One Day Prior

Koenma's Office, The Spirit Realm

"Damn that fucking Bitch!" Yusuke yelled the moment Ayame's portal closed behind them, red in the face. He stormed up to the large mahogany desk covered with files. His short claws drew blood from his palms as his hands clenched into fists. He could have easily shattered the table, sending slivers of wood flying across the room, but he showed restraint. The paperwork only shifted a bit when he made contact. "I can't believe her!"

Koenma resisted the urge to flinch back from the Spirit Detective.

"You mean me?" The obnoxiously large doors to the office clicked shut, the only sound that gave warning of the newcomer's arrival.

The wolf demoness was barely taller than the priestess had been, with long brown hair tied low at her neck and long curling bangs swept away to accentuate her piercing green eyes. Her pleated blue skirt flourished as she walked forward.

"Yes you!" The Mazoku stomped to meet her at the center of the room. She winced when he shoved her back, palms hitting her collarbone, but he didn't make to hurt her. "Who else!? Why the hell did you make me do that!?" He demanded, his face pinched at the dampness collecting in his eyes.

Never before had he been ordered to not befriend someone. It ate at him, so much that he almost couldn't follow through with it at times. Sure, the girl was totally depressed and had some trust issues, but she was actually a pretty cool chick when she went off on her tangents and talked about her old friends. Kagome reminded him of how he had been before his adventure started, lost and ready to give up on the world without even realizing how much he already had.

Naturally, he wanted to welcome her with open arms into their fold as he had with so many of his friends. But the bitch in front of him had other plans.

Destiny bullshit.

Yusuke didn't even try to hide the anger he felt or the tears that fell from his jaw as he glared at the demoness in front of him accusingly. "Kagome didn't deserve that!"

"You're completely right. She didn't deserve it." The wolf demoness admitted quietly, her deep forest eyes were soft as she regarded the boy with appreciation. "But it got the point across. It was necessary."

"Kumiko." The Spirit Prince warned. The soldier in blue nodded and moved to give Yusuke space to breathe and vent. She casually picked up a file from the child ruler's deck and began to flip through it to ensure that it's contents were satisfactory.

Koenma sighed. He knew that the mission was going to be particularly hard on his Spirit Detective, but he wouldn't let himself regret the orders. The events had been predetermined long before he'd brought the boy up to speed, before the young vixen was placed in their lap. "Yusuke, without that final push from you and Genkai, she wouldn't have left on her own. Lord Sesshoumaru was very clear that we were not to disrupt the timeline."

"Wait... Genkai knows, too?" Yusuke asked quietly.

Kumiko closed the file and looked at the prince curiously.

"I didn't brief her on the situation yet, but I did put in a formal request that she be extra harsh with Kagome."

The atavism groaned and pulled at his hair. "So Grandma already chewed her out before she got to me!?" He slapped his hands to his face, hiding his burning shame and guilt. "I totally didn't need to take it that far, then! I'm such an ass!"

The long, thin tail of the woman brushed some stray papers off from the desk as the soldier pushed herself forward to the detective. She sternly but gently moved his hands away so that she could meet his pained expression. "No Yusuke, you were perfect." She told him. Kumiko stretched on her tip toes and pulled the boy's face towards her so that she could kiss the center of his forehead. As she pulled away the mental block that she had placed on him, hiding his true intentions from the prying third eye of his teammate, dissipated, leaving him a man free of secrets once more.

Kumiko smiled.

"And you have a limitless future to make it up to her."

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Epilogue: End

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