FEAR NOT! I AM ALIIIIIIVVVEEE! Ok, not really, all I do is go to class and work… and when I'm not doing either of those things, I can be found passed out… somewhere.

But last week in my English class we had to write about a moment in time we'll never forget. Mine was about how in my sophomore year of high school I fell through the ice on the canal in my friends backyard. Everyone has to read their's out loud to the class (thankfully you can just sit in your seat instead of getting up, haha!) and after I was done reading my paper the class burst out into loud applause and astounded murmuring.

Everyone in the class was so entranced with the way I wrote my paper, and how I described my feelings. They felt like they were in a book, sitting on the edge of there seats waiting for the next part. Trust me, I don't hold my writing skills in high regard, but when a (very sexy, very tattooed) guy in my class told me that he was in suspense the whole time I was reading, not knowing what was going to happen next, wanting to know more… Well, yea. My ego now has its own bag for me to carry it in, haha!

So now, here I am. Lying on my bed, back in my parents house (stupid ex.A- boyfriends) eating chocolate covered raisins and dried pineapple. Here to tell you that I love you all, especially the ones that reviewed and want me to continue my two stories. And that even though it breaks my heart, I personally will only continue to work on and one day finish "The Jester's Game".

BUT CRY NOT MY LOYAL DEAN/HARRY FANS! My other story "A Fashionable Mistake" is free to a good home.

EDIT: Okay, this is to clear up some things. I am ONLY putting A FASHIONABLE MISTAKE up for adoption. ONLY! I'll be continuing The Jester's Game ON MY OWN. Yes, that is all :) Have a nice day!

How do I become eligible to own this glorified slash trap you may ask? HMMMMMMM? Weeeeelllllll, all you have to do is write the next chapter and why you think you should be the one to continue this story! :D Now some of you might just be thinking that I'm trying to use you for cheap labor, and while I would never be smart enough, or mean enough to actually do that, this will be the deciding factor for me on who I should let take over my baby-story-thingy….yes.

I have a few rules about the chapter you write though:

1. Must be at least 3,000-4,000 words long(not including why you should takeover the story) more is nice, but defiantly not necessary.

2. Include if you can, how you think Dean and Harry started dating (this is just a little something extra if you wanted to show me how you think it should have happened) don't worry, you don't have to do this.

3. Please try and keep my oc characters in character (if you need my opinion on things they might do or say, then feel free to email me at the same email you'll send the chapter to.)

Okay, that's all, run free!

Send your chapter along with your reason why, and question's to theslyraccoon yahoo . com