There was nothing really extraordinary about Master Lin. Not her Force abilities, not her missions, not her life. She was well liked, despite her plainness. Her demeanor was soft and gentle, and the only time she ever raised her voice was to awaken an Initiate who had the nerve to fall asleep in her class.

Something was wrong with her.

Initiate Joseg was unsure how to approach Master Lin. She looked to be as if in pain, her teeth gritting, her muscles contracting. The Force swirled around Joseg, warning him to take heed, but Joseg was too young, too inexperience to understand the meaning.

Slowly he approached Master Lin and asked, "Master, are you okay?"

He jumped when Lin suddenly jerked upright, the pain from her face absent. She turned to look at him and Joseg stumbled back in fear. Black had consumed her eyes. She blinked, and the black was gone, her blue eyes normal. "I'm alright, Joseg," she grinned at him. "Thank you for asking."

The Force screamed at him this time, telling him to run. Joseg turned, just as he heard the soft hum of a lightsaber being turned on.


I'll see you in hell.

Sharp pain followed the short, abrupt sentence. Obi-Wan gave off a short gasp and stumbled, his hand going to his head.

Qui-Gon's hand was on his shoulder immediately. "Obi-Wan? What's wrong?"

Obi-Wan shook his head. "I don't know."

I'll see you in hell.

The pain comes again and Obi-Wan grasped his head, trying to keep the low rough tone out. He slammed up his mental shields and bared for the onslaught. The voice comes again and slipped through his defenses easily, bringing more pain and more words.

Bella, I'll see you in hell.

"Obi-Wan, you must calm yourself," Qui-Gon moved his hand up to his neck, sending comforting tendrils through his fingertips. It did very little to help.

It wasn't just the words, or the pain. It was the emotion that followed, the underlying fear from the person who was speaking. Whoever he was, is- Obi-Wan could easily tell he was terrified.

The pain ended as well as the voice, leaving Obi-Wan to gasp in surprise and relief. His heart was beating way too fast and he struggled to calm it. "Are you alright?" His Master asked him.

"Yes," he breathed. There was still a hint of fear plaguing his thoughts, though fear of what, he didn't know. He straightened up, his hand over his breast, feeling his slowing heart rate. "I believe so."

"What happened?"

"I don't know. I-"

Is all he was able to say before a loud scream pierced through the halls. Qui-Gon muttered a short command, "Stay here," before unhooking his lightsaber and ran towards the scream.

Obi-Wan shook his head. There was no lingering pain, and his heart had calmed down. He unbuckled his saber too and sprinted off in the direction of Qui-Gon.

He doesn't need the screams to tell him where the danger was. The Force was swirling around him, warning him, screaming at him, that up ahead something very, very bad was happening.

Once he gets to the scene, shock makes him hesitate for a second. It wasn't just the gore before him that took his breath away- there were severed limbs, chunks of intestines and pools of blood all over the floor- but Master Lin, the kind gentle Master who taught Obi-Wan when he was an Initiate, was fighting off four seasoned Masters. And winning.

She was laughing hysterically, dodging and parrying every move. Blood coated her Jedi robes, her face, her mouth. She moved impossibly fast for a woman her age and height and there was something wrong with her eyes.

She ducked underneath Master Lieber's swing and grabbed his outreached arm, pulled, it tore it from the socket.

Master Lieber screamed and Obi-Wan had to move fast to keep from Lin from decapitating him. Obi-Wan locked his saber with hers and she leered at him for only a second, giving him a chance to see the blackness of her eyes. She merely jerked her head at him and Obi-Wan was sent flying.

He was half-aware the energy she used to push him away was not the Force. Not even close. He landed, pushed off the ground and rejoined the battle. Other Masters were running onto the scene, helping to take away the injured and to fight.

Fifteen Masters as well as their Padawans now surrounded Lin, holding a defense circle around her. "Surrender, Lin," Qui-Gon said to her. "Throw down your saber. Now!"

Lin merely laughed. "Make me."

That same energy, deep and dark and evil, erupted from Lin like an explosion. Jedi were tossed as if they were dolls. Sound of broken bones were heard when some landed, followed by cries of pain. Lin twirled in the middle, gleefully taking in the destruction.

Obi-Wan pushed himself up on his elbow, aware his right arm was broken.


Something familiar and old was bubbling inside of him. The longer he stared at Lin, the stronger the feeling became.

Time to exorcise the bitch.

Obi-Wan opened his mouth, and what followed through was not of his own accord. "Exorcisamus te omnis immunde spiritus-"

Lin stopped twirling. Her eyes settled on Obi-Wan, the mirth wiped from her face. "How-?"

"-omnis satanica potestas omnis incursion infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregation et secta diabolica-"

Lin suddenly screamed in pain and she dove forward, her saber out. She stumbled in her steps and fell. Masters and Padawans held their hands out to her, all were concentrating to hold her.

Obi-Wan had no idea what he was saying, what it meant or where it came from. It spilt over his tongue as if he said it a million times. Lin was fighting hard against the Jedi's hold, yelling and growling. "I'll kill you! I'll rip your eyes out and eat them!"

"-ergo machina maledicte et omnis legio diabolic te cessa decipere humanas creaturas eisque aeternae perditionis venenum propinare humiliare sub potenti manu dei!"

The scream from Lin is terrifying. She threw her head back and-

Smoke. Obi-Wan couldn't believe it. Black smoke erupted from her mouth, fast and hard. Lin's body twitched violently as she vomited the black substance, the smell of sulfur filled the room. Everyone watched in horror as the last of the smoke exited Lin's body and dispersed on the ceiling, disappearing from view.

Lin collapsed. She heaved and gasped. Slowly, she raised her head, looked around the room. She flinched when she noticed the blood on her clothes, she jerked away violently when her hand brushed the side of an amputated leg. "Oh Force," she wailed. "What have I done?"

Obi-Wan wanted to tell her it wasn't her fault- why, how, he didn't know. He just knew. He wanted to tell, he wanted to tell Qui-Gon but the pain from earlier had come back. He felt it deep in his bones, in his chest, crushing him, stealing his breath.

His ribs.

He heard Qui-Gon calling out his name before darkness took him.


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