How did this happen? I used to be a heroic man. Now? I wield the Necrotic Blade of Doom; my armor wears me, not the other way around; and I have have committed unspeakable horrors. Had I known what was in store for me would I have done something different?

Forty years ago.

"Sapien, Vires, Nyx, hurry up, you know how much your father hates it when we're late!" their mother said.

"Got it, Mom!" said the three Dracon children. The Dracon family was of a prominent background, one that consisted of many great hero's, including Knights, Dragon Lords and Wizards. The four children of Professor Catherine and Sir Tempus were, in order of age: The triplets, all twenty one, which included Sapien, Vires, and Nyx. Sapien, an intelligent male Mage who wished to become a Technomancer, oldest by a handful of minutes, followed closely by Vires, a strong male Warrior who wished to become a Paladin, and lastly, Nyx, a mischievous female Rogue who wished to become a Pirate. The youngest of all, Mortis, was but five months.

The three eldest were just now old enough to attend the Swordhaven Training Academy to begin their official educations in their preferred advanced classes, and their whole family, including baby Mortis, were going to arrive via their private carriage. But would they ever arrive at the Academy?

Six days into the exodus.

"Are we there yet?" Nyx asked, for the 116th time on their seven day journey from Falcon Reach to Swordhaven.

"For the last time, we'll get there when we get there!" Vires said sternly.

"Alright, alright, no need to get so grouchy." she grumbled.

"Quiet, you two, or you're going to wake Mortis!"

"Sorry, mother." Nyx and Vires replied simultaneously.

It was not long after that that they heard the whir of an arrow from outside the carriage, unmistakable in its cadence. A sharp gurgle, as the life was cut off from its target, was the only warning before war cries erupted around them.

The next thing they knew, the carriage erupted in flames and they were forced to exit. When they did, they were cornered by several Darkwolf Bandits. Sapien, Vires and Nyx all drew their respective weapons, putting up a good fight, but could not stand against the legions of outlaws. Tempus also tried to fend them off, but met the same fate.

With no one left to fight them, they turned to Catherine, who was holding the baby Mortis tightly to her chest.

Catherine attempted to reason with the outlaws, but was killed by the Bandits when they would not listen. The lead Bandit picked up baby Mortis from her corpse, he then said: "What do you say we take this little baby and raise him as one of us?" His proclamation was met by many cheers of agreement, as they had not had a new recruit in a long while. Their exuberance was quickly silenced, though, as the object of their conversation began to glow in a multitude of colors, each symbolizing an element.

"What the hell is that?" one of the Bandits yelled.

His inquiry was soon answered by a huge explosion of energy that destroyed everything within a one mile radius, except for one... its source.

How could I have thought the fight was a good idea, now I've nothing le-" he was cut off by seeing a part of the forest erupt in an explosion of apocalyptic proportions. He rushed towards the center of the blast; expecting to find a Wizard of incredible power but instead he found... an infant.

"And who might you be, powerful child?"

As if in response to his question, he suddenly spotted a name embroidered onto the baby's blanket:

Mortis Dracon.

He could have just left the baby there and someone else might have come along, but another look at the empty wilderness surrounding them said it would be awhile before such a thing happened. He knew it had been created undeniably by incredibly magic, as well.

He could not leave such a child behind, of that he was certain. He knew what to do, he was to father this baby. It was destiny.

That day, Tomix the Soul-Weaver began to raise the second most terrifying being Lore shall ever know.