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Tamaki leaned back in one of the more comfortable chairs of Music Room 3 in Ouran High School. Mondays were always slow for the Host Club. Mondays were slow everywhere. Even classes seemed exceptionally slow on Monday. Perhaps the only day slower than Monday was Tuesday and that was really saying something.

Tamaki glanced around the elaborate room. Only Mori was entertaining a guest currently and that didn't change the vibe of the room much. The guest was a shy girl and the most flirting she was willing to do was eye contact, and listening to Mori's single sentence attempts to start a 'romantic' conversation.

"Mooooom…" Tamaki whined out to Kyoya. "Remind me to write down ways of how to make the beginning of the week more lively."

Kyoya turned from his laptop to look over his glasses at Tamaki.

"You're not going to write down anything, even if I do remind you. Besides I was already doing that."

Tamaki ignored the comment, taking it as Kyoya calling him lazy (which was more or less true, anyway). He looked over the room once more and took notice that something was missing.

"…Where's Hikaru and Kaoru? More importantly, where's Haruhi? Where's my little child, what are they doing to her?!"

Tamaki instantly set off into a panic and began pacing around the room.

"That's probably why we're so dead," Kyoya muttered under his breath. "At least a third of the guests come to see the brothers or Haruhi,"

"I heard that, mom!" Tamaki shouted, even though another third or so of the guests came to see him, so any jealously was purely impractical.

"What's he whining about?" said a voice at the front door. Haruhi, Hikaru, and Kaoru were making there way in, handfuls of papers in hand.

"Haruhi!" Tamaki said, instantly perked up again. He ran to see her but was stopped short. The ash-haired twins cut in from of him and forced their papers in his face. They were copies of the latest school paper.

"We thought you'd find the front page article of the Entertainment section quite interesting," they said simultaneously.

Tamaki snatched the newspaper out of Hikaru's hand and thumbed to the Entertainment section, expecting to see something concerning the Host Club. Instead, it was an article on the Annual Talent Show that had just taken place the past Saturday. On the top half of the page was a picture of the grand stage and one of the acts. A boy about 16 or 17 was on stage alone, with a guitar and microphone. At his feet were female students going wild. It looked similar to the Friday Host Club crowd. The headline at the top read - IKUTO SAKURA STEALS THE SATURDAY SHOW.

"You thinking what we're thinking?" Kaoru questioned, looking over Tamaki's left shoulder while Haruhi looked over his right,

"Yeah. Why didn't we enter this thing? It'd be good publicity," he answered, skimming over the article.

"We have no talent," Kyoya said, coming up. "Except hosting, and we do that everyday as it is. I think they had a different publicity idea."

Hikaru nodded. "Yeah, he hit it right on the head. Instead of taking the Host Club to the show, we bring the show to the Host Club!"

"You mean…?" Tamaki half questioned, looking sideways at Haruhi. She smiled.

"Yeah! We were thinking about asking this Ikuto-san to join! I think it'll be a good addition!" She said excitedly.

"Well if she's in, daddy's in!"

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