So I get these new ideas that nag at me until I put them on paper. So here is the idea…this will be a short story ( Seven Chapters). In this story Jacob did not imprint on Nessie because guess what, Nessie turned out to be an Edward Jr. Yes, Bella and Edward had a boy instead of a girl. I just wanted to be different. Leah and Seth did join Jacob's pack, along with Embry and Quil. This takes place after Breaking Dawn and Leah and Jacob are together. So here is the idea: Jacob is telling Leah five reasons why he is in love with her. Each chapter is a flashback to why he has these reasons. The first chapter is just an introduction, I want to see what you all think before I continue. And for the Hear me Howl readers, I will be updating this weekend. So here we go…. Follow me on this journey.

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April 10, 2008- Leah Clearwater's driveway: 10:53 pm

Blame it on the rain, blame it on the stars~ Milli Vanilli

"Remember when I told you I liked you," Jacob asked Leah as they sat in his Rabbit. It was pouring and Leah did not want to ruin her dress. She was very particular about this specific dress because her dad got it for her for her birthday. The last birthday that he spent with her before his tragic death.

" Yea, but you didn't tell me you liked me. Your exact words were, 'I'm feeling you Leah Clearwater'," Leah replied rolling her eyes as she remembered that moment.

" It took me a while to get the guts to say that," Jacob stated lightly slapping Leah's arm. She smiled as the heat from his hand created chills to her warm body. She never imagined she would give Jacob Black the time of day. At first he was immature, loud, obnoxious, skinny, and his hair seemed to be more voluptuous than hers. But after his transformation he had sex appeal, had a nice body, and he matured a great deal. She really didn't start to notice him until they broke away from Sam's pack.

" I don't see what took so long, You say anything else to me but you couldn't say ' Hey Leah I like you,?" Jacob grimaced at Leah's sarcasm, she put a gentle hand on his shoulder. " But I'm glad you said something. I was the chicken that didn't even want to get caught looking at you."

" Wow, Leah Clearwater a chicken. I think you are more of a wolverine. At least that is what my dad says," Jacob hunched his shoulders and watched the rain pour harder. " So I take it we are going to be sitting here longer huh?"

" Yep, I don't want to ruin this dress, or my hair that took the midget vampire hours to do. I never thought I would let any of them near me. Ugh," Leah faked a gag, getting a laugh out of Jacob.

" Well it's nice of you to still want to hang around them, with the situation with Bella and all. Thank you for sticking around, even after the whole Volturi stuff," Jacob said looking over at Leah. She smiled and placed a hand under her chin, resting her head against the window. The Cullen's decided to stay in Forks, Bella did not want to move away from Charlie. Charlie had an idea about her change, but no one had actually told him that the Cullen's, including Bella, were vampires. Jacob still visited the Cullen's often, to see Bella and her son Charles Edward. Jacob taught him how to play football and was currently teaching him how to fix a car. That part was not going all well, little EC was not really patient and got angry pretty fast.

The rain slowed down, and drizzled lightly against the windows. Leah peeked out at the sky, looking to see if the storm cloud had passed over them.

" I guess we can go in now," she said opening her door. Jacob nodded and opened his own door, stepping into the light drizzle. He grabbed Leah's hand as they walked up to her front door.

" I think Seth and mama are gone," Leah whispered opening the door slowly. She peeked inside and grabbed Jacob's hand pulling him inside the door.

" Aw shucky shucky now," Jacob smirked and leaned in to kiss Leah. Her soft lips smiled against his as he picked her up and carried her up the steps and into her room.

" I don't know when they will be back," Leah said as Jacob began to unzip her dress.

"It's late, I don't think they will be back tonight Lee," Jacob trailed kisses up and down her neck as he pulled the dress down.

" It's pouring again," Leah said leaning into Jacob.

" Good, the best sex is when it's raining," Jacob replied laying Leah down on the bed.

You can blame it on the rain

And the rain don't care~ Milli Vanilli

So that is just the introduction, I will try to get Chapter 1 up soon. This introduction was in third person obviously, but the rest of the story will alternate point of views (between Leah and Jacob). I have another idea! So I am giving you all the chance to decide the reasons why Jacob loves Leah. Just put one reason with your review. I will go through my reviews and pick which one I think is best and then write a chapter with your reason. This is a way to get to know my reviewers better, and also a way for you all to contribute to the story. Thanks and remember to review! Follow me on Twitter- link on my profile.