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real quick age count:(BTW: they still live at the school)

Max,Fang,Iggy: 9 going on 10

Nudge: 5 almost 6

Gazzy: 2-ish

Angel:born but not living with the flock

i realllllllyyyy hope you like it

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OW! I screamed in my head as that whitecoat gave me the biggest shot I ever had. I was strapped down so I could barely move, with plastic chords. Suddenly I felt really jittery-probably from that shot.I looked to my left and my friend Fang – strapped down too – getting the same shot. He looked wild-eyed and I could tell that it hurt him but he was trying to hide his pain in front of me. (that's your typical unemotional almost brother for you.) Wow . I was feeling really pumped with adrenaline here – probably from that shot. "DAVID!" one of the older whitecoats shouted. "you gave them to much of the reactant!" I really had no idea what that meant but I knew It didn't sound good. Those dim-witted, idiotic "scientist" always made mistakes! They liked it when I hurt. They smiled. "THEY'RE ABOUT TO LOSE CONSCIENCNESS!" the whitecoat screamed. I suddenly felt the adrenialine wear-off and I was overcome by drowsiness. I watched lazily as the whitecoats scurried around but different liquids into an IV in my arm. I lay there helpless to the blackness that suddenly overcame me.


Who knows how long after, I woke up. I felt like I had run head first into a concrete slab at 150mph. I looked around trying to fight off the nausea feeling like I would throw-up. I was in a room with banks of computers and wires. The ever-present smell of anti-septic and floorcleaner filled my nostrils. I looked around. Fang wasn't there. A million thoughts raced through my head. What had happened? What if he had a different reaction and he died? Would I see him again? This was crap. I couldn't have gotten up if I wanted too.(which I did and I wanted to kick some whitecoat butt.) because I was literally taped down to a table. After what felt like a million years, an eraser walked in. He shoved me into a cage. Not helping the whole about to barf thing here. Erasers are wolf-human hybrids. They are bred to hate and kill anything that doesn't give them orders. So I fell in that category. Sadly. Eventually he walked into the room where all the other cages were. They literally threw me down as hard as they could. Which is really hard. I was going to have a lot of new bruises. Fang was there. Thank goodness. "What did they do with you guys?" Iggy, also my friend, asked. He was in a cage too. We all were. "The usual, do tests on us ,the test fail, then we pass out." If you don't know, I'm Max. Maximum Ride. I "live" here my – well I guess you could call it family. I mean you can't get more family then living side-by-side each other in dog crates and cages day after day since we were born. We aren't related by blood though. I was created on purpose by the most sickest scientist. I was "programmed" so I only ended up 98% human. The other 2% is bird. Therefore I have raptor vision, animal instincts and wings – yes I said wings.

I live in a lab/prison called the school. There are others like me too. Fang, Iggy, and Nudge. There is this new guy, about 2 we think. They – the whitecoats are always running tests on us. But they are always fails. For example, today they injecting me with poisen, and I pass out. GO FIGURE.

this is a multi-chapter thing.

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