Chapter I

With the defeat of Andross, Dinosaur Planet has been saved by Star Fox leader Fox McCloud with the help of some of his friends. Along Fox's arrival on Dinosaur Planet he met a mysterious vixen who was trapped in a crystal prison. She was named Krystal and Fox found her to be beauitful, he wished that she could join Star Fox.

On the other hand...

The dark empire has been overthrown by a team known as Rouge Squardron. Following the celebrations of victory Luke Skywalker decided to leave the team for his own purposes. Everyone else has remained on the team, but they will have difficult struggles to look for a new leader to take over Rouge Squardron.

Dark empire leader Darth Vader is reborn by a mysterious power and is now trying to take over the whole galaxy, Along the way he found a capsule that contained Andross's DNA...

"Hmm..." Darth Vader said to himself. "If I use some special machinary and use it to revive this Andross I can conquer the whole galaxy! No one will defeat Darth Vader! Whahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!"

Meanwhile in the corners of the Lylat system...

"We did Fox!" Peppy shouted.

"Dinosaur Planet is saved!" Slippy said giving Fox a high five.

"Andross is defeated once again." Peppy resumed.

"You all did a great job!" Fox exclaimed happily.

"You think Falco will ever show up?" Slippy asked.

"It's possible..." Fox replied.

A image of a bloodhound's head hovers over the comm, that would be General Pepper.

"General Pepper here! Good work Star Fox team! I recieved a message from the king and queen Earthwalker thanking you for saving their world."

"Awe it was nothing." Fox said.

"Oh and Tricky says hi!" Pepper excliamed and resumed. "I was however very surprised to hear that Andross was still alive."

"Not as much as we were..." Slippy told the general.

Fox walked over near the comm. "It seems that Andross discovered the anicent power of the Krazoa. And by trapping Krystal, who had the abiltly to channel this power he was albe to use this energy to revive himself."

"At least this time we'll see the last of him..." Pepper said.

"For now..." Peppy added.

Pepper resumed "I'm transferring your fee as we speak, Pepper out!"

Pepper's head disappeared leaving some blue smoke visible.

"Well I wonder what we can do with all that money." Fox mused.

"Well we can repair this ship!" Peppy answered.

"I REALLY NEED SOME OIL." ROB begged with his arm falling out, luckily he was able to catch it."THESE JOINTS ARE NOT WHAT THEY ARE USED TO BE."

Slippy replied to ROB "I'll get you some soon ok ROB?"

ROB made beeping sounds in the answer given to Slippy which meant thank you.

Inside the sharpclaws ship was Krystal herself piloting to land on the bridge of the Great Fox.

"I wonder if this is where the fox went..." Krystal thought to herself.

She pushed some buttons, lots of buttons and heard sounds like the engienes were dying and the ship was ready to land.

"Good. It's ready. Now I have to be careful..."


"Crap. Well at least I hope I don't leave a dent..."

Fox sat on his chair turning on his laptop.

" let's see here..."

PASSWORD: May the force be within me


"I wonder if could have some popcorn while I watch Star Wars..." Fox wondered.

Slippy who was near Fox said "What do you want to do Fox?"

"Well I wanted to watch Star Wars but we don't have any popcorn..."

Slippy paused for a second and replied "Of course we do! It's in the kitchin. Also didn't you know that Star Wars was my favorite movie of all time?"

Fox nervously answered " I didn't..."

Slippy told Fox "I'm going to the kitchin so we can have some popcorn, i'll be back shortly."

Fox asked "Should we ask Peppy if he wants to watch Star Wars with us?"

Slippy replied "I guess we should." Then he left from Fox and went away.

Fox was alone for a moment then ROB came by Fox and said "YOU HAVE A VISITER WHO IS WAITING FOR YOU AT THE BRIDGE."

Fox got up from his chair leaving his laptop on and went to the bridge as ROB directed him. There was a door that would open if someone would say open and close if someone said close.

Fox took a breath and said in a clear tone "Open."

The door opened up and there sat a ship that didn't look like an Arwing.

Fox looked carefully around the ship and found nobody. He ducked his head to the door of the ship and still could not find anybody.

"Ugh..." Fox moaned "It smells like Sharpclaw."

Fox ducked out and was a little angry because he thought ROB was playing a trick on him.

He walked over to the door and said "Open!" and the door slid open and closed when Fox got inside the Great Fox.

He walked back to where his chair was and just when he was about to sit down he felt a tap on his shoulder.

Fox turned around and saw nobody. He turned his head back and sat down on his chair.

He felt a stroke on the back of his hand and this time he didn't bother to look.

A voice was heard in his ear as the voice whispered "Hello Fox." It sounded feminine.

Fox turned side to side to idenitfy whose voice it was. He saw a blue vixen sitting on the armchair.

Fox nevously asked "Krystal? Wha-what are you doing here?"

Krystal giggled and replied "I'm here to say thank you. How about you?"

Fox replied "I'm going to watch a movie. Do you want to watch it with-"

'Oh crap I forgot Slippy and Peppy' Fox thought

Krystal sounded concerned "What's wrong? And who or what is Slippy and Peppy?"

Fox exclaimed "how did you..."

"I'm a telepath." Krystal answered.


"All Cerinian's have this speical abiltly. It allows us to read people's thought."

"Krystal can I ask you something?"

Before Krystal could answer a frog and a rabbit were standing 4 foot away from Fox and Krystal.

Slippy, holding a bowl of popcorn chuckled and said "Hey Fox, I see you're feeling blue today."

Peppy asked Slippy "Slippy is it really worth it?"

Slippy replied "No Peppy..."

Krystal asked Fox "Is that Slippy and Peppy there?"

Fox sighed for a bit and answered " is. And if you are going to ask which is Slippy and Peppy, Slippy is right there."

Fox pointed at Slippy and resumed "And there is Peppy." He pointed at Peppy.

Peppy asked "Fox who is that?"


Krystal interuppted Fox and said "I'm Krystal."

Slippy who wanted to change the subject said "So...are we ready to watch the movie Fox?"

Fox turned to Krystal and asked "Do you want to watch the movie with us?"

Krystal replied "Why...yes."

Fox turned to Slippy and ordered "Turn the lights off Slippy."

"Hoo-kay..." Slippy replied. He took out of his pocket a button which looked like a light switch. He pushed the switch and the lights were dim.

"Peppy do we have somewhere to sit for a group of 4?" Fox asked Peppy.

"I think...we do. ROB! Get us a sofa."


2 miniutes later ROB showed up with the sofa and Slippy asked ROB "Need help there?"


Fox turned to Krystal and said "If you are wondering who that is, that's ROB64." He turned his head back.

ROB placed the sofa over near the window and said "PLACEMENT OF OBJECT CONFIRMED. I'LL GET BACK TO WORK." He walked out leaving only Fox, Peppy, Slippy, and Krystal.

There was silence for a moment and Fox said "Well I guess we can watch now..."

Everyone sat down on the sofa and Fox shouted "Computer, play movie."

The screen began to black as the movie was getting started. Krystal turned to Slippy, raising an eyebrow she asked "What are you holding?"

Slippy turned to Krystal and replied "It's a bowl of popcorn. You want some?"

Krystal lowered her raised eyebrow and happily replied "Yes please."

Slippy gave the bowl to Krystal as she used her hand like a crane to grab a hand-full of popcorn. She put them in her mouth and chewed it up. She turned to Fox and said "This is really good Fox."

Fox who didn't notice at first looked at Krystal and asked "You like them?"

Krystal replied "Yes I do."

There was a countdown on the screen.

"The movie's starting!" Peppy mused.

Krystal asked "What are we watching?"

Peppy answered "It's Star Wars. Now we all must be quiet as the movie starts!