This is something new I have started. Cody, Ted and Randy are all in a relationship, I am gonna call it 'Candiasi' but if you have a better name for it, let me know.

Now this is way different than anything I would normally do, so please be gentle!

If there is enough people who want me to I will keep these going, I just don't want to humiliate myself if no one is going to enjoy it.

I do not own these guys or any one who may come into the picture!

Hope ya'll like it!

Cody was laying in Randy's arms on their hotel room bed. Ted had gone to visit his family for a few days, leavening Cody and Randy alone, and both thinking about Ted.

This reminded Cody of the night Ted had first joined Cody and Randy's bed. It had started as just sex, but that had been two years ago and the blond was still with them.

Cody missed Ted. He snuggled closed into Randy. Randy had an arm around Cody and was holding the latest issue of 'Muscle Fitness' magazine in front of them. The room was quite and there was a basketball game on TV but the sound was turned down. Randy had been being extra sweet since Ted had left, He knew the loneliness Cody was feeling, as it was echoed in his own heart.

They all knew their place in the relationship, and they were usually all content with it.

Randy was the doer, the instigator, it had been him who first approached Cody. Randy was the dominate one, he didn't really like to say it like that, he loved his boys, and occasionally told them so. But he was never the one on bottom! That was Cody's place.

Cody was the quiet meek one. He had been Randy's before Ted had come along. He loved Randy very deeply, but when Ted came along that place in Cody's heart was split in two, as he love Ted just as much.

Ted! What could be said about Ted? Ted was the one Cody preferred to share his bed with. Ted would lay awake with Cody and be content talking about nothing, or he could take it rougher when Randy was in a nasty mood. He wasn't too good to bottom to Cody, he was always ready to please the younger boy though, surprisingly, he was the one who keep his feelings and personal thoughts privet. He could be on Cody's level or Randy's and was the perfect mixture at all the right times.

The memory of the first time Ted had shared their bed was so clear to Cody at that moment. Maybe it was that he was thinking so much about him, but he could smell Ted's scent!


Cody was propped up next to Randy on their bed. Randy had an arm around Cody and was absent mindedly rubbing a finger up and down Cody's side.

They had only been together for two months but Randy wanted to introduce something… new into their relationship. Or rather, someone!

"Cody?" Randy started. "M?" Cody replied softly. "You know I love you, right?" Randy asked trying to figure the best way to go about starting the conversation. Cody sat up straighter and looked at Randy a little afraid of what was coming. "Yes Randy?" "Well Ted talked to me today, and he is going to, join us tonight," Randy said. "What do you mean?" Cody asked though he knew. Randy was sure if Cody hadn't been so nervous he would have anger in his voice. "You know, join us-"

There was a knock on the door that saved Randy from explaining further. Cody shot his gaze to the door.

"Come in." Randy called. Cody quickly looked from the door to Randy then back again.

Ted walked in and smiled faintly, he took a seat at the foot of the bed. Cody looked at him like he didn't know what he was. Sure Ted was good looking, and they were friends, but Cody would have never guessed that Randy would let him 'join' them.

"So, let's get started." Randy said and rubbed his hand over Cody's chest, getting a slight flex out of the boy when he ran over his nipple. Randy always knew what to do to Cody, it came from the bond they shared.

Ted leaned up and began kissing Cody. Cody was obviously unsure how to react. Ted's kisses where soft. Quick pecks on Cody's lips. He was a little upset that Randy, the man who loved him, would let someone else kiss him so freely. He almost wanted Randy to tare Ted off of him in jealousy. But he didn't.

Randy kept running his hand over Cody and watching the two men. Ted left Cody's mouth for his chest, he was kissing and nibbling at random bits of skin. Cody turned his head to look at Randy, who caught his mouth in a reassuring kiss. This kiss was more certain, Cody knew how to kiss this man. Randy's tongue darted into Cody's mouth and played merrily.

Ted kissed over Cody's chest then down his abs. He stopped at the waist band of Cody's PJ bottoms. He gently pilled the cloth away, while Randy held Cody in the kiss. They had to play it just right if they wanted everyone to enjoy this.

Ted gingerly slipped his lips over Cody's member. He began to softly move his mouth up and down on it. Randy allowed his hand to keep moving along Cody's upper body, almost distracting the boy from Ted who was bringing Cody's cock to life.

Randy pulled away from the kiss to look at Ted and Cody followed his gaze and was surprised that he was liking what he was seeing. Randy softly ran a hand through Ted's blond hair, he so wanted to touch Ted, to steal him from Cody, but he keep his composer. Cody began to bight his bottom lip.

Randy could still see the uncertainty on Cody's face. "Okay baby?" Randy asked sweetly, his voice was thick with lust. Cody nodded, and Randy pulled him in for another kiss, Cody was letting his hand travel Randy's tan muscular body.

The kiss broke and Randy's mouth was replaced with Ted's. Gaining confidence, Cody allowed his tongue to dart out past his lips and Ted's own welcomed it. Randy pulled off his own shorts to revile his already hard cock. Randy and Ted together relived Cody of his cotton sleep pants. Ted pulled back and the other two watched as he sensually removed his own clothing.

"Here." Randy said and patted a spot on the bed. Randy and Ted switched places. Ted laid back and braced himself on his elbows looking expectantly at Cody.

Something in Cody knew what to do. He lent over and took Ted into his mouth and began to suck he let his tongue lavish and devour Ted's dick.

Rand took Cody by surprise and blew hot air over his cock. This was something Cody had never experienced from Randy. Sure he had taken him in his hand before, but in his mouth? Never! Randy worked his lips and mouths slowly and softly over Cody.

There play was slow and gentle. Cody couldn't believe that he was getting into this. Ted's cock in his mouth, his in Randy's, it was nice.

Cody was going over Ted's cock almost kissingly at times but swallowing him all the way down at others. He had this incredible talent to deep throat, and not gag.

"Oh Cody!" Ted moaned. He was creasing Cody's back almost lovingly. They continued their play until Randy made an offer none of them could refuse. "Teddy, do you want to get him ready for us?"

Their position changed. Ted was laying on his back and Cody was right above him on his knees. Ted was kenning at Cody's lovely ass with both hands. He was kissing, licking and letting his tongue slip in and out of Cody. Stretching the tight ring, and plastering his delicate walls with warm saliva. The feeling was unbelievable!

Cody was never loud in the bedroom but tonight he was moaning and gasping with pleasure. He threw his head back and allowed Ted to take his senses over with is mouth.

Randy stood on the bed in front of Cody with his hands on the ceiling and his dick in Cody's wet hot mouth. Ted was provoking Cody to suck Randy even harder and deeper. It was all Randy could do to keep from really hurting Cody by fucking his throat.

"That's enough." Randy said breathlessly regaining control. Cody looked up at him, "I want you." Randy explained and Cody nodded. "Ted has never been with a man before." "Really?" Cody asked softly. "Really. Do you thin you could get him ready for me?" Randy asked and Cody started to chew his lip again. "I have never done it before, but I will try." Randy smiled at Cody's innocents and softly pecked his lips. It was a fact that Cody had been a virgin when he and Randy had gotten together. He had never been with a man or a woman up until that point, not because no one was willing, but because Cody had known he was gay and it was very awkward for him.

Randy had to admit, that first taste of ass sure had been sweet!

Ted was holding his knees and Cody was working his middle finger softly into his ass. Occasionally Cody would stroke Ted's dick or lay a soft kiss on it to lessen the anxiety caused by the intrusion. "I promise you're going to love it." Cody would say reassuringly when Ted would whimper.

Randy was behind Cody and was about to slip in a third finger, he was so soft and so warm. Starching his Cody out, as not to hurt him, was not something Randy particularly liked, but he would never have dreamed of not doing it. Cody was sighing and would arc his back when Randy would move his lubricant slickened fingers inside him. Randy was bendinghis fingers just right to hit Cody's spot causing him to be a heavily breathing mess. "Ready baby?" Randy asked and Cody nodded. Cody whined a bit as Randy pressed deeper and deeper into him. He was so tight and warm! Randy wanted to pound in to him relentlessly, to drench his walls in cum! But he had to make this last, so he keep his pace torturously slow.

Ted was running his fingers through Cody's dark hair. Cody slipped Ted's dick in his mouth and Ted couldn't help but to raise his hips to meet Cody's fingers as they went deeper into his ass. He was ready to cum too, but like Randy he wanted this to last and be the most memorable night of any of their lives.

Randy had begun to bump into Cody softly and Cody's breathing was picking up. "Oh! Randy." He cooed.

Cody's calls and the desire to move into him harder and faster was too much, Randy slapped Cody's tan ass lightly, this made Cody gag on the dick that was down his throat. "Awh." Cody said once his mouth was free. "I'm sorry Cody baby, it's just, you're so damned tight!" Randy said and began kissing Cody's shoulders to relax him. "Teddy," Randy called out and Ted moved to the edge of the bed for Randy to fuck him. Cody turned so his ass was next to Ted's face.

Randy pushed into Ted with very little warning, this made Ted gasp. Once a rhythm was found, Ted turned to Cody and began to finger him much the same way Cody had done him. Though Ted's finger was considerably smaller than Randy's cock, Cody moaned at the appendage inside him.

Randy moved faster into Ted, he was not as precious of a jewel as his dear sweet Cody was. So Randy fucked him harder getting the speed and friction he so wanted. Randy was not so much pumping Ted's cock, as squeezing it in time with their bodies pounding together.

"Cody, turn around." Randy said lowly. Cody moved to lay on his back by Ted. Randy would move into Ted roughly then moved to Cody and press in softly, then switch. Ted and Cody began to makeout while Randy took advantage of their bodies.

This went own for several more minutes before Cody spoke up. "Wait." He said felling that they couldn't last much longer. Ted let Cody shuffle them around until they where in 69 position, with Cody on top. "Fuck me Randy." Cody said and Randy positioned himself behind Cody. Randy pushed into Cody as the two younger men sucked each other down.

Cody began to whimper and moan incoherently as his body began to tingle. The new found sounds in the room were forcing Randy's body to move faster and harder. In turn Cody moaned harder and tried to stifle himself by clamping down on the bind of Ted's leg. "Fuck Cody!" Ted said pulling his mouth off Cody's cock. "I'm sorry Teddy." Cody said and began kissing the little red dotes away. "What happened?" Randy asked. "He bit me." Ted answered. Randy looked past Cody's shoulders and laughed. "At least now Teddy will have a perfect little bight make by his cock." All three men knew that a tortured Cody's climax was near. Randy loved to make Cody cum, it wasn't just about the pleasure, the moans and wails and gasps Cody made were just so cute. "Teddy, do you want some of this?" "Yes." Ted said only moving his mouth off of Cody for a second.

Cody rolled onto his back and Ted replaced Randy. Randy moved to Cody's face, and let Cody suck on his thick pulsing cock. Ted moved just fast enough to make Cody whimper around Randy's dick. Randy felt himself peak and deliver hot streaks of cum into Cody's mouth. Cody swallowed them without hesitation. Cody was rocking his hips desperately with Ted's thrust. Ted let out a sound that was between a moan and a scream. He pulled out and started pumping himself in his own hand, and pumping Cody at the same time with his other hand. "Cody, I love your abs." Ted said as his seed covered Cody's stomach. "Teddy you have the same abs I do." Cody said in a breathless whisper as his seed joined Ted's on his body. For some reason it seemed very important to point out this pointless fact. Randy bent and kissed away the seed from Cody's shaking body, then kissed Ted forcefully, making him taste himself and Cody combined. Randy fell back on the pillows and Ted lay over Cody's warm body. All three men couldn't have been more content.


Yep, Cody missed Ted. The door opened unexpectedly and made Cody jerk away from his memory. Ted was standing there, arms held wide and his bags at his feet. "Miss me?" Ted asked smiling his million dollar smile. He had obviously noticed the huge lump in Cody's sleep pants. Yep Cody had missed Ted!

Ok… so what did you think? If I write anymore of these it will be of the same nature. Smut with some fluff moments and maybe some drama! Just let me know if you think I should keep going?