Ok this is a part of my Doctor Who crossover series, where the Doctor meets with some characters from other shows and movies the first one I wrote ironically is the last one in the series, so I'm gonna give you a little back story. This takes place between the Waters of Mars and the End of Time, the first in the series, was the Haruhi Suzumiya show where the Doctor went in to another universe, now hes in a completely different one but not his own. It will not all be Anime, but all will be either sci fi or fantasy, with the fantasy told in a sci fi way unless that is not possible so don't expect any series with allot of mythical back story to be used. But lets get to the Story.

Chapter 1 Arrival

The Doctor looked and saw a huge city, he stared at a mountain with five faces carved into it.
"Very Mount Rushmore" said the Doctor.

The buildings in the city were all bright and the town was surrounded by a forest. He saw people walk around the city and(Thanks to the TARDIS perception filter) they couldn't see him as long as he remained in. He looked at the people, they were all dressed in feudal clothing, but there was a sense of technology that didn't exist in those times. Needless to say, the Doctor was excited, he looked at some more people when he noticed something else he was familiar with.

"Whats going on with hair color in these universes",he said.
He walked out of the TARDIS looking at the town, the buildings seemed odd to him, the technology that existed should not if he was in a feudal era, he looked at a woman walking down the street and walked up to her.

"Excuse me miss, where am I, I..(The Doctor thought hard when he noticed a bar).Was rather drunk off saki and do not know where I am", he said.
The woman giggled. "You are in Konohagakure", said the woman.

"Right, thank you, I'm officially off the stuff from now on", said the Doctor as he smiled and walked away.

'Konohagakure, Village Hidden in the Leaves, sounds very feudal', thought the Doctor.

He walked through the town trying to find out more about this new universe. He sat looking over a river, deep in thought. When he noticed a man walking reading a book, the man had a mask covering the lower part of his face, and a forehead protector covering his left eye, but what surprised the Doctor was he was walking on the waters surface.

"What, What, WHAT", said the Doctor shocked.

He saw several people look at the him as if this was an everyday thing.

"What", said the Doctor.

He ran down the path following the man.

"Excuse me", said the Doctor.

The man lowered his book and looked at the Doctor.

"Yes", said the man.

"Your walking on water", said the Doctor.

The man looked down.

"I wasn't noticing", said the man.

"How are you doing that", asked the Doctor.

"It's not the hardest jutsu to master, I don't think we met I am Kakashi Hatake".

"I'm the Doctor".

Kakashi looked at the Doctor, as if waiting for him to continue. After a few seconds he just asked the question.

"Doctor who" asked Kakashi.

"No Just the Doctor, but I was wondering if you could tell me more about why you can do things like this", asked the Doctor.

"Actually I have to meet some old students of mine", said Kakashi.

"Mind if I tag along", asked the Doctor.

"Ok", said kakashi as he shrugged.

They continued down the path with the Doctor asking really specific questions. Kakashi just answered while reading his book, not really understanding much of waht was going on. After a few minutes they made it to a large green field surrounded by a forest, in the field where 2 people stood waiting, one was a boy dressed in orange and had spikey blond Hair, the other was a pink haired girl dressed in red . The Doctor and Kakashi walked up to them.

"Kakashi your late again", said the girl with obvious anticipation in her voice.

"Sorry Sakura, anyway this man is apparently the Doctor, Doctor this is Sakura and Naruto", said Kakashi.

"Hello", said the Doctor.

Naruto waved at the man, while Sakura bowed in respect.

"Don't, Don't do that, bowing, almost as bad as saluting", said the Doctor making hand gestures to stop as he spoke.

"Who is he, is he going to help us train", asked Naruto.

"Oh no, I'm not a fighter, more of a traveler, well scientist, but from where I come from people can't do the things you can, so I am just watching", said the Doctor.

They looked at the Doctor like he was crazy.

"Anyway I think it's time we start", said Kakashi.

"I'll sit over by that...Stump", said the Doctor as he pointed at the stump sticking out the ground.

He watched as they fought each other using incredible movements that humans couldn't. Then Naruto made a sign with his hands.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu ", he said.

Several exact coppies of naruto appeared. The Doctor watched with excitement as they did things the Doctor never seen before. He began thinking of how it was even possible.

Even with what Kakashi told him it still seemed strange. After a while they stopped fighting and sat on the ground. The Doctor stood and began clapping his hands.

"I must say I have never seen anything like that, but it is more than a little over wealming", said the Doctor.

"So, you have never seen any jutsu", asked Naruto.

"Well, to be honest, I have never even heard of chakra until today", said the Doctor.

Kakashi looked at the Doctor with disbelief. Then he removed his headband from his eye. As soon as he opened it and looked at the Doctor his eyes showed shock and confusion. The Doctor himself was confused about the eye coloration.

"Is there something wrong Kakashi", asked the Doctor.

He put the band back over his eye.

"Doctor can you come with me, I think someone should see you", said Kakashi.

"Oh, lovely, sounds fine by me", said the Doctor.

He looked at Sakura and Naruto.

"Why don't you two go home for now", said Kakashi.

They looked at the Doctor with confusion as to what he saw but both left.

"Ready", asked Kakashi.

"Allons-y", said the Doctor as he stepped forward.

They walked back into town, both as confused as the other.

Ok, first chapter in my new story, so far I know how it may play out, but I was wondering on what Doctor Who enemy or Naruto one to use, I may use both in some kind of team up, don't worry as soon as the next chapter is up you will see why Kakasi acted the way he did, and other Naruto characters will be featured as it goes.