Here is Randy's 'master plan' to make Cody and Ted happy. Thank you all so much for the support on this one, it means a lot! I hope you continue to enjoy them.

The boys had finally gotten home! Their home. The one place where there were no dirty looks from strangers when they ate together or if they wanted to sit together or when they got one hotel room for three men. This was their house, their sanctuary!

"We have got to get out of this bed and start the day." Cody said. He was laying across Randy's torso with his hand intertwined with Ted's.

They each had their on rooms in the house. Randy's was the biggest, as that was were the three of them spent the most time together. Randy had a California King sized bed witch he shared with the other two when they were too exhausted to go back to their own beds. His room was very well furnished, a sofa, big screen TV, Randy's laptop desk and it was all connected to a lavish master bath.

The next door down was Ted's. Ted spent a lot of his time in his room. He was quite and usually preferred his privacy. That room was plenty big enough for him and Cody who usually wondered down the hall in the middle of the night to snuggle with Ted. His room had it's own bathroom too, though not as big as Randy's. Ted never asked much out of life, and Randy had very expensive taste.

Cody's room was tiny and all the way at the end of the hall. He rarely slept in there. As a matter of a fact the last time he could even remember opening the door was two months ago when he spent four very frustrated days in there, because he had the flu. He didn't even need to go in there to get his clothes. He had his own drawer in Ted's room, and half of Randy's closet was filled with Cody's clothes. Randy often complained about all the room they took up, but he wouldn't have changed it for anything in the world!

"I don't want to move!" Randy moaned. It was well after nine in the morning and the sun was blazing through the window making the room glow.

"Cody's right. We have stuff to do today." Ted said sleepily gazing into Cody's eyes.

"What have we got to do today that is so important that it can't wait until tomorrow?" Randy asked.

"Well, unless you want your Ferrari to rot," Randy frowned at him. "We need to take it an have it detailed. We have to buy groceries-" Randy interrupted him, "Take-out!" Ted looked up at him. "We can't keep having take-out, get up!" Ted said and tried to sit up. Randy kept his strong arm around him and Cody tugged on his hand. "No, Teddy, don't leave us." Cody said trying to pull him back down.

"No, Cody get up." Ted said. He stood up and pulled Cody up with him. "Come on, sweetheart." Ted said and Cody allowed Ted to pull him over Randy's body and out of bed.

They were all sitting around the kitchen bar eating their breakfast.

"Ted, do you mind taking the car to the body shop for me? And I don't want those jack-asses hurting my baby, so you will have to stay with it."

Ted nodded, then got up to put his blow in the dishwasher.

"Sometimes I think he loves that car more than us." Cody joked to Ted.

Ted smirked. "I know, I am surprised he is letting me drive it." Ted said.

Randy just laughed and let them have their little joke over how protective he was over his car. He only asked Ted to take the car, to give him some alone time with Cody.

Ted left and Randy heard the car pull out of the driveway. "Cody, how would you feel about taking a shower with me?" Randy asked looking across at the dark haired boy

"I would like that." Cody said smiling.

They walked hand in hand up the stairs and into Randy's bedroom.

"I'll get the water started." Cody said and started forward into the bathroom. Randy grabbed him by the wrist and spun him around so he could look him in the eye.

"Cody, is it true you think I have been going too easy on you?" Randy asked.

Cody blushed. "You heard that?"

"Of course I heard. I hear everything! Is it true?"

Cody looked away from Randy. "Yes." He whispered.

Randy shoved Cody against the wall, and pushed his body against Cody's, holding him there, helpless. "I'll give it to you. And the way you want it. But you better not go crying like a little bitch when it's not what you expect." He took Cody's hands in his and held his wrist above his head. Randy was grinding their groins together, and sucking bruises on Cody's neck. Cody was growing hard at being taken over so roughly. He was breathing a little hard and he was a little taken aback, but he loved this more aggressive Randy. He closed his eyes and moaned softly.

Randy stopped moving and bit Cody's neck then went up to whisper in his ear. "I am about to do horrible things to you. Are you sure this is what you want?" Cody silently nodded. "Okay, I love you, all you have to do is tell me to stop." Randy said and nipped painfully at his lover's neck. "Don't stop!" Cody begged. He was a weak, shallow breathing mess that was melting against the wall.

It wasn't as hard as Randy thought it would be to get rough with Cody. He really was a bit angry at Cody for wanting such a seemingly unpleasant thing done to his body. But he really wasn't looking forward to violating him in such a way. But what Cody wants', Cody gets!

Randy was still violently marking Cody's neck with his mouth and tongue. He took both of Cody's wrists in one hand and held them tight. With his free hand he palmed Cody's erection firmly through his sleep pants. Cody was weak and wouldn't be standing if Randy's chest wasn't pressed so firmly into his. "Ran- Randy!" Cody whimpered. "Shut up!" Randy commanded, only moving his mouth long enough to speak.

Cody's whole body was tingling, and his breathing had gone from bring barley existent to coming twice as fast.

Randy moved his mouth to Cody's shoulder and kissed and nipped down to his bare chest. Each little spot that Randy went over, he left it glowing red. He moved to one nipple and took it in his mouth flicking his tongue over it numerous times before leaving it for the other one.

Randy stood up and looked at looked at Cody. He was flushed and looking a bit scared. It broke Randy's heart to see that look on his baby's face, but he went own.

He turned Cody around to face the wall. "Brace your self!" Randy said and Cody put his forearms to the wall and arced his back, so his ass was at easy access to Randy.

With a hand on Cody's shoulder, Randy quickly slipped one finger into his mouth, barely wetting it. Then slipped his had down the back of Cody's pants, and with no warning he breached Cody's tight hole with his middle finger. Cody gasped, in surprise, and then relaxed his body.

"If you want it rough, then you got to be tight!" Randy said in Cody's ear. He moved his finger fast, in and out, giving Cody no time for adjustment. He was sure it was hurting Cody, but he had came too far to stop now.

Randy roughly shucked Cody of his sleep pants, then ridded himself of his own jeans. Randy jacked himself to hardness, and took a deep breath before pushing his cock into Cody's tight ass. The sick feeling in his stomach subsided and was replaced with how good Cody's tight hole was.

Cody screamed out in pain. Randy wanted to pull out and take the pain away, but he knew that's not what Cody wanted.

He pulled almost all the way out, then quickly plunged back in and slapped Cody's necked ass. Cody tensed up and sobbed.

"Oh shit! Dear God!" Cody called out, Randy slapped Cody's ass again.

"Listen at that, my dear sweet Cody talking like such a little slut." Randy said and slapped him again even harder.

"Fuck." Cody said and winced. When he did it caused his muscles to tighten around Randy's cock. Randy almost lost it and spilled into Cody, but regained him self. He had a lot to make up for with Cody, and he wasn't sure he wanted to do this again. Ted could if he wanted to, but he wasn't going to abuse Cody anymore if he could help it.

Only a few more painful thrust and Randy was exploding inside Cody. Cody was still whimpering and crying from his own ignored release. Randy slumped over Cody's back. "Did you like that?" Randy asked in a dirty whisper. Cody just nodded. Glancing down Randy saw that Cody's sweet little pucker was red, and stretched. He wanted to lean down and kiss it, to take the hurt away. But he knew he couldn't.

Randy couldn't ignore Cody any longer. He dropped down and slid in between Cody's spread legs and slipped Cody's throbbing dick in his mouth, and tightened his lips on it. Cody moaned at the tightness Randy bobbed his head letting Cody's dick go down his throat as to makeup for hurting him early. Cody began to move his hips to meat Randy's mouth. It was only seconds before Cody was spilling into Randy's open mouth.

Randy stood and he and Cody made there way to the bed were they collapsed. "Did I hurt you?" Randy asked after a minute. Cody who was snuggled in Randy's arms, nodded. "But I liked it!" He said. Randy kissed Cody's forehead. "Don't ever ask me to do that again!" He said. Cody smiled. "Thanks." He said. Randy may not have liked it but there was no denying Cody. He just hoped he would never have to hurt him again.

Randy's phone rang, he looked at the screen, and it said that Ted was his caller. "Hey Ted, did you get the car fixed?"

There was a long pause, in witch Randy could hear Ted breathing. This worried Randy! Ted sounded upset. "Teddy? What is it?"

"About your car Randy…" Ted started, but stopped.

"What? Did something happen?" Randy asked sitting up and listening closer.

"I am sorry, Randy I didn't mean to." Ted sounded like he was almost in tears, if he wasn't already!

"Calm down! Tell me what happened." Randy said soothingly. Cody sat up too and was looking concerned.

"I was on the way home and this car, it ran the stop light and it hit your car! It's completely totaled. I am so so sorry Randy, I didn't mean to-"

"Are you okay?" Randy asked. He was already getting up and pulling on his clothes.

"I'm fine." Ted said faintly. "I know you're mad." He added and once again faded off.

"I am not mad at you baby." Randy said. For the second time today, Randy felt his heart break. Ted really thought he was mad at him over something he had no control over. How had he let this go so long? He had to show Ted that he meant more to him that that. "Where are you?" Randy asked. He silently mouthed for Cody to put his clothes on too.

"At the hospital, I didn't want to come but the paramedics said I should." Ted said.

Randy and Cody arrived fairly soon at hospital. The nurse showed them to Ted's room. Randy knocked and Ted called for him to inter. He was sitting up in bed and he had a white bandage on the right side of his head.

"Hey Randy. Hey Cody." Ted said and quickly looked down. He was looking guilty and like he really had been crying. But Randy knew even if he had, he wouldn't admit it. That way just the way he was.

"Are you okay?" Randy asked. Ted looked up at him, but only for a moment. "They said I have a concussion, but I'm fine. It only took a few stitches."

Randy looked meaningfully at Cody, who had been standing silently knowing that Ted and Randy needed to work things out for themselves. "Are you hungry Teddy?" Cody asked and Ted nodded. "If you will give me your keys, Randy, I will go get us something to eat." Cody said, he knew the two needed some alone time. Randy pulled his keys from his pocket and handed them to Cody. Cody stepped forward and kissed Ted on the cheek. "I love you." He whispered in Ted's ear. "I love you too, sweetheart." Ted said. Cody left the room, leaving Randy and Ted in an awkward silence.

Ted looked down, away from Randy. "I'm-"

"Don't start apologizing again!" Randy said cutting him off. "I'm not mad at you, I love you"

"But you car." Ted said looking back up at him.

"I don't care about that damned car! I'm just glad you are alright. That's all I care in the world, is just you and Cody!" Randy said, he rushed forward and laid a reassuring hand on Ted's leg.

Ted looked down and did not respond.

"I care about you too Teddy, didn't you know that?" Randy asked.

"I know." Ted said still looking down. "You don't have to tell me like you do Cody. I'm not as fragile as he is." He said and looked Randy dead in the eye. He hadn't made the comment to make Randy feel worse, but it had. Maybe he didn't tell Ted how he felt often enough.

"Baby, I love you! And I want to tell you! I should have told you a long time ago!" Randy said and captured Ted's mouth in a gentle kiss.

"I know you do." Ted whispered when the kiss broke.

"I don't think you do, and I am going to make you believe it!" Randy said and crawled into the small bed with his lover and pulling him close. "You have got to know that I love you just as much as I do Cody. I couldn't live without you, you're one of the pieces of my heart!" Randy said desperately and Ted smiled a little bit. Randy kissed his jaw and down his neck. "You're everything to me!" Randy whispered. He cradled Ted until he was sure the other man was sure of his feelings.

There was a soft knock on the door. Randy kissed Ted's cheek lovingly. "Come in." Randy called and stood up. "It's just me." Cody said pushing open the door and holding up the bags of food.

They ate their food in silence until the doctor came in told them that Ted would have to stay the night, just as a precaution. A cot was brought into the room for Cody, but Randy slept in the chair by Ted's bed so he could hold his hand until he fell asleep.

Randy could sleep easy for now, both of his men were happy! ….Well at least for now. The next step would be replacing his beloved car.

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