The Elysian Fields

Full Metal Alchemist ; not mine.

Summary : Heroes aren't meant to be forgotten...Especially by their own kin.

A/N : Just a test run. I've been meaning to write a Full Metal Alchemist fic for some time, but it was only now my muse gave me an idea.

. . .


I only vaguely remember the outline of my father's face, the curve of his smile and the sound of his laughter. It's not like I didn't try remembering, but every time I could almost see the past, all my memories get blown away by the wind, and I all I have left of my father is the bitter aftertaste of his funeral. The only pictures I have of him are blurred and stained with tears, and when I look at the mirror and hope to see a speck of him in me, all I see is the girl everyone pitied.

So I guess it's only right for me to sit down on damp soil and stare at a crumbling slab of stone. After all, what was I if I couldn't even remember who my father was? I read his name over and over again, "Brigadier General Maes Hughes," but not a single spark flashes. And then guilt fills me; as if acid was running down my esophagus. Father, why can't I remember who you are?