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Hinata woke up in her room. Her father again belittled her every attempt to become stronger, never encouraging her, always beating her down until she was a bloody mess because it supposedly made the weak strong. Hanabi would be the one who was always favored, never neglected, or abused, always strong, clever, and up to something. Hinata couldn't blame Hanabi for catching her fathers eye, she was quick to improve on any mistake, and always found a way to make up for one thing where she lacked in another. Hanabi was increasing so much everyday in strength, while Hinata was now all alone Neji and Hanabi were hardly around her anymore due to her fathers rigorous training. Hinatas father had beaten her for being weak, careless, reckless, spineless, not being his favorite, looking like her mother, useless, and a waste of life. Hinata closed her eyes wanting an escape of some kind even if it meant death, death would be better than suffering so much and being all alone all the time and gaining nothing but beatings for so much as breathing; taking air from the preciously stupid clan. 'If only time stood still back then.' Hinata thought to herself, how she used to play in the playground with her mother and Neji. Hinata would play particularly on the swings, and drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. Neji loved the slides and monkey bars. Then one time, Hinata had made another friend but soon after her mother died her friend vanished leaving a trail of blood behind him and a dead clan. The same friend who had long ago noticed every bruise, scratch, gash, wound, emotional beating, and tear Hinata had tried to hide.

"Hinata." A dark voice whispered, red eyes shimmered in the dark shadowy cell of Hinatas room. 'The same friend who one day promised me freedom and vanished from my existence. Why did he leave me alive to suffer alone?' Hinata thought to herself, then jumped in surprise as she felt a hand on he shoulder. "Hinata." The same voice said softly, and the hand moved from her shoulder to the persons side. Hinata opened her white-lavender-blue eyes and looked up into two blood red eyes. "Itachi." Hinata whispered softly, and sat up keeping her eyes down on the floor away from his ever reading eyes. "He's been beating you again hasn't he?" Itachi asked watching Hinatas' reaction more than listening to her words at the moment. "N-No its nothing like that. I was weak, careless. I'm a waste of existence. I'm not strong, im nothing." Hinata whispered clenching her blanket in her hands and staring at her hands in defeat. "You are not as you claim. You allow yourself to feel emotion, unlike most ninja who have sealed it away. It's a strength not a weakness to have emotion rather than being dead to emotion." Itachi said 'Like me.' He thought to himself. "Then why am I left alone to die in this hell hole? To die? Or just to be beaten until there is nothing left of me?" Hinata whispered in a shaking voice. "That man you call father is nothing more than himself a weak pitiful excuse of an existence. You exist for a reason, as we all do and I'm sure it isn't to die or be your fathers punching bag." Itachi said calmly.

"Then why have you come after all this time? I heard you murdered your own family too, leaving everything in reuins." Hinata said quietly. "Are you scared of me now little sun?" Itachi asked with a small smirk, amusement in his eyes. "No." Hinata said calmly, looking Itachi in the eyes.

"Do you still want freedom from your hell hole?" Itachi asked quietly, and stood up. Hinata nodded, watching Itachi with the smallest amount of hope. Itachi studied Hinatas face for a moment, before offering a Hinata a hand. Hinata took his hand without hesitating for a moment, and Itachi pulled her up to him. "Itachi will you train me to be stronger than I am now?" Hinata asked looking up at him sadly. Itachi nodded once, though not looking back at her. Itachi picked Hinata up and lept out the window silently landing on his feet. "Itachi?" Hinata whispered nervously, glancing around. Hinata glanced upwards and saw Neji as he swore something and ran off to find his uncle, Hinatas father, as they vanished.

Neji ran around the estate unsure of what to make of the whole situation, other than Hinata had been kidnapped by one of the Akatsuki: Itachi. 'Dammit how the hell do I stand a chance against them?' Neji thought to himself, as he bumped into someone. "Neji! Watch it!" Hanabi snapped. "Hn." Neji said not really paying attention, and lost in his own thoughts. "Hello, Earth to Neji! What is going on wit you?" Hanabi asked impatiently, waving a hand in front of Nejis face. "Akatsuki, Itachi, took Hinata, Uncle, where?" Neji mumbled almost incoherently like it was all one sentence. "What?! The Akatsuki along wit Itachi kidnapped Hinata?!" Hanabi growled, her voice echoing down the hall ways. "You're lucky this isn't a horror movie, you would have just gotten us bot killed." Neji said plainly, and began walking past Hanabi. "Get back here!" Hanabi said, grinding her teeth together and clenching her fists. Neji looked upwards scencing the familiar chakra of his uncle. "Uncle." Neji said cooly, kneeling down. "I am afraid I have some troubling news to report." Neji said, then calmly began explaining what he had seen. "Hanabi get the royal guards at once." Her father said his tone of voice was deadly and icy. "Y-Yes Father." Hanabi said a little nervously, turned and ran down the hallway. "Neji you have done well, prepare yourself to go with the squad." His uncle said calmly. "As you wish it, Uncle." Neji said quietly, stood up, then walked down the hallways to get changed and ready for battle.

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