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Crystal watched the sunset again. She noticed Willy came back with Charlie. This was a good sign to her. She jumped from her spot the minute the gates opened.

"Willy," she said. "Charlie."

"I gave him my offer again and his family can come too," Willy said.

"Of course I said yes, but Crystal, why didn't you tell me you knew Mr. Wonka?" he asked. She smiled and Willy gave her a look of surprise and shock.

"You know this boy?" Willy asked.

"What? I went out and yes, I know him. To answer your question Charlie, I never said I didn't know him. That day when you were telling me about how cool it would be if I had known Willy Wonka. Well, I never answered your question. I said I hang out there a lot. I never said I didn't know him," she said. Charlie smiled. She would keep my ten bucks a secret to him; that was only fair.

Willy brushed off the subject and he was talking about the most preposterous thing yet.

"We can move the house right in. It can sit in the Chocolate Room," he said. Crystal smiled.

"How in the name of chocolate are you planning on doing that?" Crystal asked.

"He already did," Choldel's voice emerged from a window. "Get a look in the Chocolate Room. The Oompa Loompas already did their work!" Crystal looked at Willy with a mischievous smile. He never told her if Charlie said yes what he would do! Willy smiled back and Crystal ran into the factory.

"She's fast," Charlie said.

"Oh yeah," Willy replied. "Sometimes I wonder..."

"Wonder what?" Charlie asked.

"Well, sometimes I wonder if I'll ever catch her one day," he said. Charlie smiled, thinking Willy may never catch her. She could run faster than him and Willy didn't seem like a fast runner.

Crystal entered the Chocolate Room, and there was the house!

"I can't believe this man. Full of surprises!" she told herself and she entered the house she'd seen seasons before on the street now in the center of the most beautiful room. Crystal saw the family looking well off.

"Hello," she greeted. Everyone in the house turned to face her. "I'm Crystal. I've worked for Willy for quite some time now. I came with the Oompa Loompas."

"Hey Crystal," the woman said. "I'm Charlie's mother." She quickly shook her hand, but it was covered in dough.

"What are you making?" Crystal asked.

"Dinner," Charlie's mother replied.

"Oh, I thought Choldel..." she began, but stopped herself.

"You thought what?" Charlie's mother asked.

"More like she thought who," Choldel's voice came again through the door. Crystal turned to see the cook standing tall and proud. "Don't worry, I'm still cookin' Crystal. After all, I made that dessert and I'm just going to be helping Charlie's mother in the kitchen for the time being. I can still cook up my own stuff," he explained.

"Speaking of cooking," Charlie's mother said. "Dinner's done, will someone please get those two out of the Inventing Room?"

"My pleasure," Crystal replied, heading out the door. "But I don't think they're in the Inventing Room." She saw them coming right for her, and she smiled, stopping in her tracks.

"What is it?" Charlie asked.

"Dinner's ready," she said.

"Ah," Willy said. "And may I ask where you're going?"

"My usual place," Crystal said, walking away.

"Where's her spot?" Charlie asked in a whisper to Willy.

"You'll hear," he told him. They entered the house and Willy stayed for dinner that night.

When Charlie decided he was going to take over another room in the factory, as his room previous to coming here would cave in any day. Willy agreed to this and settled him into the room a few doors down from his own, so as the boy wouldn't get lost in the huge factory.

Crystal stayed on the rooftop that night, thinking. This was her life now, but she would never forget her other two. The Oompa Loompas remained at the factory to remind her every day; but she would return to Loompa Land one day, and she would beg Willy to take her. Then, her first life, before that boating accident. She'd regretted the things she said, but like Willy said, she couldn't change the past. He made things right with his father and that made her glad to know he wouldn't make the same mistake she did.

The ice atop the factory's roof began melting. It dripped off the side and Crystal smiled as she saw her crystalized tears melt with the rest of the ice. They were mixed in with the winter's freezing elements, and she could have it no other way. With this spring would bring new beginnings. A new life for Charlie and his family, another chance for the Oompa Loompa race, and a permanent place for Crystal with the candy man she loved.

That was something to sing about, and as Charlie sat up in bed next to the window he heard her voice. Willy opened his window and sat outside on the roof, Crystal a few yards out. She parted her lips to sing a song she could never forget:


Not a sound from the pavement

Has the moon lost her memory

She is smiling alone

In the lamplight, the withered leaves

Collect at my feet...and the wind

Begins to moan.


All alone in the moonlight,

I can smile at the old days,

I was beautiful then. I remember

A time I knew what happiness was.

Let the memory...live again.

Every street lamp seems to beat,

A fatalistic warning

Someone mutters and the street lamp gutters

And soon it will be morning

Daylight, I must wait for the sunrise

I must think of a new life

And I mustn't give in. When the dawn comes

Tonight will be a memory too

And a new day will begin

Sunlight through the trees in summer,

Endless masquerading

like a flower, as the dawn is breaking

the memory is fading.

Touch me, it's so easy to leave me

All alone with the memory

Of my days in the sun. If you touch me

You'll understand what happiness is


A new day has begun.

Burt out ends of smoky days

the stale cold smell of morning

a streetlamp dies; another night is over

another day is dawning...

Daylight, see the dew on the sunflower

and a rose that is fading

roses wither away. Like the sunflower

I yearn to turn my face to the dawn

I am waiting for the day...


turn your face to the moonlight

let your memory lead you

open up enter in

If you find there

the meaning of what happiness is

then a new life will begin...

She almost turned around, feeling a presence close by her, but Willy wrapped his arms around her waist. She leaned back into him, not shedding one tear.

"I know you'll never forget," Willy whispered. "But, your voice is beautiful. That song will stay with you. So please don't sound so sad when you're alone."

"Ah, but I'm not alone," she said, turning out of his grasp.

"And you never will be again," he concluded as he brought his lips to hers.

Charlie watched this from the window, smiling and shaking his head.

"Totally obvious right?" Choldel said from the door, arms in the air.

"Totally obvious," Charlie agreed. "Totally, absolutely, positively, sweetly and undeniably obvious."

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