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Hearts of Sand

So there I dwell. Alone in the dark.

All my former glory stifled away in a second skin; a cage; a sheath. My splendour, my once exalted brilliance now concealed in this shroud of rusted steel. I lay here and mourn for the days of free speech, for the times of merry laughter and light-hearted frivolities. But no more.

I lay desolate, lost in a world of myth and fable, to a time where the world could smile and breathe freely; forgotten in an avalanche of new ideas and evil times. And as I lay here I watch as the world tears itself apart piece by piece until all that remains is the bare bones; the very natural essence of humanity that is the foundation to their souls.

Greed. They reek of it. The stench of rotting love and deteriorating integrity. The world has become the baron wastelands we once erected our magnificent cities from. The very structures upon which the guidelines of morality are based are now the roots of their perverse interpretations of righteousness.

As I remain hidden away in my corroded prison, I can see the once magnificent days of love and happiness wash off the window panes of time, to a land of stories and tales. I sit here stolen away until someone may find me and wield the power bested in me to fight the times of apathetic blindness to restore the balance that once ribboned around our hearts and souls; the gift of blessedness that protected the minds of the young and sheltered the innocent.

I lie here in desperate hopes that one day a survivor of the aftermath may raise up and scream to the world the truth; that the lives being lived, the lies being written off as truths have destroyed and corrupted our lands, our people, our very beings, so that we may no longer feel sympathetic to the wounded; so that we may look down upon those who kneel before us and feel only the need to control every possible thing.

I pray to whoever can hear me that one day we can once again feel the warmth of love, the kiss of happiness and the everlasting dance of peace.

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