Landing in Russia brought on a whole bunch of feelings into me. The majority was happiness since I was going to be going back to my Rosie. Feeling the vibration of my phone I decided I would have enough time to check it since we weren't going in for definite investigation for a day or two. My phone notified me that I currently had 35 missed calls. Most from Tasha and Anna. What's up with them! Deciding Tasha would be more of a direct route to the issues I called her cell phone first.

"Ohmygosh! Christian! Thank god you called me back. Where are you?" Hearing the relief in her voice I was starting to get worried. Was this a good call or a bad call? "Um, I'm in Russia. We landed and we're heading to the hotel now. We decided to hold of the investigation as to what's going on for a little bit. Why? Is something wrong?" Starting to get more worried by the second I waited with baited breath for her response. "Christian, it's Rose. Um, I don't know how to put this without you getting mad and burning down most of Russia, but, um, Dimitri and Rose are getting married. They send the invitations today and on the back of it they said that if we could make it there is a engagement party tomorrow night. I'm sorry Christian. I guess she just didn't remember."

The phone dropped into my lap. NO! This cannot be happening. I could feel my heart breaking. After giving a quick hushed goodbye I disconnected the phone from Tasha and I broke down. I didn't realize we were at the hotel until my tears started slowing down. Well, I guess that's one good point of getting my heart crushed irrevocably, it made any long hour car ride travel in a snap. Before we knew it we were in Baia.

Clearing my mind I started thinking of what I lost. She forgot. How could she have forgotten? I thought we were in love. Having no energy left in my whole entire body I dragged myself to bed and said a quick good night to my guardian, who was sleeping in the connected room adjacent to mine. Falling into bed my last thought were about Rose, we were just about to fall even more in love then we were before. I won't forget, I won't forget about us. I couldn't afford to forget.


Well, well, well, what a cheeky bugger. Trying to trick me into marrying him. Well, he's going to be taught a lesson. No one, and I mean NO ONE messes with this Rosemarie Hathaway and gets away with it. Calling through the bond I managed to get a hole of Lissa and explain how I remembered everything. She immediately started apologizing but I refused stating it wasn't needed. Saying goodbye I quickly cut the link so I could start on me revenge. He would never know what hit him.

It's been a couple hours since I finished talking to Lissa and I was getting ready to set my plan in motion. Wearing my nicest dress I walked downstairs and by Dimitri, thereby getting his attention. "wow, Roza, you look wonderful. I'm overjoyed that you decided to become the next ." Ha, shows how well he knows me. If anything my last name would be hyphenated, and then it would be Hathaway before Belikov, psh! "Yes, I'm so happy too babe! I'm going to go into town for the night and have a girls night ok hun? Oh, and I won't be back until tomorrow in time for the party. Getting ready at the hotel and all darling." Sweet talking him always worked. Even at St. Vlads when we would be in a heated match during our early morning practices. He always managed to crack once he looked into my eyes. Reluctantly he nodded his head yes, and finally gave in to my plans. Little did he know this girls night, was actually just me calling in my reinforcements. Making my way into town I made a list of things I had to get accomplished today. First things first though, booking a hotel. Asking my driver, who thankfully knew English, to bring me to the fanciest most expensive hotel the area had to offer we made our way there. Once I checked in I brought what little bags I had packed and started brining them upstairs. Heading over to my room on the 10th, and highest floor, I was told there were only five rooms and four of which were booked by a rather large party, I went to unlock my door and enter the room. Right as I was stepping through the threshold I looked back and almost had a heart attack. I could have been could it have? Never. He probably forgot about me and moved on after he realized I left. Serves him right too, I was awful to him. Sighing I went to the bed to make my calls. I could fantasize about me and Christian later. About an hour later all of my calls were made, except the most important one. Dialing my phone I took one last breath before pressing the call number. A lot was depending on this next contact. If they couldn't pull through I might as well marry the butt hole anyways. Letting my breath out in one large sigh I pressed send. "Hello? Rose, that you?" There voice was just as I remembered it. "Yes baby. When can you get your adorable butt over here. Rosie misses you."


I was nervously pacing the room. I think she was gaining her memory. I don't know why or how, but this isn't good. By the looks of her today she was remembering bits by bits, I'm guessing she knew our past at the school because she had a glint in her eyes I hadn't seen since before graduation. The second she left I called Devon up. "Dude, major issues. She's remembering. What do I do? She won't last the summer by the time we wanted the wedding to be. I know Rose. I'm dead if we aren't married by the time she fully recovers." Letting it all out on Devon I waited for his answer. Besides, he was the one to help me come up with getting her to marry me. Once were in this together were in it for the long haul. After the wedding, at the honeymoon I was planning on trying to get my baby into her stomach. If that happened, no matter what she would want us together for the child. My child, with Rose, of course since we were both dhamphires I had to take supplements to make sure I wasn't fertile with Rose, but it would work, and we'd make the perfect little angel, just like her mom.

I was picturing what the blessing of a child would look like when Devon started talking again, "Ah man, I'm sorry about that. Um, the only thing I can think of would be to move the wedding up. Is there any way you coul-" "Your perfect Devon! That's it! I'll move the wedding to tomorrow! Genius idea, that way we can get it done soon, and since everyone's coming up for the party tomorrow I can tell them we just didn't want to wait. I owe you one bro, could you help me hook everything up within the day?" there was a hesitation on the other end of the line before he made his decision known to the public. "Dimitri, you know I love you like a brother but don't you think this is a little fast? I mean, you don't want her to get too suspicious. Don't you? I mean if you really want me to get some stuff together I guess I coul-" again I cut him off, "Thank you so much Dev. You don't even know how much this means to me! Oh, and of course your going to be the best man. You can get the tuxes, were relatively the same size, I'll get the priest and the decorations, you head to my place and I'll get you the contacts I sent the Save the Dates to and you can call them up with the change of plans. Viktoria can handle getting a dress with Carolina and the rest of the girls and they can deal with getting her ready in the morning. This will be a huge surprise! I can't wait. Talk to you when you get here bro. Bye!"

Hanging up the phone I immediately called my mom and sisters and explained how I didn't want to wait for the wedding and how I was moving it to tomorrow. They were a little hesitant at first but then after enough convincing that this is what I would want, they agreed to help with surprising Rose. Once that was taken care of I called the local pastor who very quickly agreed to being the priest for our ceremony. Saying he would deal with the legal aspects I relaxed knowing I wouldn't have to worry with that stuff. My next line of business was to get the decorations out, mainly the seats and an altar. Calling up a local buddy he agreed to let me use some of his stuff and we set it up shortly.

By the time everything was over I was exhausted. Not quite ready to make the long trip to my wonderful bed I decided to take a seat on my lazy-boy and relax. I know that this may be a little extreme but it paid off since by this time tomorrow I would be a married man, and hopefully, a father to be.


After a couple hours of well needed sleep I decided to head to the lobby to see what kind of food this place had. I was starving! Trying to keep my mind off of Rose's wedding I walked with my head down low. An hour later I was trudging my way back to my room after having a filling dinner, and much to my dismay, quite a lot of women asking for my room number. Pushing them away I left the restaurant in the hotel and started up the stairs, trying to use all my time in order to try and keep the wedding as far away as possible. Almost at my door I looked up for a second as I was about to open my door, when I saw her. She was probably here getting ready for her wedding. Dang it Christian! Don't think about it! Shaking my head and walking into my room I flopped down on my bed and got ready for a long day tomorrow.


Waking up to a knock on the door I wiped the sleep from my eyes and went to open the door. A shocked expression crossed my face as I saw Dimtiri's sister's, Karolina

and Viktoria, on the other side. "Um, not that I don't love you two or anything, but what are you doing here?" I asked them with a weary look on my face. "Dimitri called us here. We're going to get you ready for today! We have the dress ready and everything! Lets go!" Viktoria pulled me out into the hall and down a flight of stairs and into another room, where I'm guessing her and Karolina are staying in.

"Again, what. In. The. Heck. ARE YOU DOING TO ME!" I couldn't take it. I yelled at them, feeling a little bad. "Sorry girls, I'm just really confused as to what's going. By the way, what is going on?" I apologized and tried getting my point across without resulting in yelling.

"Well, if you would give us a second to tell you, you would find out that we are getting you ready for your big day! Dimitri wanted to surprise you but we couldn't help telling you. Your getting married today!" The energy ball that is Viktoria told me jumping up and down. What the heck? Is he thinking he was going to get away with this? No way in heck is he going to pull that one over on me! Looks like my plan is a head of schedule. Let the payback begin…


With a grin on my face I hung up the phone. Viktoria just called to tell me their getting Rose ready and she should be home shortly. Realization hit me. In a matter of hours I would be marrying the person I love. The person I'm destined with, my soul mate. Granted, we have had our rocky past, but everything was fixed when I was blessed with her memory loss. Running around outside I was greeting guests and finalizing all the arrangements. I was in the middle of telling Devon what I needed him to do when he walked in. Adrian Ivashkov, raking my mind I couldn't remember sending any for of invitation to him so how would he know? That is unless Roza called him. Trying to shake it off I moved on with my duties. Ten minuets later I got a call from Viktoria telling me they were almost here. "Ok everyone! The bride to be is arriving. If you could all be seated until she starts down the isle I would be very grateful." Nervously I yelled at the visitors. Going up to the alter I waited with Devon.

"You ready man? This is going to work… it really is…" My best man clasped his hand on my shoulder as I heard the car pull up. The second the door slammed my youngest sister ran up to me and whispered in my ear, "Once Rose found out what this was for she wanted to make a slight change with her song when she walked down the isle. I just wanted to let you know before hand so you wouldn't freak out." It was time. I saw her outline in the far end of the field we were at and the music was starting. Showtime…


Going along with Dimitri's plan I got dressed and I got my hair and makeup done. On the way I couldn't help but tell them what their brother did. At first they were in total denial and they didn't want to believe he could do such a thing, but as they heard more and more of the story the believed me. Anger was their first reaction, Viktoria wanted to call everything off and accuse him of being the cheat he really is, but after telling her my plan her and Karolina jumped right on board.

Vika, (the name Viktoria wanted me to call her) made the call telling her no good brother we were almost there. Once we arrived she brought the CD with my song to the DJ and told Dimitri about the change in plans. Waiting for my cue I nervously took a breath before cuing Vika to start the song, "Attention! Attention everyone! I have a couple of things I would like to get off of my chest," this was the point when I was skipping down the isle, when it got to the word friends I changed it to fiancé. "Fiancé's, who the f*ck needs them! You know who you are," staring straight at Dimitri, his face was twisted in confusion. "Caught like a fly in a web of your lies its truth be told now, or its meet your demise. So how did it feel when you held the knife that you stuck right in my back, a thousand times. Your grandfather would probably roll in his grave if he knew what a person you have became. You have left my heart black and blue, just like your father did to you. How does it feel knowing your buried alive, seeing through blood shot eyes." by that time I was at the end of the isle. Everyone was in a panic about what was going on. When I reached Dimitri I turned to him and looked him in the eyes, "Is there anything you would like to tell Dimitri?" His face paled and his eyes widened. "H-h-how did you find out?" He stuttered afraid of what I would do or say. "Well, it's not that hard, once your memory comes back you tend to remember things," turning to the guests to release his biggest surprise of the night, "For example, I remembered how I was shot on accident by someone protecting my boyfriend, Christian Ozera. I also remembered going into a coma, and how much later, I'm not sure, but I remember a Russian leaning over my bed telling me how I was never in any romantic relationship besides the Russian himself. Oh, and the detail of him kidnapping me, just so he could trick me into marriage. Which is exactly what happened her. Now, I appreciate all of you guests for coming today, but without further ado, Adrian! Hit it!" Adrian leapt out with a group of guardians who tackled down Dimitri and put him in cuffs. Olena's face was one of pure terror at what her only son and eldest child did.

I was starting to walk away when he decided to grow a pair and try talking to me, "Roza, I-" Not wanting to hear anymore excuses I whipped around towards him, "You know what Dimitri? You make me sick. All of this is your fault. If you wouldn't have slept with my best friend then I wouldn't have gone to Christian, which means this would probably be a real wedding. But you know what? Even if you messed up I'm glad you did. Sure, I'd change some things, but I'd never get rid of Christian and because of you I lost him. This 'wedding'," I made air quotes on the word wedding, "was great because it killed two birds with one stone, this, you and me, was a terrible love song, you sounded so sweet. Well you know what? If I ever see you again and I have a gun and it's loaded, you'll sleep in Hell." With that I walked away.

Holding my head up high I was proud of what I happened to accomplish. Getting ready to go to a hotel and sleep I was about to enter my car until I saw a sight that made me come to a screeching halt. What the…?


I was moping around, sad that I knew at any moment in time my Rose was getting married to another man. This wasn't supposed to happen. It was suppose to be me. I had even bought the ring before all of this started. The sound of my phone ringing broke me out of my funk. Looking at the ID I couldn't help but wonder what the heck was up. Why would Adrian be calling me? "Um…yeah?" I answered unsure as how to go ahead with the conversation, "So, Sparky, Rose called me and told me she remembers everything. It looks like the Russian Psycho Bomb stole her away before you could get to her in the hospital. He's been feeding her lies and he proposed to her. She remembered after putting on a necklace you gave to her before the accident. So, she decided to make a scene at the wedding and called me for help. Part of my duty was to call anyone of her friends to go and watch the spectacle. I'm guessing you would have wanted to know so I called to tell you about the mock wedding. You in?" Hearing nothing on the other end I took the time to think about what he's saying. He tricked her into living with him. The blood boiled in my veins and I had to refrain from doing anything harsh like burning down the building. Finally done thinking I decided, yes, I did want to go see that jerk get what he deserves. Hopefully I can convince my love to come back to me. "Sure, count me in. When can you pick me up? We have a wedding to crash."

An hour later we were rushing to find the field where the wedding was located. Once we got there it was clear that no one noticed because of the fiasco going on at the altar. "Now, I appreciate all of you guests for coming today, but without further ado, Adrian! Hit it!" That was his cue to jump out with a group of guardians and attack. Hanging in the background I waited to see if she would walk off to the side so I could talk to her. Most of the guests had left so it was just the guardians, Dimitri, and Rose. Looking around I realized even Adrian had managed to slip out at some point.

Tip-toeing my way around the trees I was about to make my presence known when he started talking. "Roza, I-" Oh, no… From where I was it didn't look like Rose wanted to hear him start. She opened her mouth and really ripped into him, "You know what Dimitri? You make me sick. All of this is your fault. If you wouldn't have slept with my best friend then I wouldn't have gone to Christian, which means this would probably be a real wedding," Ouch… that hurt, "But you know what? Even if you messed up I'm glad you did. Sure, I'd change some things, but I'd never get rid of Christian and because of you I lost him. This 'wedding' was great because it killed two birds with one stone, this, you and me, was a terrible love song, you sounded so sweet. Well you know what? If I ever see you again and I have a gun and it's loaded, you'll sleep in Hell." With those words she stepped away. Wow… did she really feel that way about me? Running as quietly as I could I ran by the clearing and waited for her. She was walking proudly with her head held high. Looking about ready to fall over and sleep she was getting into her car when she saw me.

"Rosie! Care to say hi to an old love hmm?" I called out to her. I couldn't show too much emotion incase she wasn't interested in returning my feelings. "Hm, well, well, well, if it isn't Sparky… what are you doing here?" Her lips moved into a smirk that made my heart tighten from the love in my heart for her. "I couldn't resist watching a fool get his payback. Seeing you just made it all the better." Showing some of the love I felt for her in my eyes I saw her own soften. "Too soon?" I asked rethinking what her face looked like. I mean, the day in the hotel she walked by like a zombie, and now, who knows what she was thinking. "Um, Christian, do you want to catch a ride with me back to the hotel and we can talk about, um… everything there?" Her offer caught me off guard but I accepted anyway, besides, Adrian took the car here and left early. "Sure… my ride left early anyways…" I awkwardly made my way to the passenger seat as the journey began.

One silent car ride later we were heading off the elevator to the rooms. We decided to go to hers because it was more privet and didn't have any other guardians around it. "So, about the 'wedding' thing," Rose started off, I wanted to hear what she had to say before I spoke so I just nodded and listened. "I was really going to marry Dimitri, but then I put on the necklace you gave me and that snapped me right out of it. I wanted nothing more than to run from him, and go back to the states and be in your arms, but, being kick butt Rose Hathaway I decided to take the dramatic way out of it and teach him a lesson as it was. Everything was going so well, then I saw you in the hotel. I had no clue what was going on and to be honest it freaked me out. I had no clue why you would be here, then I thought of the wedding. I thought you were here to support the wedding and it crushed me. For some reason I had this silly thought planted inside my head where everything would be ok and I'd come back to you and your arms would be wide open for me and we'd be…well…perfect again. But, I guess that's not what's going to happen huh?" She finished letting out a breath she was holding while giving her speech.

It was my turn to talk. I took a few seconds to mentally prepare myself for what I was about to say. "Rose, know that what I'm about to say is hard for me because of what I've been through the past few months, but just hear me. When you went into a coma my life stopped, not literally, but in other aspects of the word. You were my world, and you meant everything to me. I couldn't begin to think of a world where you weren't there right next to me. You don't even know how many days on end I spent next to you praying you would wake up. In all of the time you spent laying there, with your body looking all but lifeless, I only got up when I needed to go to the bathroom. I got my meals delivered by family, or friends, and I would sleep right next to you. It's the only way I could really sleep actually. I would hold your hand and pretend everything would be alright the next morning. The one time Tasha actually talked me into going home to get a shower and some decent sleep was when you woke up. I got a call from Tasha saying you had woken up and left. Rose, I had never been that scared in my life. Immediately I made my way over to the hospital to see what was going on.

Later on, after talking to a nurse, I found out he took you. In pretty much, what was a blind fit of rage, I ran to the police station to get some guardian help to bring me over to Russia and rescue you. You could only imagine the disappointment, the anger, the utter sadness I went through when they told me it could take months, years even, to get enough people organized and bring me over here. I couldn't take it. I fled, running, everywhere I could. There would be times where I was so mad I burnt down towns, cities even, just being mad.

Finally Tasha called me and said we got coverage. I hopped on the jet as fast as possible ignoring my cell phone ringing in my pocket. After listening to the voicemail and calling my aunt back I was in one of the biggest depressions since you first were admitted into the hospital. You were engaged. My heart ripped open when I heard that. 'No,' I thought, 'Rose loves me, she would never do that to me! It couldn't be!' but, alas, it was true. The night I saw you in the hotel, I was trying to drown my sadness in drinks, and where drinks are, girls would follow. I couldn't do it though. There were plenty of cute girls there willing to do anything for my attention but it wasn't you. The one girl, no, woman I wanted to see was getting married in a matter of days.

Running into you in the hallway was one of the hardest things I could do. Seeing your face, but not being able to hold you in my arms, kiss you in public because I could, it hurt." At this point tears were unashamedly running down my face, as were tears on Rose's face. "When Adrian called me to say your wedding was a fluke, well, that was the happiest point in my life since, I couldn't tell you when. I jumped at the chance to go and we got there just in time too. It made my day even better to hear you say you still loved me. I was on cloud nine, and here we are now. I was going to wait to do this but I can't anymore. Having you right here, next to me, makes me want to be with you and never let you go. Just stay inside for the rest of our lives. So, Rose, if you would. Can you make me the happiest person in the world and promise me, that one day, we will get married? It doesn't have to be soon, but I just want to know you will never be another mans world, as you are mine." Reaching into my pocket I grabbed the ring I had stashed earlier today, and got down on one knee and presented it to her.

It was the perfect picture, me, down on one knee presenting a blue aquamarine ring with diamonds around it. It was suppose to be her engagement ring, but a promise ring will do for me as well. Rose was sitting on the edge of the bed, in her dress, hands up to her face in shock, eyes wide with tears running down the side of her angelic face. I had never loved her more then the moment she realized what was going on and nodded her head and as quiet as a mouse, if you listened real closely, you could here her squeak out a faint, "Yes."

Regardless to say I spent the night with my future fiancé making up for lost time. This is what I want my future to be. Nothing more, nothing less, just love.


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