Not the sequel to "Early Morning Murder". I'm still working on that! (However, I PROMISE that I'm going to write it and post in the near future!). Hopefully this occupies your Castle fix for now. =D Thanks for reading!

Kate Beckett sat at her desk, her manicured hands filing quickly through the stack of pages that sat atop her desk.

"I can't find the damn thing!" she yelled, causing a few worried glances from the other detectives in the office.

"Good morning to you to!" Castle grinned as he entered, his tall frame wrapped in his normal black coat and his grey scarf.

"Oh. Morning Castle. You wouldn't happen to know where the file on the cemetery murder went, would you?" she said, ruffling through the papers on her desk for a second time.

"Not a clue, have you chec-" Castle winced as Beckett grabbed his elbow and twisted it behind his back.

"What've you done with it Castle? I saw that little smile of yours," she asked demandingly.

"Nothing! I'm innocent! Innocent until proven guilty!" Castle protested.

"Just you wait, Richard Castle. I'm going to find that page and you're going to be proven guilty."

Castle gulped, "And what happens if someone planted it in amongst my stuff? It's hardly my fault then, right?"

Beckett laughed. "Amongst your 'stuff,' got that right," she muttered, "well, we'll find out won't we?"

"It wasn't me!" Castle squirmed under her tight grasp, and managed to spin around so she was facing him with her back against the wall.

"Let me go Castle. I've got work to do."

"Nuh-uh," Castle chuckled, "this is for nearly breaking my elbow." At this moment, Ryan and Esposito entered the office. Ryan glanced at Castle and Beckett, and lost his grip on his coffee cup. The striped mug fell to the floor and shattered, spraying hot coffee across the carpet. Esposito turned away with a sigh.

"Do I want to know?" he asked, admiring the plain wallpaper on the opposite wall.

"Probably not," Castle said, and broke out into laughter.