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Cody had just woken up. He was still in Evan's bed, it was the first thing he noticed, and it made him smile. Evan was looking at him lovingly. "Good morning, beautiful prince!"

Cody blinked a few times. "Good morning Evan." He said then kissed Evan's lips tenderly. He brought his hand to cress Evan's muscular waist. "What time is it?"

"A little after seven." Evan said.

Cody looked guilty away and nodded. "You know I have to go explain this." He said.

Evan smiled sadly he knew Cody wasn't his, and he knew the night before had been stolen and was wrong, but he still didn't want Cody to go. "I know. But I was hoping you could say a little while longer, I was going to bring you breakfast in bed."

Cody smiled brighter and kissed Evan's lips again. "I wish I could stay but I have to go." He pushed the covers back and began getting dressed.

Evan just lay back on his pillows and watched Cody's sculpted from moving about the room. "Cody?"

"Yea?" Cody said without looking at the smaller man.

"Will you call me later?" Evan asked. There was something in Evan's voice, it was almost like desperation, begging Cody to say yes. He looked sad and anxious waiting for Cody's reply.

Cody leaned across the bed so his face was right close to Evan's. "Of course I will call you." He said and pecked Evan's lips sweetly once again.

Evan's face lit up with a jovial smile as he watched Cody leave.

Cody was standing at the door of the hotel room he, Ted and Randy shared. He still had his key cared, but for some reason he felt he should knock. He took a deep breath and raised his hand, but before his fist met the wood he was stopped.

"It won't do you any good Codes, we're not in." Randy chuckled. He was walking up the hall with a paper bag. He draped an arm around Cody pulling the younger man back to chest with him. He kissed Cody's cheek.

Cody dropped his head, he couldn't look at the man he had just betrayed.

"You got a hicky." Randy said smiling as he playfully pinched the purple mark on Cody's neck. He was smiling but it was still obvious that he was hurt. You could see it on his face and in his beautiful gray eyes.

"Is Ted here?" Cody asked. He finally brought himself to look Randy in the eyes.

Randy smiled sadly and blankly, he took a deep breath before he could talk. "He took a walk. You knew he would take it hard, it was a reckless thing to do Cody."

Cody looked down, he looked ashamed. "I know. Can you just tell me where he is I have to talk to him. I got to see if I can explain this."

"I don't know if you can, he is really hurt. He said he was going to the beach." Randy said. He clasped his hand around the nape of Cody's neck and brought there foreheads together. Randy closed his eyes tight and whispered, "I love you." Then kissed Cody's lips quickly before he swiped his key card and diapered before Cody could react.

Cody stood in the empty hall way and pressed his forehead to the cold door. "I love you too Randy, both of you. Believe it or not."

Cody caught a cab to the beach that was just a few miles from there hotel. Ted loved the sand and the sea. It was all that Cody could think about the whole trip, all the things he knew and loved about Randy and Ted, and all the things he was learning and falling in love with about Evan.

Cody walked the shore until, up ahead he saw Ted sitting on a bench.

"Hey Teddy." Cody greeted. Ted only looked at him blankly. He didn't even smile. He looked hurt. Cody sat down next to his once lover.

"Why are you here Cody?" Ted asked incredulously.

It took Cody by surprise and it took him a minute to answer. "Because I wanted to talk to you."

"Did you? What were you going to tell me? Are you going to tell me how good he was in bed? Did you top or bottom to him? I see he have you a hicky!" Ted said bitterly

Cody was taken aback. "I came here to try and explain things to you, but I can't talk to you when you are like this!"

"You don't have to explain anything! You left us Cody! After everything we have been through, you threw it all away for Evan? Things have gotten hard for us all in the past but we would never have done that to you!" Ted was starting to rant. He was very upset, he was close to tears.

"I came to try and make things right, but I don't have to take this, I am young and a lot of people want me. I don't need this!" Cody said angrily and got up and walked away.

Randy was standing by the bed, he was pointlessly refolding their clothes. He heard the door click and he turned to see Ted looking broken hearted and dazed. He wouldn't even have had to ask, he knew why Ted looked so sad and why he was alone. He knew when he left Cody in the hall that he wouldn't see the man he loved more than anything, maybe even more than Ted, anymore.

Randy and Ted shared a look that tolled them both more than words could.

"I don't think he is coming back Randy." Ted said, he looked like he was about to cry.

"I know. I know." Randy said as he walked over to Ted and put his arms around the blond and Ted began to sob into Randy's neck as he griped him tighter.

"How could you let this happen" Ted sobbed.

Randy pushed Ted back so he could look at him. "Me? They didn't give me a memo on how to take care of you two." Randy said and stroked away Ted's tears.

"Two?" Ted said raising his eyebrows.

"Yea Ted, you weren't exactly easy to take care of." Randy said, dropping all pretences of kindness.

Ted angrily pushed Randy's hand away. "I don't need anyone to take of me. And you were the one that said he would come back, you said he would still love us!" Ted yelled

Those words cut Randy to the quick. He looked down and couldn't speak. "I thought he would." He said after a moment.

"What does this mean for us?" Ted asked as he began to look at the floor too.

"What do you mean?" Randy asked concerned.

"You know he was what was what was holding us together, and now that he is gone…" Ted drifted off.

"You mean I am loosing you too?"


Cody was sitting in a bar killing shot after shot. He was still young, he was handsome, he had a promising career, and now he had Evan.

As the room started to spin, he new he was going to need assistance. He called Evan. He tolled him where he was and soon Evan was walking through the door like a night in shining armor.

"You okay?" Evan asked. Cody's eyes were blood shot and he was swaying in his seat.

"Do I look okay to you?" Cody asked drunkenly.

Evan smirked. "You look beautiful to me." Evan said sweetly and kissed Cody's temple.

"I think we are over. Can I stay with you?" Cody asked sadly.

Evan couldn't help but smile, all his dreams were coming true! "Cody, are you saying that you are leavening them for me?" Evan asked happily.

Cody nodded. "It looks that way."

Evan's heart swelled. He was going to do every thing he could for Cody. He was going to love him forever! He was going to take him on real dates and never have to share him with anyone.

"Well this is enough of these lonely shots, lets go celebrate!" Evan said and put his arm around Cody and guided him out of the bar and into a new relationship…

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