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As Tamaki enthusiastically hired Ikuto and Miko, the school bell chimed indicating it was time for the last two classes of the day.

"Please drop by the club after classes," Tamaki requested. "You know, to go over ground rules and other matters of importance. If you don't mind, wear something other than the uniform." Tamaki requested this to further determine what the new club members were like, but did not say so.

Haruhi looked at him thoughtfully. As ridiculous as Tamaki often was, he could sound very professional and matter-of-fact when he really wanted to be.

Miko glanced at his friend, still not entirely sure what he was just signed up for, but Ikuto simply smiled at his senpai and classmates after a while and bowed.

"Thank you, Tamaki-senpai. We'll be there," he said. He grabbed Miko's arm and they turned, Miko tossing his head glamorously, headed for their next class as Ikuto explained to Miko that he was now the second newest member of the prestigious Host Club.

Two hours later, Ikuto and Miko arrived at Music Room 3, out of their blue suits. Ikuto wore dark blue jeans with black Doc Martins pulled over them and a plain black t-shirt. His dark shaggy hair was down and reached just below his chin. It look just as good as it did when he put it back. Running a hand through it, he looked over to his friend. His hair had been brushed again and hung down to the middle of his back. He wore a tight black shirt with black pants and a fashionable white vest. He shoved his fingerless gloved hands in his pockets. The boy was far less simply dressed than Ikuto, but the accessories worked for him. He was more of a trend setter than trend follower, but he set the standards too high. No one would be able to pull off his look half as well.

"Ready?" He asked, flashing his best friend a smile.

"Aren't I always ready?" Ikuto answered, returning the smile.

The door to the music room was shut and there was a note posted there, printed on flowery, expensive looking stationary. It read 'Host Club closed after school today. Private Meeting. Please return tomorrow. Apologies." and at the bottom, every member had signed. Some signatures had been kissed with lipstick by girls who had rushed over right after school, only to be disappointed by the closed door.

They reached for the door together, and it practically opened for them. Both boys wondered if the bells they heard and flowers they smelt were real or just in their head. Instantly there was a chorus of 'Welcome" from seven different, yet intoxicating voices. In the middle of the room, facing them, were the Host Club members. As the head of the club, 'King' Tamaki sat in the center of the group in a fancy red dining room type chair. The twins, Hikaru and Kaoru were on either side of him, sitting on the arms of the chair, giving identical attractive smirks. Kyoya stood directly behind the chair with a clipboard in hand and a smile on his face. His glasses sat low and he looked over them with a 'come-hither' expression. To his right was Mori, tall and with a serious expression, still oddly enticing. On his shoulders was 'Honey', the oldest and smallest of the group. His smile was big and his eyes were large and shining. Holding onto a stuffed rabbit, he gave the appearance of a beautiful child, rather than an extremely good-looking young man. To the left of Kyoya was Haruhi, who was, besides Ikuto and Miko, the newest Host Club member, and secretly the only female. None of the patrons of the club knew of Haruhi's gender and the club members never discussed the ethics of it. It just was. And wrong or right, Haruhi made both a good looking boy and girl, and it didn't bother her either way. She smiled simply with her hands behind her back. She was most humble looking, but it fit, as she was the only club member who attended Ouran on a scholarship.

Ikuto and Miko exchanged glances. They were an extremely alluring group and it was clear why they were the most popular students in the school. However, it was hard to see why they went to great lengths to get into their business pose when they knew that the only people they were receiving that afternoon would be their new members.

"First impression, perhaps?" Miko suggested in a whisper to Ikuto. He shrugged in return.

"Maybe they're just showing off what we'll be doing tomorrow," he replied.

It was a good guess. "This is how we'll greet our guests on normal days," Tamaki said, rising from the chair. Both boys wondered to themselves what exactly a not normal day would be. "We'll determine your positions in the pose later, but for now, please join us on the sofa."

It was somewhat surprising to the newbies that the whole club fit on one sofa. Kyoya flipped to a new page on his clipboard, prepared to take notes while Ikuto and Miko took a seat on the opposite couch.

"So, Ikuto Sakura…" Kyoya said, already writing down notes. "You do know why you were chosen specifically, correct?" Without pausing long enough to allow him to reply, he continued. "Your music. More specifically, your success, especially at the talent show, and your impressive following."

Ikuto smirked with a glance to Miko. When people were around, he pretended not to noticed his adoring fans, but they both knew he soaked up the attention from every girl.

"We have been having rather…slow business, I shall say. Business, yes, but there are now days where we have as little as ten guests a day."

The boys raised their eyebrows at such a number. Ten seemed like quite a few girls to entertain, but of course, with seven hosts, and more than one free period a day, it was more realistic.

"How many…" Ikuto started, not quite sure how to word his question.

"At least 30. 30 guests a day is our average rate," Kyoya said. "And we have all come to the conclusion that you may perhaps be stealing our valued patrons. While you have risen to success, it is only natural that you earn fans, and more than likely, the majority of said fans will be female. In addition, if the article in the paper is right, you had quite a supporting group at the talent show. If my calculations are accurate, then about a third or more of your fans are also fans of the Host Club. Now if those fans have become truly loyal to you, perhaps they feel guilty fawning over you, only to come to us the next day. Now of course, we could be wrong, but seeing as we have lost a chunk of our guests, it seems like a highly logical explanation, wouldn't you agree?" Kyoya finished with a smile and gave another look over his glasses. All were silent.

"I-I…." Ikuto stuttered, not sure how to respond. "If I knew I was-I mean, I didn't purposely…" He turned red as everyone stared.

"He's trying to say that he wouldn't ever steal your guests intentionally. And he wouldn't. He is flattered by attention and girls are a main interest of his, but if he knew he would've confronted you and helped sooner." Miko finished with a look to Ikuto, making sure he covered everything. Ikuto let out the breath he was holding and thanked him.

"Oh, but it doesn't matter now!" Tamaki reassured them. "Because as we've already determined, we solved the problem. By adding you to the club, not only are we sure to gain back all of our lost guests, but perhaps we'll add on all of the fans you have that have never visited before! Oh, its simply fantastic!" He threw up his arms dramatically and hugged Haruhi who sat next to him. She struggled from his tight grasp.

"Yes, so that matter is all cared for," Kyoya said, making a notation. "Now to you. Miko Echigo."

His shifted his body so he faced Miko more.

"Are you lucky, perhaps, to be a friend of Sakura-san, your ticket into the club? Or do you truly deserve to be here?" It was a rhetorical question which he didn't allow Miko enough time to answer if he wanted to. Kyoya was starting a habit of asking questions and answering them himself. "Well…you are a very attractive boy. Good-looking enough for the club. But what is it about you that will draw even more guests? Your friend has his music to accompany his looks and chemistry with girls. What do you have?"

Miko flashed a shining smile and tossed his long hair off his shoulder. "I can make anyone laugh. Anyone, I guarantee it. But not now. I can't let anyone know I'm about to be funny, or I won't be. I'm a romantic, but who isn't? Those who say they aren't really are, also. They just keep it bottled up. But what fun is being a romantic if you can't show your love to everyone, all the time? And by loving everyone, I mean everyone. Including myself. My motto is 'you can't share love until you love yourself.' Luckily for me, I have it easy. Who wouldn't love me?" He tossed his hair again. "And besides my personality, I'd draw girls in on looks alone. I get asked for hair and fashion tips all the time."

Ikuto nodded. "It's true. I'm a witness, he's a trendsetter all right." As Miko spoke, the members looked them both over, observing their appearance, posture, and expressions.

"Hm…" Kyoya said, making final notations. " Alright. So…Ikuto Sakura. Medium height, ice blue eyes, dark brown hair, medium length. Style - casual to punk. Cool, sly, flirty, and mischievous expressions. Talented musician." He glanced up at Ikuto as though checking for approval, but quickly looked back down to the clipboard. "Miko Echigo. Tall…unique, turquoise eyes. Long blonde hair, shiny. Some may classify it as glamorous. Style - his own. Fashionable and obvious trendsetter. Bright smile. Funny, romantic, and self-loving." Kyoya looked up at the pair again.

"Wow. Accurate," Ikuto observed.

"Well of course it's accurate!" Miko exclaimed. "He's looking right at us and it's obvious what our personalities are like after just telling him."

"Oh, I guess that's true…" Ikuto said. "So why bother writing all that down?"

Kyoya smiled. "It's going in the paper of course! Everyone has to know of you two by tomorrow afternoon!"

Tamaki beamed. "Oh, this is so exciting! Well, that will be all for today. Come back early tomorrow, and we'll explain the basics of being a host. It's quite simple, you'll love it!"

Sure enough, the newspaper club was informed as soon as possible about the Host Club's newest members. As usual, all stories were backed up to make room for the club on the front page. The edition had a large headline across the front:


Popular students, Miko Echigo and Ikuto Sakura are welcomed into Ouran High School's most prestigious group - the Host Club

Under the heading were Ikuto and Miko's school pictures, and under that were their descriptions, and how they were admitted into the club. The papers were sent out first thing next morning, and by that afternoon, the club's guest numbers would already be doubled.