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Leah's POV

I was starving once we made it to All About Pizza in Port Angeles. They were known for having the best pizza, well at least to me and Jake. We always came here and then ate the pizza in the car while observing some the crazy people that walked by the pizza shop. We ordered an extra- large pizza with extra pepperoni and pineapple. It was something about pizza sauce and sweet pineapple that got my mouth watering.

"Smells good," Jacob said as he got into the car with the huge pizza box in his hand.

"Did you tell them to put pineapple on my half," I asked with a smile.

"Yes I told them. That is really disgusting Lee," Jacob said opening the box. I licked my lips when I spotted the pineapples on my half of the pizza.

"You are the best Jakey poo." I pinched his cheek and grabbed a slice.

"Oh no not the nickname and the cheek pinch. I must be doing something right to get that type of affection."

"Shut up turd face."

"Lint licker."

"Cunt wad."

"Tittie bagger."

"What the hell Jake? Tittie bagger?"

Jacob smiled. "I won."

I rolled my eyes and continued to eat my pizza. Jacob was on his third slice, I was trying to savor the taste.

" Remember that time when I caught you dancing," Jacob said interrupting the silent moment. I opened my eyes and looked over at him.

"Jake, don't bring up my most embarrassing moments."

"Looks like you are enjoying that pizza. You make that face when I-"

I punched Jacob in the chest and he doubled over in laughter.

After catching his breath he continued talking. "That day was so funny. At least you have dancing skills, unlike Bella."

I shook my head and started on my second slice.

"Weren't you dancing to Single Ladies or something," Jacob asked. I smiled at the memory of me jamming to the single woman anthem.

It was a rainy Saturday and Seth and mom went on a fishing trip with Billy and Charlie. I decided to stay home and get some spring cleaning done, something I never enjoyed doing. The job needed to get done and I wanted to get it done before my mother got to it. She would always clean me and Seth's room and liked to go through my personal things. I think she thought I had sex toys in my drawers or under my bed. I know that I have been sex deprived but there was no way I was sticking a toy in me. The thought of it made me shudder.

My first task was to get the kitchen spotless. That meant scrubbing the floors and counters, cleaning out the fridge, and cleaning the oven. I sighed when I looked at the sink full of dishes. Why couldn't Seth use a normal amount of dishes when he ate breakfast? I turned the tiny radio to a station that played a variety of music. A Taylor Swift song went off and Beyonce's Single Ladies blasted from the tiny speakers. This was more like it, I liked Taylor's writing skills but I couldn't really listen to her sing. Not that she couldn't sing, I was just being picky. Maybe her sweet sounding voice annoyed me or I was jealous that she could hold a tune. Rachel would kill me if she heard me slightly dissing Taylor Swift. She was saving up money to go to one of her concerts, not that she was going to be anywhere near La Push. Rachel didn't care though, she would travel miles to see her in concert. I rocked my hips as I scrubbed a skillet. My hips rocked harder and harder and I started singing the words.

My singing was horrible or obnoxious as Paul would say. His wasn't any better; he butchered every song he laid his voice on. I wiped my hands on a towel and danced in the middle of the kitchen. Hell I didn't even know all the words, but I knew enough. I closed my eyes and danced in a circle, swaying my hips from side to side. I even threw in some of Beyonce's moves, I was definitely grooving. I stopped when I smelled a familiar scent enter the kitchen.

I opened my eyes and turned around to face Jacob Black. He had a stupid smirk on his face and tapped his foot to the beat.

"Nice moves Clearwater," Jacob said.

I rolled my eyes and turned the radio off.

"You are to never tell anyone about this. Got it?" I pointed a finger at him.

He nodded and let out a hearty laugh.

"At least you can dance Lee. I got a woman with moves," Jacob said hitting my shoulder.

"Ah shut up. I could teach you a few though," I said eating another slice of pizza.

"I do have some moves, thank you very much."

"Okay you do have some moves if you know what I mean," I winked.

"Look at you being all freaky and such," Jacob joked. He was almost done with his side of the pizza. Good thing he didn't like his with pineapples, I didn't have to worry about him eating on my side.

"Remember that jewelry box you made me for my birthday?"

"Yea, that was the first time I saw you cry. I can say you let your guard down when you want to. I was happy you let it down to me because I thought you were just crazy at first," Jacob replied.

"So that is the next reason? You love that I let my guard down to you?"

"Yea. I knew I was doing something right when you cried," Jacob said with a smile. I rolled my eyes and thought back on the moment.

I hate when my birthday rolls around. There is no point in celebrating my birthday for many reasons. Number one, I didn't age. Number two, I hate birthday cakes. The icing is disgusting and taste bitter sometimes. Number three, people singing happy birthday annoyed me to no end. Shut the hell up will you?

I closed my eyes tighter as I heard my door open. I felt a box being sat on my pillow and the smell of wood filled my nose. I opened my eyes and Jacob Black was standing over my bed.

"What are you doing," I asked in a husky voice.

" Giving you your birthday gift. What does it look like," Jacob asked sitting on my bed. He threw his arm over my waist and leaned in to kiss my lips. We had been dating for a year now and I still had not gotten used to the terms boyfriend and girlfriend.

"Why did you buy me a gift?"

"I didn't buy it, I made it. It's a jewelry box, I notice you keep all your nice jewelry in a Gladware container. You like it?"

I sat up and held the wooden box in my hands. The details were fantastic and it looked like Jacob spent a lot of time on it. I opened it and a little gray wolf was twirled around inside. I looked over at Jacob who was smiling widely. I felt a tear roll down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away. No one had ever taken the time to make me something like this beautiful box. It let me know that Jacob cared about me enough to make me something so exquisite.

"What's wrong," Jacob asked.

I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. "Thank you." I muttered into his shoulder.

"You're welcome. Why are you crying though?"

I smiled and let go of his neck. "Because you took the time to make me something like this. It's beautiful Jake."

"You scared me. I thought you were going to chuck the box at me or something," Jacob laughed.

I leaned into capture his lips with mine. The jewelry box played a soft lullaby.

"I still use that box too," I said.

"I was so shocked that you cried though. Leah Clearwater never cries," Jacob said.

"I do now. They are happy tears though."

"That's good," Jacob replied.

"I love you Jake," I said.

"I love you too."

The End

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