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Time to Kick Some Eraser Butt!

Chapter 2

As I lay down , trying to sleep, light suddenly flooded the room. A blonde whitecoat, walked in with a clipboard. He muttered to himself then walked over to Iggy's dag crate and unlocked it. Where were they taking him?

Iggy looked at me with a face that said 'do something!' So of course being the wonderful friend that I am , did. "what are you doing with him?" I asked the whitecoat.

I really didn't care, since I couldn't do anything about it. The whitecoat turned around startled. Haha the whitecoats have no idea we can even think for ourselves, much less talk…lets have some fun here shall we? "Yeah I'm talking get over it! I asked what you are going to do with Iggy!"

the whitecoat was absolutely stunned. I was enjoying this. "I-I…what? This is subject 5xcs33428837. I don't…" I hated that. All we were to them was numbers and letters.

Anyway then the whitecoat picked up Iggy and ran out. "Really?" I asked Fang. "he is that freaked? Whimp." Fang just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.



I have done millions of test before, but I had a really bad feeling about this one. The reason I thought this, was first they took me in a room and just knocked me out.

It all went blank. When I woke up I was in a white room the size of a gym. It was really dark, I could barely see anything, even with my raptor vision . I got up. I walked around trying to find a way out when I felt a jerk by my ankle.

Dang it! (A/N: i can't cuss for the life of me so just insert the word of your choice there...) They chained me up! Then a door opened. I

could see a little light stream through, and from what I saw made me…well freaked.

Two Erasers came in. OH CRAP. Ok so I was strong, my DNA being enhanced meant that my muscles were had a higher density than another 9yr old boy. I also had no clue how to fight. So when the first Eraser threw his fist into my stomach, I though that I was going to die.

"FIGHT MAN FIGHT" I meantally yelled to myself. I ran as far as my chained ankle allowed me, but the second Eraser kept charging. So I kicked as hard as I could, in the head. He went down-fast. Score one for Iggy.

But as I was meantally rejoicing, Eraser #1 decided to start punching me over and over. I dropped to the ground. Eraser #1 was about to jump on me breaking every bone in my body, when I rolled off to the left.

And he landed, right on the ground. That was going to leave a mark. Both Erasers were out cold, and I did that in the dark. Maybe they were faking it, I didn't want to take any chances, so I ran and yanked on that stupid chain. To my surprise, it broke.

(Whitecoat technology always has its quirks eh?) Then my ankle cuff(still around my ankle,) shocked me knocking me out cold.

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