Well the story is finished and the Doctor is back in his home universe, now as I have said these stories are a series of adventures the 10th Doctor had between the Waters of Mars and the End of Time. with the Twiliht(God I hate Twilight), chronalogically being the last one. These stories all started when I began writing a sci fi book and a friend who is a Twilight fan asked me to do a fan fic of twilight and she(knowing I hate Twilight) said she'd pay me 50$ to do it, so I did, and it gave me the idea that I could make it a crossover, and thus I made the end of my series. I thought I wouls start to do many stories with a Haruhi Suzumiya crossover as the first one, then Naruto being the Second one. I will start on serieses I acctually like Such as Eureka, AVP(Well I thought it was ok), and other sci fi shows, but I am having trouble thinking of what other series could mesh well with Doctor Who, and I can think of allot but just not practacly, however if you have any ideas for stories, or just a crossover that you want to see with Doctor Who leave a review or email me at and if it peaks my intrest, which it could, I will get started right away, because the before mentioned series I plan to use toward the end of this and want to use allot of series not just Anime or stupid vampires that sparkle with a way too obsesive fan base, but please send in ideas I would love to see what you think and I am pretty good if I am relativly familier with the series, however please use sci fi shows and not fantacy as I have a very hard time to explain the effects of how Harry Potter can use magic in a scientific manner, and I know that the Carronites use magic, but it's more of a science like magic. So please review the story, send in your ideas, and may the schwartz be with you.