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Chapter 2

She heard voices again. Felt herself lying down and slowly opened her eyes. She was back in bed, a bed now smaller again in the hospital wing.

She heard Dumbledore speaking. "Okay, everyone just calm down. I know this is odd but we'll figure this out. You students need to go back to your respective houses. We'll sort this mess out."

She heard four voices try to argue with him, but were silenced quickly. Since she hadn't heard a word to silence them, she wondered if Dumbledore had simply glared at them to shut them up. Next, she heard several sets of footsteps making for the door to the hospital wing. Then, it was quiet again.

"Albus, how does she know us when we don't know her?" She heard Minerva ask.

"I don't know Minerva, but we weren't the only ones she knew. She seemed to know Snape, Potter, Evans, and Black too. I could see it in her eyes, but she was shocked as well. Then that question she asked about being dead. Why would she ask such a thing?" Dumbledore said.

Hermione didn't know what was going on, but she was going to pretend to still be sleeping for now. Maybe they'd answer some questions for her.

"Albus, she knows wandless magic. She knows silent spells. She had a battle stance going when she tried to leave. Poppy said she's got all sorts of scars on her body. Do you think…do you think she's a Death Eater?" Minerva asked.

"Minerva, I had to fully examine her. She doesn't carry the dark mark anywhere. But the real question is how did she get our robes and uniform since she isn't a student?" She heard who she guessed was Madame Pomfrey say.

"Let's not assume she's a Death Eater yet. She didn't try to hurt anyone, now did she?" Albus asked calmly.

Hermione couldn't believe they thought she was a Death Eater. After all I have done? Why did they claim not to know me? Even if I'm dead they should know me.

"We'll simply ask her to explain after…"Dumbledore trailed off. "Well, I guess we can ask her now. She's awake and listening."

Hermione silently cursed. How did the man do that? How could he know everything like that?

She heard them walk over to her. "Child, there is no point faking to be asleep any longer. I know you're awake." Dumbledore said.

Hermione opened her eyes and sat up. "That still creeps me out how you can do that, know everything like that, sir."

His eyes twinkled as he smiled softly at her. "Now my dear, I don't recall having met you before, so I have no idea how you would know anything about me or my staff since they don't seem to know you either. How about we start with your name?"

Hermione sighed. "This isn't funny, but I'll play along for now. It's Hermione. Hermione Jean Granger. Now how are you alive and how come none of you know me?"

If Albus was startled by her question he didn't show it. The other two did, but he stayed looking calmly down at her. "Well, Ms. Granger, I don't know how to answer your question as of yet. I have no idea why we don't know you when you seem to know us, or why you would think you were dead."

"Albus, I took this off of her when I examined her." Madame Pomfrey held out her time turner to Dumbledore.

Hermione gasped as it started to click in her brain what happened. By the look on Dumbledore's face he had figured it out as well.

"What is that Albus?" Minerva asked.

Dumbledore looked at Hermione. "Something I've had locked away for several months now. How did you come by this Ms. Granger?"

Hermione swallowed, her face pale with her sudden new knowledge. "You...you gave to me, sir. Well, Min…Professor McGonagall did after you gave it to her to give to me. During my third year, so I could get to all my classes on time."

Dumbledore nodded. "I wondered as much."

"Albus, but you just said you didn't know this girl. How did you give this to her if you don't know her? I know I never gave it to her. I've never even seen her." Minerva stated with a fierce frown.

"I can't explain yet Minerva. Poppy, is she okay to leave the hospital?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yes Albus, she is. Her earlier faint was simply stress and shock. She'll be fine now." Madame Pomfrey stated with a frown of her own.

Dumbledore smiled at Hermione. "Ms. Granger, would you come with me to my office?"

Hermione nodded and slowly stood up. Dumbledore turned to the other two ladies in the room. "Keep her identity a secret for now, if you would. At least until I get this straightened out."

When both women nodded, Dumbledore took Hermione's arm gently and led her to the hospital door. Out they went, walking calmly down the hall when Hermione would have thought they should have been hurrying along.

Albus looked down at her again. "If we ran it might cause a fuss. No one pays attention to a leisurely walk Ms…well, we'll get to that too."

Hermione smirked. He was reading her thoughts. Should she put up her walls? No, not just yet. She'd let him look, though she did add a wall surrounding her fourth year to the present day memories. She figured the first three should be hidden as well, but left them open so he could see a bit of her life before waking up here. If he chose to look.

"Hmm…isn't that interesting. You know Occlumency as well. What do you have to hide my dear?" He asked conversationally, sounding more curious than anything.

"Sir…I'm sure you know why I know you and you don't know me and…I'm not sure what effect that hidden knowledge may have on…things." She said.

He smiled again. "Smart girl. But we'll discuss all of that in my office, or at least the parts you feel I can know for now."

Hermione forced a smile as students were milling around them, looking curiously at her. She saw James and Lily standing next to Remus and Sirius down the hall. She still was shocked to see them but forced her eyes to look at the floor the closer to them they got.

When they neared the gargoyle statue, she saw Snape again, walking alone and saw him meet her eyes. She quickly put up all her walls, making Dumbledore laugh softly. She gave Snape a tiny smile but he simply watched her without a single thought or emotion showing.

She looked back to the floor and passed him as well. At the statue Dumbledore paused. "Any thoughts to the password, my dear?" He asked, trying not to use her name just yet.

Hermione smirked. "Lemon drops?" Nothing happened, but Dumbledore smiled again as he waited for her to go on. "I know it's a candy. Atomic Fireballs? Droobles? Chocolate frogs?" Still nothing. "Liquorish snaps? Bertie's every flavored bean?" The statue started to move at that one.

"Interesting. Nice to know some things don't change." Dumbledore said as he started up the stairs as soon as the stairway was revealed inside.

Hermione followed him up to his office door and followed him inside. It looked exactly the same as it did when she had last visited it. It made her sigh in relief.

Dumbledore took a seat behind his desk and motioned for her to do the same to an empty chair across from it. She took a seat, plucking at her long sleeves and waited while he simply stared at her.

When neither spoke for several moments, Dumbledore broke the silence. "Well, Ms. Granger, it's currently nineteen seventy-seven. What date was it before you ended up here?"

Hermione swallowed. Nineteen seventy-seven? Holy cow. "Umm…Two Thousand sir."

"Date of birth?" He asked.

"September nineteenth, nineteen eighty, sir. I'm twenty-two if you're curious as to my age." Hermione replied.

Dumbledore frowned, as the years didn't add up to her age, taking in her robes again. "Twenty-two? Are you even a student?"

Hermione nodded. "Yes sir, I'm in my seventh year. Umm…the time turner was part of the difference in age."

He sighed. "Did you really use it that much?"

He would have thought that his older self would have monitored how often she used it. But then again she asked how he was alive, so maybe he hadn't been around to do so.

Hermione looked to the floor. "Sir, there are some things I can't tell you and the reason for my age is part of it. Let's just say I didn't get to attend two years of my schooling for reason's I can't mention at this time."

Dumbledore sat in silence for a few moments. "Okay. What can you tell me? Can you tell me how you got here?"

Hermione looked back up at him. "I was in my common room, in Gryffindor and was studying. My best mates, Harry and Ron, they came in telling me I missed dinner while they started to wrestle and be silly. I went to turn the time back since I had been missing too many meals this year with all my classes and they fell on me. I guess it knocked the time turner spinning crazily and knocked me out when I hit the floor."

Dumbledore thought about this for a moment before speaking again. "Ms. Granger, you know that it's not that easy to go forward in time. I don't know how to get you home. I'm sure we can use the turner again, but…I'm not sure how many spins it is for moving forward. I haven't had my own that long. Do you know?"

Hermione shook her head. "No sir. You never told me and I always went back only an hour or so at a time and let the time come back naturally. Which explains my aging."

Dumbledore sighed. "Well, I may need some time to look into it. I'd hate to send you too far forward or not forward enough and you get stuck somewhere on your own. For now you will have to stay here while I figure it out."

Hermione nodded. Dumbledore thought for several more moments. "Hermione Granger. That isn't a common name. We may have to let you use at least a different last name so there are no…problems with the future. Any suggestions?"

Hermione frowned and drew a blank. "Everyone I know has ties to this time. Except…" Hermione groaned. Lavender Brown. "I guess we could use something common like Smith or Brown, or Bla…well I guess not Black."

Dumbledore smiled. "Can I inquire why you thought you were dead?"

Hermione sighed. "If I answer that…it could…mess things up in the future. I know you would not be happy with me if I did that."

Dumbledore sat back. "No, my dear Ms. Granger, I wouldn't be, I suppose. Which says you knew me rather well before I died."

Hermione jerked in her seat. "How did you…oh, right…I asked you. Sir, I can't tell you how…even though I really want to. It could save so many…but it could change…" Hermione trailed off as tears came to her eyes. She hung her head to hide them.

She was here and could save them all…but at what cost? She could change something that would make them lose the war in the end. What good would that do?

Dumbledore stood and walked over to her. Resting his hand on her shoulder to give her comfort. "Ms. Granger, I don't expect you to tell me anything. I'm assuming this has to do with Tom…" He stopped, unsure of what all she knew.

Hermione raised her head and nodded. Dumbledore sighed. "Do we at least win? That is all I need to know."

Hermione looked at him for a long time. Would it change anything if he knew? She couldn't see how if he didn't know specifics. "Yes…but at several great losses."

Dumbledore looked sad himself as he thought about it. "Okay. For the greater good. That's what I'll just have to tell myself."

Hermione looked up, startled. Had she gotten him started on that saying? That one sentence she had hated to hear? The greater good was what counted no matter what happened according to his future self. Was it her fault for telling him? Was that why he just seemed to shrug any terribleness off and say that statement, as if it would make it all better?

Seeing her shock, Dumbledore smiled. "From the looks of it, I said that quite a bit too."

Hermione nodded dumbly. Dumbledore walked back to his desk now that her tears were under control again. "I'm assuming that since you needed this you had many classes, even advanced classes. Am I right?"

Again Hermione nodded so he went on. "Alright. Well, lets figure out your story while you're here. Why don't you write down all of your classes so I know where to place you? Though I'm sure you know more than we can teach you right now. Having lived through…what I can imagine, was quite a nightmare for you."

He handed Hermione a quill and some parchment where she scribbled down her classes she was taking and adding with it her last homework assignments so he knew where she was in them.

He looked over them, raising an eyebrow at all the classes she had listed. "I don't think we should let you use the time turner anymore while you're here. So if we had to do away with a few classes, which ones would you not mind losing?"

She took the list back and scratched out a few, then handed the list back silently. He nodded. "This will be much easier and might even leave you with a free period for your studies."

She gave him a small smile. "So what do I tell people? Minerva and Madame Pomfrey already know my real name."

He stared at her for several moments. "Did you know Minerva so well to use her first name?"

Hermione flushed. "She told me I could when it was just us. I'm sorry, it took so long to get used to doing it that it may take a bit to go back to simply Headmist…er…Professor McGonagall."

Dumbledore smiled even as he scanned her thoughts to see if she was telling him the truth. So Minerva became Headmistress. Very good. He might have to start training her for those duties, just in case. "I'll talk to them. So Hermione Brown then?"

Hermione shrugged. It's only a name and it's for the greater good. Taking a page out of the Headmaster's book. Even though she hated that saying. "It will work. It's not like I'll be stuck with it forever."

Dumbledore's smile grew. Obviously she didn't like the person that name belonged to. "Okay. So Ms. Brown, we'll say you were a transfer student. Since you were in Gryffindor before, we'll put you there again. There are a few empty beds in the girl's seventh year dorm. As for why you were there and how the students found you…let's stick with Poppy's memory loss. It might be best if we don't try to explain it. Just say you must have tripped when you were headed to your new room."

He frowned as he thought for a moment. "I'll send Minerva to get you some clothes and books. In fact, since it's Saturday, I'll have you go with her. I'll let you have whatever you think you may need since our financial records say we're doing very well right now. I'll even give you some spending money while you're here."

Hermione blushed. "Sir, you don't have to do all of that. You don't know me…no matter what I say."

He smiled again. "Which shows me how honest you really are to point that out. Besides, I am very good at peeking into thoughts and memories. Even with walls in the way. I've seen a much older me and younger you talking many times so it must be true. Besides, I saw how Minerva has looked at you in your memories. I'd say she thinks of you as a daughter, am I right?"

Hermione ducked her head, blushing even more. Dumbledore laughed softly. "I can see right now in your mind that I'm right. So I don't mind in the least. Besides, you can't very well go without having any clothes and books, or even spending money. All students need a few galleons in their pockets for sweets at Honeydukes."

He stood up, walking over to his fireplace. He tossed in some floo powder, when the flames turned green, he poked his head into the fire. "Minerva, I need you a moment my dear."

He pulled his head back out and Minerva stepped through. "Minerva, this young lady will be needing clothes and books. Can you go with her to Diagon Alley to get them? Whatever else you think she may need too. You're so very good at these things. Put them on Hogwart's accounts for now."

Minerva frowned at him. "On Hogwart's accounts Albus? We don't even know who this girl is. She could be a spy."

Dumbledore chuckled. "My dear, do you think I haven't checked her mind thoroughly? She isn't a spy. She is a very good asset to us. Trust me…in a few years…well several years, you'll think so too."

Minerva looked perplexed. "What?"

Hermione spoke up. "Headmaster, I think we can explain a bit to her. I trust her and I know you do too. She can keep a secret better than just about anyone."

Minerva glared at the girl in front of her. "How would you know that Ms. Granger?"

"It's Ms. Brown now, Minerva." Dumbledore said. Earning him another glare from the woman.

"She didn't even tell us her real name?" Minerva said as if this proved her point.

Dumbledore smiled. "No, my dear. Granger is her real name, but Brown is her cover name. She is from our future. That necklace was a time turner. She came back a little over twenty years to the past. Well, her past."

Minerva stared dumbfounded. "Twenty years? Albus, are you sure?"

Dumbledore smiled again. "I'm positive. I've seen it in her mind. I saw how well you aged in fact. Very beautifully, if I may say so."

Hermione ducked her head to hide a smile. She knew that Dumbledore and McGonagall were more than just friends or even colleagues before. She just hadn't known how long they had been more, but this showed it was at least a twenty-year romance. If not longer.

Minerva saw Hermione's smile and frowned even more before speaking quietly. "Albus, really. Not in front of students. You know better. I'm assuming she is a student now."

Dumbledore grinned as his eyes twinkled. "My dear, this young lady's knowledge may surprise even you. She knows more than she lets on. She knew about you and I before I even said a word. And yes she is now a student."

Minerva glanced at Hermione suspiciously. "Who exactly told you about myself and Albus…assuming there is anything to know?"

Hermione met her eyes, feeling embarrassed and nervous. "You did Min…Professor."

Minerva sputtered. "I did no such thing. You are lying Ms. Granger or Brown or whoever you are."

Dumbledore chuckled. "No, she isn't my dear. Here Hermione, would you allow me to show her that memory?"

Hermione stared at the Headmaster. If he had seen it, he must know that conversation happened after he had died. "Sir…I don't think…"

"See she doesn't want to show it. It didn't happen." Minerva stated, folding her arms.

Hermione sighed, still looking at Dumbledore. "Sir…"

Dumbledore raised his hand. "I know why you don't want to show it. Have you learned how to only pull a partial memory?"

Hermione nodded, sighing again. He led her to his pensieve and nodded for her to go on. She pulled her wand and concentrated, holding the tip to her temple and pulled out a silvery blue light.

She dropped it into the vast stone bowl and watched it swirling around inside. Watched as Minerva leaned into it, getting sucked into the memory.

The two women were sitting in Dumbledore's office. Both sitting in chairs opposite the desk.

Startling the younger Minerva at seeing how old she looked in the memory.

"You know…I understand why you are okay with Ron getting together with Lavender. You don't love him. Not that way. I always thought you two were better friends than as anything else." Minerva stated, holding Hermione's hand.

"I know I love him dearly. It feels like that kind of love. If that's not it, how will I ever know what is?" Hermione asked, looking confused.

"My dear girl. You have always been my favorite student, in and out of my own house. You're the most caring and honest person I know. My faith in you is right up there next to Albus." Minerva paused and gave a small smile.

"Well, he did tend to stretch the truth a bit at times, so maybe that's not a good example. But, you will know it when you really find it. Trust me. I did." Minerva told her, still holding her hand.

The younger Minerva watching this utterly shocked. She liked Hermione best? Her faith in the girl was up there with Albus? That was even more shocking. She trusted Albus more than anyone else on the planet.

Hermione shrugged, looking a bit sad. "I doubt it Professor. Look at me. What everyone says about me is true. I'm not that pretty, and I'm a bookworm who would rather read a book than care about clothes or what hairstyles look good. Who would want me? Snape had it right. I'm nothing but an annoying know-it-all."

"Hermione, my dear girl. When are you going to call me Minerva? I've told you to do so on several occasions already." The older woman asked while they sat together.

Hermione smiled gently. "Sorry Prof…Minerva. It's habit."

Minerva chuckled. "Severus was and knew many things. But he wasn't always right either. You're not annoying…" At Hermione's disbelieving look Minerva laughed.

"Oh, I'm sure you annoyed the hell out him. But you're not annoying and being smart is not a bad thing. You liking to read isn't a bad thing either. All you need is someone who is smart and has a love of old books too. You need someone who won't bore you either. Besides, you are a very beautiful young woman Hermione. I'm sure many young men want you and are simply waiting for you to show the slightest bit of interest in them."

Hermione shrugged and Minerva went on. "I know you doubt it now. But you'll find that someone that makes you feel what you've never felt before. You'll know it's real. You wont have to question it. Trust me dear. I found that someone and I loved every minute we had together. Even as much as that man annoyed me at times too."

Hermione grinned. "Who was it Minerva? Who was your great love?"

Minerva looked up at something the younger Minerva couldn't see, it wasn't in focus. "I love a great man. Albus Dumbledore. We loved each other very much for many years. I really just wish…"

The memory trailed off. Minerva pulled away from the pensieve, looking back at Hermione. "What did I wish?" She asked softly.

Hermione took a deep breath. "I can't tell you that Min…Professor. Things might change too much if I do."

Minerva absorbed all of this. She looked at Dumbledore who nodded in confirmation at Hermione's words. She didn't want to change things, but it sounded like she hadn't had Albus when they had spoken in the memory.

Minerva looked at Albus. She would do what ever she needed to if it insured she didn't lose him. She would find out what happened in time. She would make Hermione tell her if need be.

Swallowing Minerva looked again at Hermione. "Alright Hermione, I suppose I already said to call me Minerva in private. So you may keep doing so. I said I trusted you and I trust Albus. If he believes the memory is real then so do I. I suppose we should go shopping for your clothes and books then." She gave the young woman a small smile.

Hermione smiled back. "Thank you for believing me Minerva. Even if it's only because the Headmaster does. You could still fight him on this, though I'm glad you're not. It wouldn't be the first time you disagreed with him."

Minerva smiled. Hermione did seem to know them very well. "Well, we'll just see how it goes. I'm sure you proved your loyalty to me once. I'm sure you can do so again if I really feel I need you to. But I'll take you on faith for now, okay?"

Hermione nodded, smiling gently. "Okay."

Minerva nodded. "Now, lets go and get your clothes and books."

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