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Zuko can't help himself, he sits in one of the red couches with gold firemarks on. He is on Ember Island and is looking through one of the old photobooks that was on his bedshelf. It seems to be photos of Li and Lo in their youth.

But who is the third person in the picture? She looks a lot like the sisters: Ember eyes and black hair. Full of curiosity he takes the album in his arms and makes his way to Li and Lo's chambers. The sun has nearly risen and he can feel the strenght of the star fill him and make him feel more powerful than ever. He knocks at the door and two voices tells him:

"Come in."

In chorus. He pushes the door and goes into the room. The old ladies is sitting in their bed.

"Prince Zuko", Lo says.

"What are you doing here?" Li says.

Zuko looks at them. They expect him, the prince of the fire nation to explain himself? Ridiculous.

He mumbles, "I saw a photo of you two."

They look at him, surprise showing in their eyes.

"You looked." Lo says.

"At our photo?" Li asks.

Zuko can feel that his doom is near and thinks that he is going to regret his decision to visit the ladies.

"Yes, I did."

Lo and Li rises upp from the bed and begin to ask him a bunch of questions.

"What did you think?"

"Wasn't we beautiful?"

And so on. A headache is beginning to pund in Zuko's head and he roars:


The ladies instantly shut up.

"I just wanted to know who the girl beside you two in the picture is."

They look at him.

"The girl in the photo?" they says in chorus.

Zuko nods.

They begin to whisper to each other and he can feel his anger beginning to take a hold of him.

"Enough! For the last time who is it?"

The ladies look at him with sadness in their eyes.

"She is our dead sister."

Zuko nods in understanding.

"But what is her name?" he asks impatiently.

The twins look at each other and says:


An innocent bystander on Ember Island is scared to death and hit his head on the bedshelf when a roaring laughter wake him up. It is coming from the summerhouse of the twins.

For those that don't get the joke. Lo-li-pop. Pronounced "lollipop."

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