a black and white stripped sweater and a pair of black converse, instead of my favorite red pair.

"Hey guys." Gwen says to all of us.

"What's up?" Trent greets.

The guys respond to Trent and Gwen with, 'hey there,' 'I'm good, you?' and 'just hanging out.' responses.

Confused to why they're here, seeing as this isn't their dorm I ask, "So, what brought you both down here?" I throw a card into the throw-away pile Geoff and I had set up on the couch between us.

"Well, Trent and I were just hanging out in his room, and well we were bored." Gwen answers me with a shrug.

"Well, there's always room for more." Bridgette says with her usual friendly smile. The girl has perfect teeth.

"Cool." Trent responds, while pulling his guitar up over his head, and holding it in front of him. He took a seat on one of the chairs that was between the two couches, with the coffee table right in the middle.

Gwen sat on the arm of his chair next to Trent, and leaned into the chair, her arm leaning into his. He smiled up at her and she returned it back to him. I roll my eyes, hiding my smile as Geoff throws a card into the throw-away pile.

If you're curious about the game that we're playing…well we kind of just make stuff up as we go along.

"So guys," Courtney's voice was lingering with curiosity.

"So yeah?" Gwen raises her left eyebrow.

"I was curious, are any of you staying here for the summer?" I glance over at her. Courtney and I hadn't even mentioned the future or the summer. It is only the middle of January. But, my mom had mentioned a few more times that the renewal check for room and board was due the first week of February for the summer.

"Well, I know I'm definitely going home for the summer. I can't be away from home for too long." Bridgette says to us.

"I'm staying here for the summer. Mr. Crenshaw promised me a summer music class for guitar and music theory. I can't pass that up, only the best of the best get into that." Trent says.

"Good for you, Elvis." I say casually, grabbing a card out of the throw-away pile.

Trent smirked at my remark. "I think I'm going to go home. For the summer, I mean." Gwen tells us. "It's just, my mom needs help at home, It's just her me and my little bro and it can't hurt if I'm there for the summer to help her out for a bit. And I miss her." Gwen admits.

Geoff and I remain silent, as eyes fall on us. We continue pulling and dropping cards into our piles. I'm not even sure what we're doing anymore.

"Well?" Courtney says expectantly.

"I'm not sure, bra." Geoff shrugs, placing his seven cards at his side. "I mean, there's nothing really here that I can't get back home, and I'm use to living out here on my own. Plus in the summer you get a lot more freedom. Like you can leave campus without having to sneak off. It's suppose to be mad chill." Geoff explains.

"And if I go back home all I have is my huge family, which is cool and all but too crowded for me." Geoff picks up his cards again. "What about you, bro?" he asks me.

"I-uh…" I put my cards down, and look at Courtney who is just staring at me, waiting for me to say something.

"I was sort of thinking of just staying here." I say. I was waiting for Princess to jump in immediately and say, "Me too!" but she kept watching me. So I babbled on. "Cause if I go home it'll be the same boring story, same always working police parents, I'll get bored eventually and probably get arrested." I roll my eyes in annoyance of my thoughts getting out of hand.

I pick up my cards again, and throw a black three of spades into the throwaway pile.

"Me too." Courtney says. I turn my head. "I plan on staying here too." I throw my cards down, and look at Princess. She's sitting on the couch, with her legs crossed, and her arms at her side, looking so calm.

"Really?" I say. I could have sworn when she first didn't say anything she wanted to go home.

"Really. I mean I like living on my own too…besides, anywhere you are Duncan, well that's where I want to be." She says with a small smile following up after her words.

"Thank you, babe." She blushes lightly, and looks down for a second. "Malibu, switch seats with me." I get up, and Bridgette, who looks annoyed at her new nickname, complies with what I ask, and sits with her boyfriend.

I fall into the seat next to Courtney, and wrap my fingers over hers.

Trent began strumming his guitar, and harmonizing softly. It sounded really nice, especially since this place was so empty. There were a few people coming and going, spotting the six of us, but no one came and talked to us.

With Trent's background music, the calm mood, and the friends I'm surrounded with, I don't think I've ever felt more comfortable. More at home. Gwen was humming softly with Trent, as Geoff and Bridgette either spoke softly or made out when we weren't looking. I turned my head to face Courtney, and pull her in to kiss her.

"What was that for?" She asks quietly as she pulled away.

"Thanks for sticking around," I tell her. "I know I'm a pain in the ass sometimes, and I'm not the easiest person to deal with. Especially since we had that whole love slash hate thing going on…I'm just glad to know I've got something good on my hands."

Courtney looked down at our hands, "Wow, Duncan…I'm not even quite sure how to properly respond to that but," She looked back up into my eyes, "Thanks for never giving up on me. And what I mean by that is…I know I can be difficult, and I have these huge expectations for everything and everyone, but you just accept me for me." She says to me.

I smile because in that moment I know, no matter how fast life might be going by, no matter how far away I am from my family, or how little I know about the real world, it feels like as long as I have Courtney, I can be okay,

I'm not trying to be sappy, I'm serious. I always heard cheesy lines like these in movies. About how like, love can solve the simplest problems, and as long as you have that one special person everything is going to be okay, no matter what the situation is.

You might not be sixteen, you might be thirty or even seventy. But, there has got to be a person out there for everyone, because it would be seriously messed up if there wasn't. I guess I just got lucky, because I already found who I can see myself spending the rest of my life with.

"Thanks for following me all of this way." Courtney says looking at me through my eyes.

"What do you mean?"

"You know, for just…following me. For always being there when I needed you. For not giving up on me, for understanding me, for wanting to be with me despite the physical pain I caused you in the past." She adds with a small laugh at the end.

I shake my head with a smile, and say, "Princess, I wasn't following you." She looks at me and waits. "I was Chasing You."

Courtney kept smiling at me, and she didn't say anything. But, then I knew that she knew everything was going to work out well, and that we'll make it out of here together and that's the way things should be.

And then I kissed her again.

The End

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