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~.Chapter One.~

So there I was, sitting in the corner of an unknown realm. I was imagining all sorts of nightmares while I was trapped in the room. I looked so much like a lost child inside this rundown shack. But I was still a child after all and I was ignorant. It was my first time in a very peculiar place. I'm used to all the fancy things, the expensive things and the easy-to-have-that-other-people-will-get-them-for-you things. Never have I imagined to be sitting here like a poor beggar on a cold winter night.

My name is Sakura Mikan. I'm the daughter of the Sakura family, owner of one of the biggest companies in Japan. I'm the cute, talented and happy-go-lucky girl who was now curled up in a ball, scared of what might happen to me. I got stuck in that room for quiet sometime and it looks like no one was going to help me. I heard some of my friends laughing in the distance. Oh how I hoped I could join them. But because of my clumsiness and a boy's cruelty, I was stuck inside a filthy place that might serve as my prison for now.

I was only 10 years old before and had nothing to do but cry. I flipped open my cell phone and tried calling up Mama, Papa, Hotaru, Nonoko, Anna and even 911, but unfortunately, none of them were picking up. I had so many things in my life. I'm rich, happy, cute… but I lacked one thing, and it's the most important thing that you can take wherever you go.

It was already getting late but what the heck? It seems like midnight in this place! Oh please. Somebody help me! ANYONE!

"Anyone? Is somebody out there? I need help!" I shouted. No one seemed to be answering. Then a boy, just about my age, opened the door, letting in some of the light from outside. He opened the lights by the switch near the door. He was cute. His raven black hair made him look really cool. Ah... My knight in shining armor! Or maybe not?

"What's a girl like you be doing here?" asked the mysterious boy.

"I just got trapped inside."

"Trapped? You're kidding right? Or you're just a little dumb girl?"

I looked around then stared at him. He didn't look like he was joking. He was dead serious. But I was trapped right?

"Hey I was trapped and that's the truth!"

"You sure? Cause this door was unlocked when I came in. Geez, girls nowadays just tend to act like damsels even though they're not really in distress."

"Hey! Do you know who you're even talking to? I'm Sakura Mikan!"

"So what? Like I care about a stupid girl like you."

"Why you."

"My name is Natsume. Hyuuga Natsume. Son of Hyuuga Saitou. Got a problem?"

"Ah! So you think that you're a Hyuuga means you can just boss me around huh? Well, here's one thing mister! I'll never bow down to you!"

So much for our first time meeting each other huh? Even before the Hyuuga family had been very famous because of their Company. They owned the world. Well, only the business world I presume. They owned the very powerful company, H.O.W. Corporation. I believe that if you knew what those initials stood for, you think that the Hyuugas are very boastful and sure of themselves. H.O.W. means Hyuuga Owns World. I have been accompanying my parents on business meetings and our corporation is the number 1 partner of H.O.W. Corp. in Japan. So my first meeting with Natsume wasn't the last. Though I wish it was.

I've met Mr. Saitou Hyuuga and his wife Mrs. Kobeni Hyuuga a lot of times. They were both nice people and if you think about it, Natsume is the only one in their family with a rude attitude. Even his older brother, Ruka was very nice. And I could say that my parents and Natsume's parents got very acquainted with each other. And that means more punishment for me.

I'm already 17 now and I'm turning 18 this coming January. I'm having a bit of hard time trying to pass high school and get into college. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating. I'm having an EXTREMELY hard time! My parents want me to run our company in the near future and it takes a great deal of knowledge and wisdom, which I unfortunately, didn't have.

On the other hand, Natsume had no problems at all. He also studies in my school, skips classes but he's still at the top. "He's got Einstein's brain!" as some teachers quoted. He also attends meetings for his father, so practically; he's taking part in ruling the world. He's smart, cute, cool, rich. All the girls must have fallen for him. But I'm still standing strong. There's no way that guy could make me fall for him. Not on my watch.

We usually fight over trivial things and make big commotions in school. When you say Natsume and Mikan there, everyone would say, "Aren't those two mortal enemies?"

We are! Thank you for noticing! I want to scream it out loud! I hate him! He's bossy, arrogant, doesn't care for a girl and mean. Geez. You can spell monster in his name.

But there are sometimes when he acted nicely to me. But I bet they were tricks! I'm not a mouse that can easily be lured by some cheese. Well, sometimes I am. That's why I hate myself so much! When I see his smile I get confused. But NOOO! I'm not going to fall for him. Even if his crimson eyes look straight into mine, or his charming smile… Natsume…

Wait! What am I saying?!

So anyways, my older sister, Hotaru and my mom would be managing the company in the mean time since my father went to Paris to see if he could establish another branch there as he did in Shanghai. Mom told me to study hard so I can manage our company soon. Since my sister didn't like the business world at all.

I love business and I dream of inheriting the company soon! I want to prove to my parents that I can become someone they'll be proud of. I always get remarks from them that I was always lagging behind. They think I was so rebellious because I really enjoy my freedom but that doesn't mean I'm a bad girl does it? And my sister gets all the praise in the world.

My sister is very smart. She may have gotten my whole brain! Maybe that was the reason why my head is always empty. She enjoys inventing and her inventions were for really amazing. If you ask me, she could even make a livable planet outside the Milky Way! I have full confidence and support for my sister. Even though I sometimes get envious of all the pampering she gets from my parents I still love her so much that's why I'm determined to graduate from college soon so she could start her dream of becoming the greatest inventor in the world!

I'm already in my senior year in High School and I'm about to graduate in about 5 months. That is, if I would be allowed to graduate. I'm not really in the bottom of my class. I'm just at average, but because of the strict school curriculum, being an average is also failing. The passing grade here in Higushima High is 85 percent. The students in the honor list or the high-graders maintain their grades from 95-100 percent. The low-graders have their grades at around 60-75 percent. As for us average-graders we get grades from 75-88 percent. There's a very big gap between us and the high-graders. So chances are, I'll never be in Natsume's world. And that counts as a good thing.

Every year, the senior students take up the National Test on February 25. I still have barely 4 months to study for it. If I don't pass, I won't be able to enroll at any university in the world. So starting now I need to study.

The End for Now…

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