Chapter 17

It was all a bit strange at first. Everything felt fine, I was alright. I woke up to Jak hanging over me, looking uncharacteristically worried. It was both the weirdest, and the best feeling I had ever had. Weird because Jak looked honestly concerned, and the greatest because it was Jak.

I sat up on the bed, making him back off, but found a second later, that I had ottsel latched to my chest.

"You're back," Jak smirked.

I looked up at him innocently. "Where did I go?"

"That's a pretty good question."

"How long?" I glanced down at my hands finding the discoloration had spread up to my elbow.

"Eight days." He saw what I was looking at and answered the question I never actually asked. "That had been growing since that scorpion got a hold of you. The doctors thought it blood loss, but now they think it's some type of eco poisoning."

I glanced up at him, finding that familiar 'explain or I'll make you' look on his face. I shrugged in silent reply. "I don't know Jak, I've had this since I came home." I shrug again. "It's not that big of a deal, really."


The next month flew by in a flurry of missions and fights. The daystar had arrived and everything was really going to shit. But I did what I could, while I watched Jak fight with himself over whether he wanted to save a world that had betrayed him or not.

I stood on the sidelines as Jak worked to save the world. He never asked for my help, and I never offered to join him. Since our reunion in the hospital, our meetings have bee few and far between.

It's alright though. I have Vi and Zel.

As for the Verket. I've still had those dreams, and my arms remain black. But I'm not worried. If it kills me, then so be it. I don't really plan to get old in this world. In all reality, who does?


I followed Jak as he hopped from the car, using the frame to swing himself onto the sand. The temple rose up above us, the giant, decaying arches with the burning pots loomed in front of us. I had never been personally in the temple, but Jak had been twice.

"You don't really have to do this."

Jak glanced back at me. "The poison is spreading, Tox." He stated it so matter-o-factly, it almost frightened me.

"It doesn't matter." Of course it mattered. My arms were completely black, my shoulders looked like that had some twisted tattoo on them, and the discoloration was spreading to my neck. On the tips of my fingers, and spreading to my palms now, was what seemed to be letters of some sort. I've never actually seen them before, and had no idea what they said. I didn't tell Jak or Daxter, I hadn't told anyone. I kept them hidden under gloves and thick sleeves.

Jak got this brilliant idea a few day prior to our expedition. He had been dying of eco poisoning himself, before the light eco from the temple had been unlocked to him. He had been healed. He had also been changed.

I was glad to have a happy Jak. And he was happy. Happy, mischievous, painless. Daxter was happy, because Jak seemed to be thriving again, as where before, he was slowly dying. But the one thing I missed the most was the selfish Jak that could understand being called a freak. That understood hiding, and didn't get mad me when I did, only nodded in understanding and moved on. He knew back them, what hiding was, and he allowed me to get away with it, because he was just as bad.

But the light eco changed that about him. He didn't hide as much, because he had less to hide. So when I still did, he didn't like that. He gets mad at me a lot. He doesn't realize that he's changed, and I just don't know how to keep up.

We moved through the temple complex, and I could help but be blown away with how utterly beautiful the whole thing was. There was some thing in the game you just don't see, or just don't' pay attention to. You don't pay attention to the light eco infused water that glows, or the statues and murals all over the place, or the beautiful architecture.

We walked for a long time, and didn't meet any puzzles or enemies. He must have cleared this place out already. Jak and I didn't say anything but Daxter was happily yapping on and on about on thing or another. He was strangely on my shoulder rather than his usual perch, but I think it was because I don't hang out with them very much.

It was alright though, I enjoy Daxter's stories.

We finally came to a circular room, a small vent where light eco flowed out of like some holy fountain. Jak walked right up to without hesitation, but something in me hissed and the urge to run was almost overwhelming. I took a step back as the light substance became almost liquid like when it brushed across Jak's skin.

He looked up at me, a smile on his lips. That smile quickly faded, he tensed, risin slowly from his crouch. His hands went to his morph gun as he glared at me. Something in me screamed to run away. Jak was going to attack me, that eco wasn't good, I had to get away.

"Tox," Jak said slowly, questioningly. "Tox, I need you to come this way, come toward me."

Don't child, he only wants to hurt you. Look at him, he's going to kill you.

"Don't listen to it Tox, it's just telling lies."

He thinks you are insane. He hates you. He used you.


He tells you lies, he only wants to hurt you.

"Get away from her!" The roar came from both behind, and in from Jak. He lunged forward, and realized a little belatedly that the creature from my nightmares happened to be behind me.

It really all happened so suddenly it hurt. I didn't know what was going on. I heard shouts and yells. Some weird popping noise. Then I was thrown halfway across the room.

The last thing I truly remember was a blinding light, and so much pain. There was a scream, and I wasn't sure if it was me or something else, something inhuman. The sound was both satisfying, and sad. It was lonely, defeated, scared. I wanted to reach out to it but it was already gone.

Then there was Jak. No Daxter, however. It made me wonder briefly. I could hear Jak yelling my name, but I couldn't bring myself to respond.



Who are you?

You…you don't remember…

I'm sorry. Who are you?

A smile, so sad, so heart broken. The words were so heart shattering, so devastating. The Verket was gone, but it was still too late. I don't remember, either…


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