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Catch up - Part 1

As I walked through the village that night I felt different, good different. I had a spring
in my step and things felt like they were finally going right for me. Ok, so I didn't have
Craig but I had more than I could have ever hoped for, forgiveness.
From that day onwards I turned my life around. I focused all my energy into studying at
university and seeing Hannah. One day I even managed not to think about Craig once. I had a
few run ins with Jake but not even they could knock me down and the disgusted looks from the
Deans, Mike and Sarah never really died down but they didn't bother me because life
was finally starting to look good for me for the first time since walking away at the

The first year of university went pretty quickly, I spent most of my time with Hannah and
avoiding my family's interfering questions like 'Oh sweetheart, how are you getting on
without Craig?' and 'I think you're so strong being able to get on with life without the
love of your life'. How on earth was I supposed to get over 'the love of my life' when they
felt the need to bring him up every 5 seconds? They soon tired of worrying about me though
as soon as they were loaded with their own problems to deal with and pretty soon I faded
into the background again where I belonged.

At the start of the second year I decided it was probably for the best that I moved out of
home and started to be more independent. I moved into halls with Hannah and three other
people, Matt, Aiden and Gemma. Gemma and Hannah pretty much hit it off straight away and
pretty soon were inseparable, they spent every waking hour together, finished each other's
sentences and went everywhere together, and it was almost as if they were joined at the hip.
Gradually spending time with me became less of a priority to her and sometimes it felt as
though I was invisible. Me and Aiden got on instantly and started to bond over our love for
Liverpool, we'd go out most nights together and for the first time since Craig I felt like I
had a real best mate, I mean I know Hannah was but she wasn't able to talk to me about
things that only a guy could so Aiden's friendship meant a lot, our friendship reminded me a
lot of mine and Craig's at the start, before I developed feelings for him.

Matt was different though, he hardly left his room, never spoke to anyone, not even Aiden,
was constantly moody with everyone and no one knew why. He didn't seem to have any friends
or at least he didn't talk about any friends from school or university. On the very rare
occasion that he did venture out of his room or come out to the Dog or the SU bar with us he
would sit there, pint in hand and not speak a word to anyone and leave at a ridiculously
early time and not even bother saying bye to anyone. After a while we stopped even trying
with him, we figured it wasn't really worth the bother especially seeing as he really
couldn't be bothered to try with us.

So for the next few months after that we just let him get on with it and hoped that one day
he might actually decide that he wanted to talk to one of us. Then, one weekend Hannah and
Gemma decided to book a girly weekend at some spa hotel in Manchester and I thought great, I
can have a lads weekend with Aiden, go to a few pubs, watch some football without the girls
getting narked at us but Aiden decided that it gave him a good opportunity to go home and
visit his parents and spend a bit of time with them. I thought about going home too but
immediately changed my mind when I thought about having to spend time with Carmel fussing
over me, arguing with Mercedes and just wishing I could be somewhere else so I stayed put.

After I'd waved Hannah and Gemma off in their taxi I went to the SU bar for a few drinks
with Nancy. Things between us were still a little bit awkward, about 6 months after Craig
had left we decided to put things behind us and our friendship was still a little bit ropey
but it was definitely better than having no friendship with her at all. The night started
off a little slow and awkward as usual but soon after the beer got flowing and the shots
were downed the conversation started to pick up a little and by the end of the night Nancy
was leaning on me babbling about how she never wanted to fall out with me and how she was
glad things were sorted, at that point I decided it was probably time to walk her home
before she got too soppy with me. After I'd walked, or more like dragged, Nancy home I
headed back home myself, I didn't feel too drunk but I wasn't exactly walking in a straight
line either. When I got back I put the key in the door and pushed it open and got the fright
of my life. Matt was sat on the sofa in complete darkness cradling a bottle of lager.

"Jesus Matt! You scared the hell out of me"

"Sorry." He reached out his bottle to me offering for me to take a sip which I reluctantly
did and switched on the light and saw that he had tear marks down his cheeks.

"Matt, um, are you ok?" I shuffled closer to him to check that I hadn't just imagined the
tears but they were definitely there and didn't look as though they were going to stop any
time soon.

"Oh, never better." He moved off the sofa and moved to the kitchen and got two more bottles
of lager and of the fridge and then handed one to me. Then we got chatting, I asked him
about where he was from and things about his family. He told me he was from Liverpool and
that he had a pretty normal upbringing, he lived with his parents, brother and sister and
they were all pretty close the more we talked the less awkward things got and I finally felt
like I was getting through to him so I asked him why he never really left his room but he
just completely avoided the subject, it looked like it was going to take more than a bit of
alcohol to get answers out of him. He asked me about Craig, but I kept my answer vague just
saying we'd had an on off relationship and he'd left me to go off to Dublin.

"Well I think Craig's an idiot" he said, leaning over and taking my hand. I looked at him
confused and he slowly started tilting his head towards me and started kissing me, before I
knew it I was kissing him back just as hard and just as passionately until I realised what
was happening.

"Whoa! What are you doing, you're not gay!"

"Certain about that are you?" he replied taking back possession of my mouth. We eventually
pulled apart and he pulled me off the sofa and led me by the hand to his bedroom.
The next morning, I woke up expecting to see the usual surrounding of my room but instead of
seeing the familiar red painted walls and blue duvet I saw blue walls and white sheets. I
tried to sit up but discovered that my right arm was pinned to the bed. Looking over I felt
my stomach sink as images of what had happened the previous night slowly filtered into my
head. I remembered walking Nancy home and coming home and having quite a bit to drink with
Matt, my throbbing head and dry mouth was evidence of that, then a whole new set of images
came into my head, of Matt kissing me, leading me to his room and undressing me. Oh God,
what had I done? Just as I was re tracking the events of the night in my head I felt Matt
stir next to me.

"Hey you." He said leaning up to give me peck on the lips.

"Hey..." I dragged my arm out from underneath him and swung my legs over the side of the bed
scrambling for my boxers to cover my modesty. I started to get up but as I did I felt Matt
grab my arm.

"John Paul, we don't have to get up just yet, come back to bed"

"I really need to get a drink" I lied. I made my way to the door but as I did I heard the
springs of the bed creak and footsteps from behind me. I felt his arm snake around my waist
and stroke just above the waistband of my boxers, making me jump and turn around instantly.

"There's plenty of time for that, come back to bed and I'll make it worth your while" he
said suggestively.

"Look, Matt, about last night it was really nice and everything..."

"Best night of my life, I've dreamt about that for a long time" he interrupted running his
fingers up and down my torso just resting above the waistband on my boxers. Oh god he really
wasn't going to make this easy for me and what did he mean he'd been dreaming about that for
a long time, he'd barely said two words to me before.

Things got pretty messy after that, I explained to him how flattered I was that he was
interested in me and I really was, I hadn't exactly had hundreds of men throwing themselves
at me after Craig left, so any attention from him wasn't exactly unwelcome even if he was a
bit strange, then I went on to explain that as 'pleasant' as the previous night was I didn't
think I was ready to get into another relationship which of course he didn't buy in fact he
hardly reacted at all until I told him that I really hoped things wouldn't be awkward
between us. Something in his eyes changed and his fist tightened at his side. I backed
towards the door trying to calm the situation by telling him it was nothing personal.
Without warning he felt to his knees screaming, telling me he wasn't able to live without me
and that if I wasn't prepared to love him back then that was the end for him, at that point
I realised his safety and mine was at risk so I turned to run to the door to get help but he
beat me to it slamming it shut before I could get a chance to open it.

He ordered me to sit down and I did because at that moment in time I really didn't want to
annoy him anymore than I already had. I suddenly felt very self conscious as I remembered
that all I was wearing was my boxers as his eyes raked over me. I asked him what he was
doing and he told me 'all would be revealed, I couldn't believe I'd been so stupid to get
myself in this position in the first place I mean if the fact he never left his room wasn't
enough to get alarm bells ringing then I don't know what was. He sat on the bed and leant
towards me, as he did I cowered back as much as I could, which probably wasn't the wisest of
decisions because it meant that he was leant on top of me and that I was pinned to the bed.
Placing a soft but sickly kiss on my forehead and telling me he'd be back soon and to make
myself comfortable, he left the room turning the key in the lock meaning I was trapped in
his room, alone, with no means of escape. No phone, no spare key, nothing. I tried to open
the windows but they were also locked. I walked over to the wardrobe opposite the bed hoping
to find something heavy enough to smash the window or even some sort of weapon to hit him
with when he finally returned inside. I found none of these; in fact, nothing could have
prepared me for what I saw.