Ch. 10

I yawned and looked around to see what time it was…

The clock said 4:30 AM.

"Yikes…I sure do get up early…" I thought.

"You…owe me a back scratch." Krystal told me and slowly opened her eyelids.

"Well…erm…all right." I said.

She layed down belly first on my bed and waited for me.

I cracked my knuckles, placed my hands on her back and started to rub it back and forth.

Krystal closed her eyes and sighed in pleasure.

Luke and Wedge were both sleeping in the breakroom, Luke was sleeping on the sofa with Wedge sleeping on the chair Fox used to use his laptop.

Luke started to move around on the sofa and mumbled the words "Anakin Skywalker".

Anakin was Luke's father and like James McCloud hasn't been seen in action. Currently Anakin was part of the dark side and hasn't been heard. The one thing that Luke never forgot was one time he lost his hand by Darth Vader's light saber.

Darth Vader told him "If you only knew the power of the Dark Side. Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father."

"He told me enough! He told me you killed him!" Luke shouted.

Darth Vader paused and said "No, I am your father."

"No…No. That's not true. That's impossible!" Luke mumbled in his sleep.

Wedge woke up and walked over to Luke, Wedge shaked Luke's head a little bit.

Luke turned over and saw Wedge with a worried look.

Wedge asked "Is that dream still bothering you?"

"No…it's my father." Luke replied.

"What about him?" Wedge asked.

"I wish he didn't fight Obi-Wan…"

"Luke, he was on the dark side. The galaxy could've been under the control by the dark side. Obi-Wan had to engage a battle with him."

"But then that means…I'm on the dark side." Luke started to sob.

Wedge started to pat his back and replied "No Luke, you're not part of the dark side. Padmé gave birth to you and Leia. It was hard for her to realize that Anakin was part of the dark side."

Luke quickly stopped sobbing and said "Well…ok."

Krystal sighed in pleasure and said "That feels good…please don't stop…"

I whined "But my hands are getting tired…"

Krystal got up from my bed and asked "Should we head to Corneria now?"

"Yeah…I promised we'll talk about our battle with Pepper and Rieekan." I answered.

"I'm going to my room to get in my suit, come to the break room when you're ready." Krystal said and walked out of my room.

I quickly changed into my Mario clothes and stepped on something.

"What was that?" I thought.

It looked like an old diary with Krystal's name on it.

"Should I or shouldn't I..." I thinked. "Awe what the hey!"

I picked up the diary and read:

Dear Diary

I've decided to keep a diary of all my travels and doings again as my last one was lost many years ago when Cerinia was destroyed. *sigh* I really do miss my home but I miss my parents most I wish I could of done something to save them but there was nothing I could do except watch in horror from the ship they put me in as their attacker closed in for the kill. Part of me hopes that they are out there somewhere still alive. Though I really should get my mind off of that subject as that was long ago as right now I should be happy to be alive thanks to Fox McCloud and his friends as they risked their lives not only to save mine but also all of those on Dinosaur Planet and maybe the whole Lylat system. On that day, Fox passed away to something I can't really describe but his head felt like an oven. When I got to the shower-room, a human being (Now called Mario) showed up out of nowhere and I was frightened. The human tried to get out of the shower-room but then the door opened and I saw it fall down. I had to quickly get out of the tub, put on my clothes that I wore on Cerinia and took the human to my room. I didn't know if it was dead or not. After the human recovered from it's injuries, Falco stated that the human would be the new leader of Star Fox. I don't know how the human comes up with words but he mentioned Fox, Falco got angry and the human later ordered Falco to leave Star Fox (personelly, I wanted Falco to go since he was a jerk). Slippy left as well leaving just me, the human and Peppy. I know I haven't gotten used to the human but I think I might be falling in love with it. I must close this entry as it is getting late and Mario would probably wonder what took me so long.



"Hey! What's taking you so long?" Krystal yelled in the distance.

I placed her diary back on the floor and said "I'm coming!"

I dashed out of my room, the hallway and quickly froze when I arrived at the break room.

"Are we ready to go?" Krystal asked.

"I'm ready." I said.

"Both of us are ready too." Luke and Wedge said.

We all dashed to the garage and jumped into our Arwings.

I closed the cockpit glass and pressed some buttons to turn on the Arwing.

My Arwing sped off at the speed of sound and I braked before I got to Corneria so my team-mates could catch up with me.

As soon as everyone got close to me, I pressed buttons to slowly hover down to land, everyone did the same.

As my Arwing slowly hovered down to the Cornerian grounds, I waited until everyone landed.

I turned off my Arwing and Krystal managed to get out first before I did.

Wedge came out and then finally Luke.

I felt a tap on my shoudler and I quickly turned around and saw General Pepper.

"What're you doing here? We just got here." I said.

"I was going to lead you somewhere." Pepper replied and resumed "Follow me everyone."

He walked over to some building and waited for us to get near him.

The door slided open and we saw a lot of people sitting in their chairs, some were in booths.

General Rieekan was at the podium and was giving us a signal to come over here.

We all walked in a single-filed line and I stood near the podium.

"Comrades, you've first got to introduce yourseves and then you talk about your battle with Andross." Rieekan told us.

I stood up at the podium, tapped the microphone and I started to speak.

"Hello. I am Mario, and I am team Star Fox's new leader."

I stepped back and Luke stepped up and said

"I am Luke Skywalker, a Jedi Knight and an important figure to the Rebal Alliance."

He stepped back and Wedge stood up.

"I am Wedge Antilles, Oringinel leader of team Rouge Squadron and the only pilot to survive 2 death star attacks."

He stepped back and Krystal walked up to the podium.

"I am Krystal, only survivor of planet Cerinia and team Star Fox's new team-mate."

She stepped back down and we waited for General Pepper to get to the podium.

He spoke "Citizens of Corneria, we've done all of our work to keep Lylat in good hands. Then when we all thought that Andross was gone for good...he came back."

The people gasped.

"This time though...he didn't want Lylat...he wanted to take over another galaxy. If nobody did anything to stop Andross, Lylat could be in great danger and be turned into a wastleland of extinction, thank you."

The people applaused loudly.

Pepper waved his hand around and we walked towards him.

"Mario, you deserve the medal of honor for stepping up and defeating Andross."

He placed the medal on my chest.

"Luke, Wedge and Krystal...I give you the medal of alliance for asissting Mario in his quest."

He gave the medals to Luke, Wedge and Krystal.

The people got up from their chairs and booths and left the building leaving me, Pepper, Rieekan, Luke, Krystal and Wedge.

"Comrades, someone wants to see you." Rieekan told us.

The door slid open and closed when the figure enetered the building.

Rieekan waved his hand and the figure got closer to us.

As soon as the figure came, the figure emerges a vulpine with shades on.

"Are you...James McCloud?" Pepper asked.

"Yes it's me..." He replied.

I took my gun out and pointed at James and yelled "FREEZE!"

"Wha...what's the meaning of this?" James asked and pulled his hands up.

"You're being rude to the great James McCloud Mario..." Pepper warned me.

I put away my gun and sighed, then I said "Listen didn't exactly fight Andross..."

"It's true! I was with Mario." Krystal joined in.

"Well if you guys didn't fight Andross then who did you fight?" Rieekan asked.

"It's hard to believe but...we fought a robot version of him" I pointed at James.

"So you're saying that Andross was dead by the time you guys arrived in our galaxy and had to fight Darth Vader which eventually revealed a robot version of James McCloud?" Rieekan asked again.

"We don't know how Andross could've been a hoax, and yes we did fight Darth Vader." I replied.

"He nearly killed Mario." Krystal said.

"I'm really sorry that my son died..." James said.

"I know...I wish I could've done something about it." I replied.

"Well it was nice meeting you all together." James said and left the building.

"Lylat is still in good shape..." Pepper said.

"I'm going to leave Lylat." Rieekan said and turned to Luke and Wedge "Are you guys coming with me?"

"It's your choice guys, I don't care." I told them.

Luke and Wedge whispered to each other for a moment and Luke declared "We're staying here."

"All right. Suit yourselves." Rieekan said and left the building.

"I don't know what else to say to you guys..." Pepper said.

"I guess then this meeting is over." I replied. "Come on guys, let's go to the Great Fox."

I walked over to the exit and waited for Krystal, Luke and Wedge to catch up.

"Now both of you are sure you want to stay in team Star Fox?" I asked Luke and Wedge.

"Pretty sure we made up our minds." Wedge replied.

The door slid open and we said good-bye to General Pepper and left the building.

I walked over to our Arwings and jumped inside my cockpit.

Krystal turned on her Arwing first and then Luke, Me and Wedge.

The Arwings slowly hovered and began to levitate from the ground.

I held on to my control sticks and carefully pointed the Arwing's nose up towards the sky.

I pressed a button to boost my Arwing to space.

Everyone else flew behind me for protection.

"We're getting closer to the Great Fox." I said.

Luke flew right in front of me and began to slowly hover down to the docking bay.

Everyone including me press a button on their Arwings and slowly hovered to the docking bay where Luke was.

We all landed our Arwings in the bay and turned off the engines.

I got out of my Arwing first then came Wedge and Krystal.

We saw Luke who was waiting for us.

"Sorry, my Arwing was too slow..." I said.

Luke opened the door and waited until me, Krystal and Wedge entered. Then Luke closed the door and turned off the lights.

"Come on Wolf...we can't find anybody..." Leon groaned.

Suddenly Wolf hears singing voices coming 4 feet away from him.

He saw a black cat with a rose in his hands, singing a song.

"Panther's quite a ladies man...yeah...he's the one you call when...the good guys invade our teritory..."

"I like your talents." Wolf commented on the cat.

"You like Panther's singing? Hmph..."

"Whaddya say you join Star Wolf and we can take all of the Star Fox team's awards and public attention." Wolf asked.

"I would love to join but theres a catch though..." Panther said.

"What? Spit it out now, come on! Come on!" Leon jumped.

"The catch is you must find me a girl and I'll join you..." Panther told Wolf.

"We know who's the girl you really want, but I'll only tell you if you join Star Wolf." Wolf replied.

"Okay...fine. Let Panther finish his meal and he'll be ready."


"Where's the ships?" Panther asked.

Wolf answered. "The ships are over there, they're called Wolfens...feel free to design your own-"

Panther quickly designed his own Wolfen as quick as a flash.

" that was quick!" Leon said.

"I take it you like roses?" Wolf asked as he climbed into his Wolfen.

"The rose is Panther's trademark...anyone that sees it will find death." Panther replied and climbed in his Wolfen.

Leon quickly pressed many buttons in a row and his Wolfen started to blast to the sky out of nowhere.


Wolf shoke his head.

Panther asked "Is your little lizard friend always like this? Panther can make him shut up."

Wolf replied "Leon is always crazy that way. You can't make him stop."

Wolf piloted his Wolfen's nose to the Cornerian skies and quickly flew away, Panther did the same.


And so with the empire overthrown by Mario and his friends, they saved the Star Wars galaxy before it was destroyed by Darth Vader.

With the new members of team Star Fox Krystal, Luke and Wedge, all evil forces better watch out.


...or is it?