Chapter 1

Have you ever thought you wanted something, then when you got it, you realized you were actually happier before? Hah! A real life story in that.

I knew before that I didn't like people. I really didn't. I was the kind of person that would sit in the corner and be ignored. I liked it like that. I didn't mind being the odd person out. No one cared for me and I cared for no one.

That was before I got sucked into a video game. You think I'm crazy, off the wall, bonkers, lost my lid, missing a few screws, I could go on. Sometimes, I even think I'm sanity-challenged. I prefer to call it that, it makes me feel better. The fact of the matter is, I am not sanity-challenged or any other forms of out of minded-ness.

That's right, I was actually sucked into my favorite game. Jak II, to be exact. When I was there I thought I hated it. It wasn't pleasant, that's for sure. You had to constantly prove yourself to people you knew where going to end up dead, and people you wanted dead. You saw death on the streets; whether you were unfortunate enough to accidentally stumble upon a corpse, or you happened to be dealing the death. Either way, death was simply a part; no, a way of life in that world. You constantly were afraid for the only life that mattered: your own.

I knew I was losing my sanity when one day, I woke up and realized I actually wanted to go back. There I could be myself. I didn't have to fight down my emotions or rage at someone or something over some mundane thing. Here, and I'm talking about the world we both sit in, I am nothing more than a robot, forced into such petty tasks, that don't even want to do.

You can guess what I'm talking about. Yup, that's right! School! Haha! What an idiot I am. To think I could get away with such little things as dreams and personality. I told a teacher that I was an assassin once (which I was!), and she told me to stop living in a dream and start focusing on the more important things. Then I asked her, "well, what is the most important thing?"

"Real life, not dreams."

I hated that teacher. As it turns out, she was fired for misconduct with certain students. Wasn't sure what that meant but no one wanted to talk about so I wasn't going to ask. She was a real nasty person, no one liked her, not even other teachers.

So what am I trying to portray to you in this? I don't know. Whatever you want to think of it. A life, a story, something more?

I'm Tosca Malten, formally known as 'Tox'. This is the second half of my story.


A/N: Sorry no plot, not even a "the story so far…". That will come next week. This is just an introduction to either scare people away or bring in previous readers. If you did not read Toxic Lightning go and read it right now, other wise this story will be confusing and weird. If you have come back to me in search for this sequel, then welcome! I know a lot of people have been waiting for this so here we go!

Broken Wolf/D.R.M.