Ch. 9

The vortex quickly formed and spitted out 4 spinning Arwings and disappeared many moment later.

"Whoa-oa-oa...I think i'm going to barf..." I said.

"Me...too" Krystal joined in.

"Guys, you should be able to get your Arwing in full control now..." Luke told us.

I barfed in my bag.

"Eww..." Wedge moaned.

"Krystal, are you ok?" Luke asked.

She gulped and replied "Yeah, yeah I'm fine."

I looked around to see if any part of Andross was around.

"I don't see Andross..." I said.

"He could be in camoflage, be careful." Wedge told me.

All of a sudden, a piece of paper was floating towards my Arwing.

I pressed a button and a metal hand took the paper and handed it over to me. I read:

"Dear enimies...I have declared peace...I don't know why I was revived but I felt like I was an idiot in the past 17 years...


"That can't be right..." Luke told me.

"Of course not! Andross would never declare peace at all." I replied.

"That evil monkey is right..." A voice said out of nowhere.

"Who are you?" I asked.

A black hole appeared out of nowhere and started to suck everything in, Mainly me.

" Arwing's losing control again!" I paniced.

"Guys! Keep away from the hole at once!" Wedge shouted.

"Forget it..." Krystal replied.

"Kry-Krystal what're you doing? That voice probably would've been Andross, it's me he wants!" I yelled as I held on tight on the control sticks.

Krystal didn't respond and started to pilot towards the hole.

"Don't do it Krystal!" Luke cried.

"You could get killed!" Wedge joined in.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed and my Arwing was spinning out of control and started to move towards the center of the hole.

Krystal pressed a button on her Arwing and zoomed to where I was and started to lose control.

"Krystal...don't do this...I can do it by-"

"I'M NOT LEAVING YOU!" Krystal shouted.

I gasped at the words she shouted at me.

Both of Krystal and my Arwings were getting sucked towards the center of the hole.

"I've never seen Krystal so angry before..." Luke said.

"I know..." Wedge replied.


I fell for hours, well it seemed like hours. Everything was pitch black.

I landed belly first and heard a loud crack on my back...

"That's gonna hurt in the morning..." I moaned as I tried to get up.

"Look out!" A feminine voice shouted above me.


"Ok...who's up there?" I asked.

"It's me, Krystal." She replied.

I got up from the ground, dusted myself off and pulled Krystal up.

"Listen, I know I am in dangerous situations but why did you come towards the hole I was getting sucked in?" I asked.

"I didn't lose you again...I didn't...want you to die." She replied and started crying on my shoudler.

I placed my hand on Krystal's ears and started to genetly stroke back and forth so I could stop her crying.

"It's ok, I'm still here. Don't cry." I told her.

She looked at me and started to smile.

"I'm not dead. This isn't a dream, I don't mind if you want to defeat Andross with me." I said.

She stopped crying and placed her arms around my belly and gave me a really big hug.

"Thanks for...cheering me up." She said and released me.

"Now we need to find Andross...without our Arwings." I said and pulled out my gun.

"I've been waiting for you..." A evil voice said.

"Now that's not Andross..." I said.

A figure appeared out of nowhere.

"Where's Andross? I demand you tell me!" I yelled.

"Andross is dead *wheeze*..." The dark figure said.

"He can't be...who are you?" I shouted.

The figure took off his helmet and revealed a fox head with shades on you couldn't even tell what it's eye color was.

"I am Fox's father, James McCloud." He introduced himself.

"James? I thought you were dead..." Krystal told him.

"No...I was missing the action of my son..."

"But why did you have to revive Andross and join the dark side?" I asked.

"I felt that after my son defeated Andross countless times, I grew jealous of him. After the war on Dinosaur Planet, I managed to collect all of his parts and store them in a DNA capsule."

"So wait, you revived Andross just so you could prove your son that you were better than him and that you could get more public attention? What were you thinking?" I shouted.

"Don't you even though that your son is-"

I placed my hand on Krystal's mouth and whispered to her "Don't mention Fox McCloud.."

"What? What about my son?" James was getting angry at this point and started to take out his light saber.

"I fight againest the dark side, nobody gives me orders and nobody deserves an answer." I said.

"Your gun is useless on him..." Krystal told me.

"Why?" I asked.

"I'm sensing machinary on him...he might be invincible..."

I pointed my gun at his chest and fired a bullet.

The bullet went through but it didn't stop James from walking towards me with his light saber.

"*gasp* You don't think he is a..." I paused.

"Robot?" Krystal asked.

James got close to me and grabbed my neck and started t choke me.

"Join me...we could use a hero for the dark side." He told me in a robotic voice.

I quickly gasped for air since he was choking me. His hands were so tight I couldn't get his hands off me.

Krystal took out a shotgun and shot his head.

James let go of me, I layed down gasping for air and saw James coming towards me again.

He made a jump towards me and I ducked it quickly and placed my hands around his neck tight.

He tried shaking to get my hands off him but it was no use.

"Look out!" Krystal shouted.

James swiped his hand on my arm and I cried in pain and released him.

James picked me up and threw me 10 feet away from me.

"Surrender now!" He said "I have won this round!"

He punched me in the face multiple times and took out his knife.

"Any last words?" He asked.

I couldn't move my lips or my body at all.

Krystal dashed towards James and quickly strangled him. He dropped his knife.

"Get- get the knife...NOW!" Krystal yelled.

I got up from the ground, picked up his knife and stabbed him in the left part of his chest.

Then James quickly froze and layed his body on the ground.

I covered my injured arm and blood started to come out of my hands.

I panted so hard I thought I was going to die.

Krystal quickly placed her hand on my hand and said "Let your hand go."

I removed my hand from my bleeding arm and I felt a strange rumble on my arm that was bleeding.

I saw the cut on my arm was starting to heal.

Within 10 minutes, the cut was removed off my arm.

"Thanks Krystal..." I said.

"You're welcome!" She replied with a smile.

"We need to find our way out of here." I said.

"I wonder what this button does..." Krystal wondered as she placed her hands on a yellow button.

I shutted my eyes tight.

Orbs were flying around me and Krystal and we both started to fade away a few moments later...

We both later reappear in a room that was familar to me. Luke and Wedge reappered as well.

"Krystal! Mario! You guys are ok! I thougt you were dead." Luke said and gave me a hug and hugged Krystal.

"Mario, are you ok?" Wedge asked me.

"Yeah i'm fine." I replied.

"You guys won't believe it, we fought a robot who claims to be Fox McClouds father James." Krystal said.

"So wait...James is Darth Vader?" Wedge asked.

"And you guys didn't fight Andross?" Luke asked.

"Sadly we didn't find Andross." I replied.

"It's getting late guys." Luke said.

"Where are me and Luke going to sleep?" Wedge asked.

"Since ROB doesn't seem to be around, I guess you could sleep in the break-room." I said.

"We'll tell the rest of our battle with General Pepper and General Rieekan tommarrow." Krystal said and walked to my room.

"Good night guys." I said as I went to my room.

I changed into my sleep-wear in my closet, got in bedand waited for Krystal to get in her sleep-wear.

She came out of my closet, got in my bed, kissed me on the lips, placed her head on my chest and went to sleep in a flash.

"Boy...does it ever get any better then this?" I thought.

I placed my hand on Krystal's neck and closed my eyes and lulled off to sleep.