A/N: Yep, I'm doin' another one! I have time on the weekends, so yeah. This is different, but it takes place during the actual Tim Burton movie at one point. I do not own any of the character except my OC Crystal.

A Candy Man's Conscious

~Memories and Rescue

"I'm closing my chocolate factory forever," he'd said that fateful day. Too many issues with thieves and too many recipes gone. This was the only way he could think to solve the problem. He'd just abandoned his dream...his purpose for leaving his hometown. It had seemed so perfect in the beginning.

How could it have turned, put so bad the candy maker thought sadly sitting in his factory. The machines shut down for what he believed to be the final time. At least...that's what he believed.

In the next year, Willy Wonka knew he had to get out of the factory somehow. He hadn't done much and the production was shut down. He thought about making a trip somewhere. He looked through countless brochures until one caught his attention. But, it wasn't a travel brochure. It was a tiny message mixed in with them.

Wonka unraveled the small message. It read:

Dear Reader,

I apologize if you hate an adventure because you need to take one. We are in serious danger. There is a map attached to this page, follow it from the island I have labeled. I am someone who is part of something so small yet so helpful and in danger. Please, come to our land. It is called Loompa Land, but we are not on the national map. We are too small for that, but we are in great danger. Please come to us, and we will find a way to repay you. Who am I? Can't imagine why it would even matter. Just please help!


The tribe of Oompa Loompas

That seemed urgent, and Willy Wonka now had an excuse to go somewhere. If the place wasn't on the map, maybe he could find new, exotic flavors for candy. He could always reopen, knowing no one else would know where Loompa Land was. It was off the coast of Hawaii. Thus, Willy Wonka searched for a flight to Hawaii.

In a few weeks he was in tropical paradise. Hardly anyone recognized him because he'd grown his hair out slightly. Of course, while on his adventure, he tucked it in his hat. He'd asked for a boat and he'd bought one to save time. He started it up and headed out to the opened waters on cruise control so he could glimpse at the map. He pulled out a compass to see which way he was going.

After a few hours out on the water, the little island came into view, he was sure of it. He rode up to the shore, seeing nothing but thick forestry and large plants. He pulled out his sword, though it wasn't that sharp. It was weaker than it appeared. He strolled through the forest, running into no trouble at all.

Then, a buzzing noise filled the air. Wonka stopped, fearing to look behind him, but he had to. A huge bug had noticed his movement in the brush. He looked panicked and he made a run for it.

Up in a tree, she sighed. She was quiet, waiting for him, and here he was, but the man was going to get himself killed! She jumped through the trees, her bow attached to her back. She made a few rustling sounds, but the wings of the Wangdoodle were too loud to here her. She saw it pursue him. The girl drew her bow, nocking the arrow of sharp wood...

A cry of death screeched the air as Willy looked away. He thought he was done for. Then, he had the courage to look. A wooden arrow had pierced the Wangdoodle's body. He looked at it, scooping up some blood. Warily, he gazed at it before he licked the liquid on that sword. He cringed. That certainly wasn't the flavor he was looking for.

"You almost get yourself killed and all you do is lick the blood of the Wangdoodle?" a voice asked confused. Willy looked up in the trees, seeing nothing. Then, he saw the figure land at his side. It was a girl.

"Yes, and it's disgusting may I inform you," he replied.

"I know," she said. "Who are you?"

"My name is Willy Wonka," he said. "And you are?"

"...You know me..." she said. "You have the letter." Willy looked in his bag to see it sticking out.

"This is your writing?" he asked into her brown eyes. She nodded.

"You're here to help," she said, hopeful.

"Yes, I received the letter didn't I?" he answered. She pulled the arrow out of the Wangdoodle.

"Come on," she said, motioning for him to follow. "I have to take you to the chief." He walked near her, but let her lead the way.

"May I ask your name anyway?" he asked. She looked dirty and poor, but he couldn't take his eyes off her. Her brown hair was fairly long, for he saw she didn't cut it much. It extended to her lower back, long and wavy. She turned around, surprised he would even care.

"My name is Crystal," she told him. "Now, come." She brushed away the last few leaves, revealing a village of little people in a large open area. They were all so small as he saw them walking about across their little bridges.

"Loompa Land," he said, seeing them all.

"No, you're in Antarctica," she said sarcastically. "Chief." He followed her to a small hut. She bowed before the chief and he nodded to her. She let Willy enter.

"Here," she said to the chief. "The message's other end." His eyes set on Willy and Crystal left the room.

During that time, Willy and the chief made an accord. Willy was to take them all to the factory, giving them cocoa beans, which they couldn't get enough of, as payment if they worked for him. Crystal wasn't one of them, so it was obvious she wasn't as excited as everyone else. They spent their last night on the island and Willy chose to stay with them.

Crystal kept watch during the celebration for anything hazardous or threatening. Willy found her just outside the camp.

"How'd you get here?" he asked.

"What are you talking about?" she asked, playing innocent.

"I know you aren't one of them. It's too obvious," he said. She looked down.

"I was taken in. A boating accident. I washed ashore here. End of story," she said, and Willy could see she didn't feel like talking about it right now. He asked what she thought about the factory.

"Not what I expected, but I guess change is okay," she said. She didn't sound excited, but maybe she would miss the island. Willy sat with her a while longer.

"You always watch the events from the sides?" he asked.

"Yes, I don't take part. I feel like I'm intruding every time I do. It's nothing they're doing," she explained. "So, chocolate factory huh?"

"Yeah, had problems with stealing," Willy said.

"Oh, so you're going to have the Oompa Loompas work for you?" she asked.

"Yeah. I don't have to let you guys out. I can keep the temperature high for them, and I don't have to worry about stealing," he said.

"I could always keep watch," Crystal told him. "My staffs are quite useful. But, I guess I'd just work too. You wouldn't have thieves." Willy stared at her. He felt bad for her. She had the Oompa Loompas, but he was the most like her...well, height wise.

"You can always help me with inventing the candies. I could always use someone else's opinion. Plus, I need someone to taste test the chocolate," he smiled at her. She smiled back, knowing he was trying to cheer her up.

She agreed to that, and the next day, Wonka had them all in his boat. They were all so small, most of them camped out below the deck. The boat was't large, for Willy had to keep it running himself.

Crystal slept on the deck most of the time as he drove back to the shore of Hawaii. He'd stopped for a few moments just to watch Crystal sleep bathed in the sunlight. She was still dirty. They all were, but he could get the Oompa Loompas back unnoticed. Crystal would have to clean up.

He paid for a hotel room for one night so Crystal could make herself presentable to society. She hadn't another outfit to wear so Willy went out to get her a simple skirt and colorful top. The Oompa Loompas wanted to sleep in the boat so they wouldn't be separated. Willy let them after he locked the boat up. As he brought Crystal her tropical colored top and jean skirt, she was in the shower. She hadn't felt warm water like this in a long time. She felt refreshed as she wrapped herself in a towel.

"Willy?" she called.

"Yeah?" he answered. He was laying on the bed at the moment.

"Where's the outfit?" she asked.

"Oh yeah! I'll leave it outside the door," he replied and he set it where he said he would.

She cracked the door a tad to make sure he wasn't there and she took the outfit to change into it. She forgot what color looked like, but orange, pink, and faint tints of yellow looked okay on her.

She stepped outside and right after turning the corner, she met Willy's eyes. He stared at her. When he'd walked into the store, he was just picking something for her to wear. He never thought she would look that cute in it! Save for her scares from who-knows-where, she was mostly pale. Loompa Land must not get that much sunlight. There was an awkward silence moment between them.

"You look...amazing in that," he said. He saw her face turn slightly pink as he said that. "Forgive me if that's not what you wanted to hear."

"Thank you," she said. "I can't believe you paid for this lavish room for just one night."

"We should sleep before I bring you guys back to the factory," he said. The sun was setting, and she looked at her staffs in the corner. She reached for the glass one.

"What is that again?" Willy asked.

"A...nice looking weapon," she told him. "Hard glass material." He laid back on the bed as Crystal stared out the window. He left her alone to stare at the tropics. It would be a long time before she would see them again.

That night, Willy was surprised to see the fire still lit. Crystal was still awake, but it was fairly late.

"Plan on sleeping?" the chocolatier asked.

"Yeah, I'll get there," she responded. He laid down on the bed, hearing her sigh. Willy turned over on his back to watch her stare more out the window. She began to sing:


Not a sound from the pavement

Has the moon lost her memory

She is smiling alone

In the lamplight, the withered leaves

Collect at my feet...and the wind

Begins to moan.


All alone in the moonlight,

I can smile at the old days,

I was beautiful then. I remember

A time I knew what happiness was.

Let the memory...live again.

Her voice was beautiful, like a crystal. Maybe that's where she got her name. She thought he was sleeping, but he wondered to himself. What did she mean she was beautiful then? he thought. He thought she was pretty enough standing there looking out the window. Pretty was an understatement to him. More like breathtaking. She didn't sing any more, and he saw a tear land on the window sill in the moonlight. He fell asleep minutes later.

Just an FYI about the song: Yes, it is from Cats. BUT, I tried to stick to one of the versions from the musical. I failed, so the lyrics I have throughout the story in the order I have them will NOT be in their original correct order. I think it still makes sense, though. All of the versus will be in the story, so this is just to let you know. I don't want flames from Cats lovers scolding me the song is wrong. It's not wrong, it's just in a different order!