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All was still and quiet. Not a sound could be heard. The trees grow tall, past the hills and the mountains. The waters stay pure and untouched. Abundant in gold, silver, rubies and spices. Creatures of nothing, like shadows, exist and yet not. Somewhere in the heart of this Majestic Forest is an ancient kingdom. What once was the pinnacle of power and beauty in its time is now barren of life and has been for centuries. Overgrown vines and faded walls. Time has stopped in this place. Nothing dies. Nothing lost. All preserved, waiting and waiting and waiting for the king to be born.

Chapter 1

~12 years ago~

"M-mommy? where are we going?" the scared, golden eyed, 4 years old boy asked as his mother clutched his hand tighter. He didn't know what was going on. Its was still dark out when his mother woke him up. Instead with her usual smile and a kiss on the forehead, her expression was... strange. As if she was gonna cry. She had hastily changed his clothes while mumbling something that he couldn't understand. They had snuck out the back door and it was then that He heard groaning noises inside the house. Before he could turn to take a look, his mother had grabbed his left hand and ran, dragging him, into the woods. They lived in a little cottage near the forest of the Immortal. His father said it was named that way because the creatures that lived in it never dies thus grew bigger, stronger and smarter. He was told never to go into the forest, but now...

It felt like they had been running for a long time and he was getting tired. His right foot suddenly got caught in a tree root and he fell down, his hands slipping from his mothers grasp.

"Ryoma!" His mother rushed to his side. "Stand up Ryoma" She said in a panicked voice as she lifted him up. It was at that moment that Ryoma saw her mothers face. It was dirty, her lips were bruised... and she was crying. "Mommy?" He asked, worried now. 'Mommy must be scared' Ryoma thought since the forest was filled with monsters. He placed both his hands on either side of his mothers face and said soothingly "Mommy, don't cry. I wont fall anymore i promise" He then wiped his mothers tears away while trying to calm her down. Instead, the opposite happens.

Crying hard now, Rinko took both her sons hands and embraced him tightly into her chest. What else could she do? other than doing this, there was no other way to save her sons life. Her husband was dead and her eldest son had disappeared. She had cast a spell at the soldiers who had invaded her home, but it wont hold them for long it will only buy her some time, time enough to bring Ryoma here... Taking a deep breath, Rinko looked down into his sons beautiful golden eyes. The mark of the Immortal. That was the reason they wanted her son, to use him as a weapon in this time of war but she will never let them. Not while she is alive.

"Listen to me Ryoma" She knelt down in front of her son, her hands still holding his little hands.
"Listen well, this is very important." Ryoma nodded eagerly thinking, if he does whatever his mother would say, she'll be happy again. "I need you to do something. See that stream over there?" Rinko pointed to her right, past the tall trees and bushes was a small stream. You can faintly hear the water flow. "I want you to follow that steam up the mountains, never stray from it just keep on going up until you see a hooded man with a cane, he'll watch over you until i get back" When Rinko released her sons hands she closed her eyes and hugged her son tightly once more while kissing his forehead. "I love you Ryoma, remember that always" Rinko could feel Ryoma's tiny hands clutching her robes behind her back "Whenever... Wherever..." Rinko smiled sadly "However and whatever, i love you, my son" Fresh tears burned her eyes. Those lines... Nanjiro, her beloved husband who had passed away just a few hours ago had whispered those words to her so many times in their short life together. It had always made her smile. Mother and son stayed that way for a moment, seeking comfort from each others warmth. The Forest was erie quiet and if any of them took the time to observe, they would have noticed that not a single dead leaf was on the ground.

A shouting sound from a distance snapped Rinko out of her thoughts and instantly felt alarmed.
'The soldiers!' "Ryoma quick!" she ushered her son into the direction of the stream. Ryoma ran as fast as he could without tripping but for a 4 years old boy with almost everything in the forest taller than him, it was hard.

Ryoma peaked behind him and saw nothing but trees and grass, his mother out if sight. For a moment he felt fear. He was alone but then he heard the sound of running water. Ryoma struggled to get through a thick shrub and got scratched all over. He stepped on a sharp sock and for an instant, Ryoma went dead still at the sudden pain but before he could cry out both his hands covered his mouth. He couldn't scream now! His mother would worry and right now he was doing something really important. With tears on his pale, scratched covered, face, Ryoma bit hard on his bottom lips and kept on going, limping now, following the flow of he steam.

It was already late in the morning but deep in the Forest, the light can barely be seen. It was cold and dark and foggy, but still the most erie of all is the total SILENCE. After a 30 minute walk, Ryoma was exhausted, hungry and in pain. He sat near the stream to rest and in hopes of catching a fish. The water was glass clear and you could sea every single details on the bottom of the stream. Not a single ripple was on the waters. After almost an hour of nothing Ryoma started to stand up slowly to continue his journey. Each step shop bolts of pain all over his little body, and after just a few steps Ryoma fell to his knees. Both hands on the ground and his head hung.

"Mommy... It hurts... My feet h-hurts s-so much..." Ryoma cried silently, his tiny body trembling. Suddenly, a splash came from the water. Surprised, Ryoma turned to see that the stream... Was glowing. Pain momentarily forgotten, Ryoma stared wide eyed as a woman emerged from the tiny stream. First the head, then her shoulders, until her whole body. She was beautiful and her whole body glowed. her hair was light blue and her eyes emerald green, red full lips and the fairest skin. She was naked but her long wavy hair covered most of her front. The woman looked around herself at first, then her gaze slowly turned to the little boy.

Ryoma looked at her in wonder. When he tried to move closer, Pain shot through him again. He yelp and he closed his eyes tight hoping the pain will just go away.

"Did you hurt yourself little Prince?" the woman spoke, her voice sounding like a gentle breeze, as she knelt down to look at the boys wounds she frowned. Slowly and lightly, she touched the scratches on Ryomas face, then on his arms, legs then to the opened wound on his foot. Ryoma's stared in wonder as the pain disappeared immediately but even more than that was~

"Lady, you feel like water!" He exclaimed. The woman just smiled. "Thats because i am" She said gently. "You do magic?" Ryoma asked eagerly. "Is there something you need little prince"
Ryoma giggled "Im not a prince! im just Ryoma!" The woman chuckled and lightly poked Ryoma's nose which made him giggled some more. "If that is what you wish, i will call you Ryoma. I am the spirit of the eternal stream, Amarasarit" When His foot was healed, Ryoma stood up once more and, as his mother had taught him, bowed to the woman "Thank you so much Lady Amarasera... Amana... Ama..." His face scrunched up trying to pronounce her name. The lady gave him a big smile "Please, call me Ama" The child beamed "Thank you Ama!" "You are welcome Ryoma, and isn't there somewhere you would like to go?" "Yes! up the stream! my mom said someone will be waiting for me there" Amarasarit nodded. She stood up straight and offered her hand to Ryoma. "Come, Ryoma. I will take you to him"

The Kingdom of Seigaku

Inside the castle, all was calm. The workers were doing their daily tasks. The maids flirting with the castle guards. The gardener watering the flowers as well as his lazy assistant who was sleeping on the grass. The cook arguing with the delivery man. Yes, everything was normal... almost.

"Did you hear about the First prince?"

"You mean about his sword fighting skills?"

"They say he's a genius. A prodigy!"

"Yeah, i heard he defeated all the other students who were older than him in his class, and its only been his 3rd week since he started training "

"Amazing isn't it? and he's only 6!"

"How scary..."

"Have you seen him? he is such a cutie!"

"Years from now he's definitely become a hottie!"

"Saa~ I am very flattered, thank you"

All the maids gasped and turn to see the first prince himself, standing outside the door of the maids quarters holding a small flower pot. The first prince has auburn hair, fair skin, his eyes always seems to be closed but he has the most beautiful bright blue eyes. Anyone lucky enough... Or unlucky enough to see it will be entrapped, enchanted, bewitched. His ever cheerful yet calm smile always present on his lips. His delicate looking features hides his true side, the desire to dominate. Only a few could see through his disguise. His older sister and his mother.

"Your highness!" The maids all started to stand up and bow when the prince held up his hand.
"There is no need, i was just passing by when i heard "sword fighting" then i got curious, my apologies for eavesdropping" "Oh no you highness!" One of the 4 maids said. "Its quite alright, we were just talking bout how good you were at sword fights" The three others nodded their head in agreement. "You are too kind" the prince said. The maids giggled. "If you will excuse me now, I have somewhere i need to go" "Of course your highness!" The prince was about to turn and leave when. "Gasp! Ladies look! Its the witch of the Immortal Forest!" "What?" All the women rushed to the window and watched as the guards dragged a woman who was bruised all over and wore tattered clothes into the castle. "Witch?" They turned to see the prince had joined them near the window. One of the woman moved to allow the prince a better view. "Have you heard of the Forrest of the Immortal your highness?" The prince shook his head "Its a forest infested with the most horrible creatures you can imagine, anyone who goes into the forest or even goes close to it disappears!" "yes" said another maid "Never to be seen again" she said in a low voice to make the atmosphere. Ignoring this, the prince asked instead. "The witch lives in the forest?" "No, she lives very close to it. Its practically her backyard!" "And yet she is well" said the prince "Well, she is a witch" "U-huh!" a maid said eagerly "she must have used some sort of spell... Or maybe she's one of them!" "The immortals?" he asked "Yes, but what we usually call them are demons" The prince watched the pathetic witch get dragged inside the castle door until she was out of sight "Saa~"

"Prince Fuji! there you are your highness, i have been looking everywhere or you! Her majesty, the queen, asked for you" Fuji turned to see his personal servant Saeki Kojiro. He was 4 years older than him. Hired to be his playmate/servant/accomplice. The later, he added himself. He loves to pull pranks on people, and worse so for those he disliked. Saeki was cunning enough to catch up to him and assist in all his pranks, and soft hearted enough to not be a threat. Plus, the kids a good sword fighter. Saeki looked at the maids and then fuji, who was surrounded by the women's skirts since earlier they had all strained to see outside the window. His face went instant red. "W-w-w, what are you doing?" Fuji kept his smiling face "Doing? I was looking out the window" the girls giggled though Fuji wasn't sure why. "Want to join us Saeki?" said one of the maids as she flipped her golden curly hair. Saeki's face went a shade darker and the women giggled again. Bored now, Fuji walked to the door. "I will be going now, it was a pleasure" Fuji said as he smiled ,weather he is aware of it or not, a charming almost seductive smile and slightly opened his eyes, enough for the woman to see what color they were. Just as fast, Fuji turned and closed the door. The women were speechless, the blond hair licked her lips. Her heart was pounding and she felt warm. She was still 13 but she's had sex before and liked it 'Hmm... 5 years more or less?' She thought. She couldn't wait for the prince to start having interest in sex.

The Throne Room

Rinko's head was held down by a soldier in a bowing position before the king of Seigaku, Rustam. A Power hungry man who would do anything to get what he wants no matter the cause. He was a strong yet Delicate looking man with Dark brown hair, combed back from his face. Cold, piercing crystal blue eyes, lightly tanned skin. He was handsome indeed. How many times he had fooled his opponents in the past just from his looks. He stood up from his throne and slowly descended towards Her. His vampire like smile making her tremble in fear.

"Hello Rinko, its been too long..." The guards had released her and took a couple of steps back as their king circled around her like a predator, savoring his feel of anticipation before making the final kill. He lifted his hands and touched Rinko's dirty disarrayed hair. She flinched from his hand. This action amused him. "And to think-" king Rustam said as he moved closed to her from the back until his mouth was next to her right ear. "That i was once madly in love with you" Suddenly, Rinko cried out as king Rutsam grabbed her hair and made her stand up. Turning Rinko around violently, he grabbed her throat with one hand while the other was still holding her hair. "Where is it Rinko, where is it?!" He shook her violently. Struggling for air, tears started to form in her eyes as the hands on her throat tightened. Then suddenly, he released her and she fell to her knees coughing. "You were once a beautiful maiden, you could have been queen of Seigaku! But instead you- you..." Restraining his anger, he clenched his fist hard and walked around her, back to his throne. He sat with a thud and took a glass of wine that was served by his servant. Rinko watched as king Rustam drank the whole content in one gulp. "Instead-" He continued "You ran away and married some ex-soldier, a scum from the worst part of the kingdom!" Rinko's heart ached. Lifting her head in defiance she said "Nanjiruo was more of a man than you ever will!"

In an instant king Rustam was in front of her and hit her with his back hand. Rinko fell on the floor. A cut on her cheek from the kings ring. King Rustam was heaving in anger. "Never mention that name on my land ever again!" Her tears wee falling now, she was trying hard not to make a sound "Where are you hiding the weapon" He asked Starring at her silver gray eyes.

There was a time he would have done anything to see those eyes smile... "I don't know of what you speak of" Rinko said as calmly as possible. "I know about your son" Rinko went rigid. This was all He needed to confirm his sources. "So its true" He started to pace. "You have given birth to..." He turned to her "A monster" Rinko could no longer stop the sobs that was coming out of her, Clenching her small fists, she looked at her left hand and saw her wedding ring stained with dirt and blood. The sight pulled her deeper into despair. "Listen Rinko, If other nations were to hear of this... they will want your son dead" Rinko gasped and looked at the king, begging not to do it. King Rustam could feel her resolve lessen and acted quickly before she can composed herself. He knelt in front of her and held her chin, his thumb lightly caressed her bruised lips. "I can help you Rinko" he said softly "I can protect your son... Raise him like one of my own, He will never want or need of anything and i will ask of him is to protect and serve my kingdom" He had no intention of raising that bastards son, but he had to get rid of that boy.

Tho oracle had told him of the prophecy. That child will be his downfall. No matter what, he has to kill it! "Lie" His thumb froze from moving and he looked into her eyes sharply and instantly he knew. She had seen through him. "Hehe, you had always been smart Rinko... Too smart" He stood up and turned around. Instead of going back to his throne, He went behind it and pulled out a sword. "You have made your decision, I no longer have any use for you" King Rustam stood in front of her. He pulled her up by her hair and kissed her hard then whispered. "Join that bastard in hell" And stabbed her in the stomach.

Somewhere in the forest of immortals, a little boy began to cry for reasons he did not know.

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