Title: Bets and Virtues

Author: Seta_Kaita

Fandom: Final Fanatsy VIII

Pairing: SeiferXSquall

Warnings: AU, Shounen-ai/Yaoi/Slash, graphic sex (= NC-17/Lemon), swearing, stupid bets (XD)

Author's Notes: Hey folks. Here it is: my second English fic and also the second fic longer than an extraordinarily long one-shot. I've written most of the fic already (25.000 words in five days, that's a new record for me ^^) so I'll just upload a chap every once in a while. The fic is written in many small parts, most of them have about 2000 words. Of course the lemon parts are longer ;)

Dedication: I would like to dedicate this fic to Arandomchan for his/her (I never asked…) fic "A Week in a Madhouse" which was my main motivation to write his fic and start listening to Nine Inch Nails. If you haven't read that fic, PLEASE do so, it's aaaaaaaaaaaaawesome! Furthermore I dedicate this fic to xxperfectxdrugxx and "Eroticism", which is my favorite SXS lemon and has inspired me a lot when writing the first lemon in this fic. The third and probably most important person I would like to dedicate the fic to is PrincessDesire for being my beta reader ;) And finally I'd like to dedicate it to Phantasmal Reverie for forgiving me my harsh criticism and being a wonderful guy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII or its characters. They belong to Squaresoft/Square Enix. I do not intend to use them for anything else but my own, and every reader's, pleasure.

I furthermore do not own any of the mentioned songs. Most of them belong to Nine Inch Nails.

Bets and Virtues


Okay, hi everyone. You know, at the beginning of every story, the author sits in front of their paper or alternatively their computer screen, thinking of how to start this shit. That's what I'm doing right now in front of my PC screen which is glowing slightly blue and white from the Microsoft Windows Office Word program design. Man, that's definitely too long of a description. So let me please just call it Word, okay? Well then, my Word is now glowing faintly blue and I hope it won't wake up that guy next to me in MY bed. I wonder why we're in my bed and not his. Doesn't matter. Now, where to start?

My name is Squall Leonhart and I'm proud to say that I've got an awesome name, folks. I love it. Guess what, my parents actually considered naming my Leon; what a fucked up name. I think this'll be the story of how I met that guy next to me, whose name is Seifer Almasy and who's therefore beaten me in the best name of the Universe contest. If you've gotten the impression that I think my name is the most beautiful ever, you're mistaken. Just say it aloud. Seifer Almasy. It feels like velvet on my tongue, though actually it should taste of cum right now. Figures.

Maybe you've already guessed that much: I'm a guy and I'm gay. I love the way you just have to exchange the vowel in guy and you'll get gay. Wonder if that's a hint on the nature of guys? They'd rather fuck a guy than no one. Though I would rather fuck no one than a girl.

Anyway, let's begin the story of How Squall Leonhart Came To Fuck Seifer Almasy Or Rather The Other Way Around.