~ The 4th King~

Chapter 13

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0.) Karupin - Ryoma's pet/friend. For some reason I wanted her to be first! hahaha

1.) Ryoma Echizen - The Hero of the story! ^_^ need I say more? (... in case I do,

please ask ;P)

2.) Syuusuke Fuji - The first prince and heir to the throne of the Kingdom of


3.) Rinko Echizen - Ryoma's mother (deceased), she was named the witch of the

immortal forest when she was still alive.

4.) Nanjiro Echizen - Ryoma's father (deceased) a former soldier of the kingdom


5.) Ryoga Echizen - Ryoma's older brother (missing)

6.) Amarasarit(Amara or Ama)- The spirit of the eternal stream

7.) Logan - An ex-mercenary turned priest that lives in the immortal forest

8.) Sumire Ryuuzaki - A powerful winged stardust (race) and the head lady of the

Mystic village in theForest of Immortals.

9.) Sakuno Ryuuzaki - A wingless stardust (race) and the granddaughter of Sumire


10.) Kojirou Saeki - Loyal servant to the first prince of Seigaku, Syuusuke Fuji

11.) Yumiko Fuji - The princess of Seigaku. Syuusuke's and Yuuta's older sister.

She can

see glimpses of the past present and future though she cannot control when.

12.) Yuuta Fuji - The 2nd prince of Seigaku and the youngest child of the Fuji


13.) King Rustam - The king of Seigaku.

14.) Kunimitso Tezuka - A commander of the Army of Seigaku

15.) Eiji Kikumaru - A nobleman and friend of the first prince Fuji

16.) Shuuichirou Oishi - Eiji Kikumaru's personal servant and lover -wink-

17.) Takeshi Momoshiro - One of the Knights of Seigaku who serve under

Commander Kunimitsu Tezuka

18.)Kaoru Kaido - A knight of Seigaku who serve under Commander Kunimitsu


20.) Hajime Mizuki - A merchant

21.) Kippei Tachibana - A blacksmith in seigaku and the best in the three great


22.) Ann Tachibana - Kippei Tachibana's little sister and Takeshi Momoshiro's


23.) Akira Kamio - A soldier of Seigaku

24.) Shinji Ibu - A soldier of Seigaku

25.) Sadaharu Inui - The castle doctor Chitose Senri

26.) Chitose Senri - A soldier of Seigaku and a spy for the rebels.

27.) Keigo Atobe - The king of Hyoutei

28.) Munahiro Kabaji - King Atobe's loyal servant.

29.) Sinn - Hired Assassin

30.) Krill - Sinn's henchmen

31.)Yuushi Oshitari - king Atobe's right hand man and tactician.

32.) Aoi Hanamura - The Oracle

33.) Soul Ventin - A young master wizard


"My, my, my~ Look how much you have grown, Crowned prince of Seigaku."

Fuji slowly stood up, never taking his eyes of those glowing orbs. His eyes were open with wonder as Karupin stood up on all four legs then sat down facing him, her tail calmly swaying behind her.

"... Oracle" He breathed. Gone was the voice of a prince, and now replaced by a mere mortal. He looked in worry at those glowing eyes and gave a slight frown.

"You possessed Karupin?"

The Kingdom of Seigaku

The First Prince's Chamber

The possessed Karupin slowly stood up and jumped off the bed and sat down in front of the prince.

"My, my dear prince. What troubles have you brought your kingdom?" FUji's frown deepened.

"What do you mean?"

"The boy with golden eyes have swept passed your kingdom. Its destiny is set. If the boy had stayed, it would have been a different matter but you yourself took him away. Its is too late to do anything now. It cannot be saved"

"My sister had told me something similar though i still do not understand completely, But as long as i can get him back then-"


"A- another?" Fuji stuttered, Both blue eyes widened n shock, completely taken aback by the sudden burst of anger in the oracles voice.

"The boy is inside the kingdom of Hyoutei, is he not? DO YOU WISH THE SAME PREDICAMENT TO HAPPEN TO THEIR PEOPLE?" Perhaps he was going mad but FUji could not control the sudden laughter that shook his body. It took for him a moment to speak.

"You-" He gasped, trying to calm himself down "You honestly believe i have time to worry about my enemies people?" He said, Feeling very shaken.

"Listen first prince of Seigaku, and listen well. A storm is coming to your lands, a storm like never before! Your entire kingdom will be destroyed, not a single house will be left standing. You have less than ten days to evacuate your people. Focus on them and forget about the boy with golden eyes!" Fuji was still for a moment and then slowly he started shaking his head.

"No... No, my sister said i have to get him back... I- I have to-" His heart was pounding painfully and his body started shaking. "What-" He gasped, confused and petrified. He could not understand anything... Something was wrong with him. "What-" HE said again, unable to finish a single train of thought. Through Karupin's eyes, The oracle saw what she had been dreading. Slowly, very slowly, karupin moved closer to the prince who's eyes were fixed on the floor and went into the prince's line of vision. Then she sat down and stared straight into his blue orbs. And in a gentle voice, she spoke.

"Dear prince, It would seem the guilt from many lifetimes ago... Has finally reached you... Leave this place young one and give your title to your brother. There is nothing more you can do here... You will not understand me as you are right now so i will put you to sleep. Once you awake, everything will become clear to you... I bid you farewell, former crowned prince of Seigaku. The next time we meet will be faced to face in another time... Farewell."

The glowing eyes of Karupin began to fade away. Karuin shook her head and looked around in confusion before deciding to find another place to sleep.

Fuji, who by now has been leaning his back against the wall, slowly slid down to the floor. His hazy eyes began to close and his breathing calmed down. Tonight would be the last night he will ever be in his kingdom again.

The Immortal Forest

There were humans in the forest. Men dressed in robes and armor. Logan could hear the shuffling of their clothes and feet. Their breathing were loud and he sound of clashing swords echoed into the deep silent forest. Then there was the smoke coming from the fire they had made. Logan hid a good distance away behind a tree. He could hear them speak but he was not familiar with their tongue. 'Men from distant lands perhaps?' He thought. The intruders have made a temporary camp on a small clearing. A number of 13 for what he could see. 'How did they get into the forest? Was it because Ryoma had left that the barrier has weakened to such extent that humans such as them could enter? This is dangerous, I must warn Amara and the village's!' Slowly as to not be detected, Logan began to retreat. When he was sure he was far enough away, he made a beeline for the village of the butterflies. It was unexpected, Perhaps it was because he had become rusty after all this time living in a peaceful place. The feeling of an arrow penetrating his flesh on his shoulders shook his entire body in pain.

"Urgh!" He stumbled to his knees, instantly on high alert. He turned around to see his attacker, he saw no one. He stated to stand up and tried to hide behind a tree when suddenly his vision became blurred. "Poisson!" He gasped 'There was poisson on the arrow! Damn!" He attempted to run away but it was in vein. A few moments later, he fell unconscious on the ground. 'I thought Amara said my journey wont stat till Ryoma comes back-' Were his last thoughts.

"You didn't kill him did you?"

"No, He could be useful"

"You should have let him run and lead us to his allies"

"He was damn fast in this pitch blackness, we couldn't have been able to keep up."

"Fine, take him back to the others. Once he wakes up, tell the master"


"Goodwork, Kirihara"

"Thank you, General Sanada sir!..."

"I am no linger your General, but an equal"


"What is it?"

"Gen- I mean, er-, how long must we work under these Seigaku men and their king?"

"Until we have found what we are looking for."

"But does it even exist?"

"Our King Believes in its existence! Even if it kills me, I wont let him down! This is for our kingdom, Rikkaidai"

Kingdom of Hyoutei

THe Kings CHambers

Early the next day

Ryoma took one look at the scene before him then turned around to leave.

"And where do you think you are going?" Ask King Atobe who was just standing up from his bed where 3, probably naked, women were currently sleeping under the silken deep red blankets.

"I thought you were busy" Ryoma said, still not turning to face the king. When the king noticed this, he smirked and walked towards Ryoma then grabbed his arm and turned hi around.

"Hey!" He yelped in protest after noticing the girls on the bed were just waking up.

"Ladies! I shall be having dinner with my guest here. You will serve us!" King Atobe said. The women who turned out were not naked though wearing extremely revealing night clothes, got off the kings bed, bowed and left to fetch the kings meal. King Atobe led Ryoma to a chair and chuckled.

"I take it you have never been intimate with a woman before" The king said, with a broad grin. Ryoma, who was trying to keep his cool, ignored the king and instead focused on looking outside the window.

Ryoma didn't have to wait long for the food. A few moments after the women left the room, they came back with a cart of food. Ryoma eyed at it and all he could think about was what Karupin will be eating this morning...

"Well then, Ryoma, eat! When you are done, we shall begin your training!" Ryoma did a thanks of prayer and started eating. He looked up and saw that the ladies have changed their clothes into something a little bit longer. They were hand feeding king Atobe who was enjoying the attention. The king noticed Ryoma looking and whispered something to one of the women. The next thing Ryoma knew, there were two beautiful women on each of his side, asking if he would like to be served just like the king too.

"No thank you, i'm fine" He said with a straight face but little blush was evident. One of the girls with wavy red hair kneeled down so she could look up at Ryoma.

"You don't like as?" She said with a cute pout, batting her eyelashes the blushing boy.

"thats not-"

"You're very beautiful" Said the other with bond hair, she was lightly stroking Ryoma's hair and her other hand over her shoulders. "And your skin is beautifully tanned, you must love the outdoors quite a bit" Ryomas tried with all his might to stop himself from leaving the room. If he did so, Atobe will only tease him more!


"You're golden eyes are simply majestic." The red head said, making small circled on Ryoma's right knee.

"Hey, can you not do that? I want to eat" He told the two girls with a little pout of his own. The two girls only giggled and started hand feeding him! Refusing to loose to that smirking king, Ryoma and let himself be hand served.

King Atobe was utterly enjoying the boys discomfort! This went on for awhile until the king had had enough. Ryoma sighed with relief when the women left the room. 'Though they were all pretty, they are nothing like Amara at all'

"So then, lets head of to your first lesson." The king said, getting up from his chair.

"What would that be?" Ryoma asked. He was actually excited but he wasn't going to tell this to Atobe... Even if it kills him.

"That would be, meditation!" Ryoma blinked. "What?"

"Be quick, Ryoma! Your teacher awaits you"

The Castle Library

Ryomas was surprised to find out that his first teacher was younger than him. He must be a least 3 years younger. With light brown hair, light green eyes, pale white skin and a frail figure Ryoma had thought he was a girl.

"Ryoma, this is Soul Ventin. Despite his young age, he is a master wizard! In the next few days, you will be in his capable hands." Soul gave a gentle smile and bowed low.

"It is an honor" Ryoma blinked. "Yeah... Me too"

"I must leave you now Ryoma, I have other things to tend to. I shall come as soon as i can" Ryoma just nodded, thinking the king Atobe would just leave. He didn't thought. When Ryoma didn't look at him, Atobe leaned closer to the back o Ryoma's neck and gave it a small bite.

"Gaaah!" Ryoma jumped away from the king instantly, a hand on where the king bit.

"Just what the heck are you doing?" He yelled, feeling PiSSED! King Atobe merely gave him a contented smirk and raised a hand to flick his hair.

"That was for ignoring me!" Then the king left leaving a shocked wizard and a very unhappy Ryoma.

The Kingdom of Seigaku

The First Prince's Chambers

He was having a dream... Fuji was lying on his back, feeling more relaxed than he could ever remember. He was staring at the blue skies watching the clouds pass by. The sun was warm against his skin and the gentle cool breeze made him feel so calm. Very unlike him.

At first he thought he was alone. But then as he looked to his right side, he saw another person was there too, doing the same thing he was. Strange how Fuji didn't notice him there before since the man was sitting next to him. A stranger- no, Fuji shouldn't be calling him a stranger. He knew this man.

"Feels great doesn't it, Syuusuke?" Said the man, his voice sounding lazy. Fuji couldn't help but smile. "This is good every once in a while"

"Yeah" Fuji replied, happy. The man beside him chuckled.

"Thats coz your a worry wart thought you never make it obvious! you're too sensitive, you know that?" Fuji frowned a bit at that. It didn't sound quite right.

"Sensitive? Me?"

"Yup, you know what you need Syuusuke? You need a woman!" Now it was Fuji's turn to chuckle.

"Are you sure your not talking about yourself?" He countered.

"Bwaahaha! Hell, i already have one! A feisty minx she is. One hell of a woman! But don't tell our old man that"

The man beside him turned and looked at him straight in the face. Fuji could not see the mans face for the he was facing against the sun. The only thing Fuji could make out of the mans face was his golden eyes. Those golden orbs were full of life... So much brighter then the sun.

Fuji's heart swelled. He was very happy to be in this mans company.

"Syuusuke, I forgave you already a very long time ago. You know that don't you?" The man suddenly said, looking away now.

"Hmm?" Fuji asked, feeling unconcerned.

"So please forgive her too... Please"

"Wait, what do you mean?" And then, Fuji woke up.

He was sitting on the floor leaned up against the wall in his room. Shakily, Prince Fuji got up and looked outside his window. From where he is, everything looks peaceful outside. He looked at himself in the mirror and could not recognize the man who stared back at him calmly with both his eyes open.

On cue, The maids entered his room. None met his eyes so nobody noticed the change in the prince. The did their ritual,prepared his back his food and clothes. As soon as they were done they left, leaving Saeki outside his bedroom door.

Fuji did what he usually do as well and when he was done, he called for Saeki. When his faithful butler entered, one look at the prince robbed him speachless.

"Y-your highness?" Saeki said nervously "Is... Something... Wrong?" Fuji calmly shook his head.

"No, i just wanted to know where my sister was"

"A-a, well, she is- um, probably still in her chambers, your highness" Fuji said nothing as he turned his head to look outside his window again.

"I see... Then i will wait awhile"

"Pardon me, your highness but..." Fuji turned to Saeki.

"Yes?"The butler took a deep breath.

"You seem different somehow..."

"Different? How so?"

"Well... You seem much more calmer... Sir."

"I do feel calmer"

"And your eyes, they have softened"

"I see" There was an awkward silence after. The butler forced himself to calm his nerves and bowed down.

"Then i shall be outside if needed, young master" Fuji nodded

"Thank you" Once again, the butler was speechless. As he exited the room, Saeki could not help but feel the man in the room was a completely different person!

Later that day

Princess Yumiko had just finished grooming The Himalayan Cat and was feeling quite proud about it when she heard a knock on the door.

"Come in" She said. The first prince entered her room. Princess Yumiko stood up to face her brother and knew instantly that something had happened. She breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh, little brother. You have changed" Fuji stepped to wards his sister and gave her a hug, surprising her.

"I know"

"It feels like you have finally gotten over something. Like... You have moved on" Fuji nodded, a small smile on his face.

"I woke up this morning and i no longer felt this anger that has always been inside of me" Yumiko brought a tender hand to caress Fuji's face.

"Im glad" She said. "So, why were you seeking me?"

"I was hoping to ask you something"

"Yes?" Fuji did not hesitate nor beat around the bush... Very much unlike him.

"Sister, you told me you remember every past lives you lived" Yumiko was a bit taken aback by the question.

"Yes i do"

"Then tell me, do you remember your first lifetime?" Yumiko stared at Fuji for what seemed like forever and her eyes began to turn sad.

"Oh... So... You finally... Figured it out." Fuji said nothing as Yumiko went to her bed and sat on it.

"In my earlier lifetimes, i would always try to warn people of the events to come. But the results were all the same. They would deem me a witch and kill me so i learned to keep my mouth shut until the time was right..." She looked at Fuji with a small smile.

"Just like now" Fuji's gentle eyes helped calmed Yumiko down.

"What do you want to know?" She asked

"I want to know who i was back then... Who I was and what I did... what happened?" Yumiko nodded closed her eyes and started to speak

"I did know you back then but you were not my brother. I was the eldest daughter of a humble craftsman. You were the 3rd son the king who ruled the land i lived in. It was named Haven" Yumiko paused, waiting for a response form Fuji. When she heard none, she continued.

"I was not a witness so I do not know if it were true or not... The youngest son, who the king favored out of all his 4 sons and who he also wanted to take over hid throne, was murderd. It was said that one of the brothers did it. Not long after the death of the youngest son, the king, weakened by grief, also passed away and the one to take over the throne was the eldest son. Back then, it was a ritual to have your fortune and the fortune of your kingdom read when a knew ruler comes... I do not recall exactly but it seems the eldest son was not pleased with the fortune and... And it had something to do with the youngest son's blood..." Yumko paused fo a moment, thinking hard.

"Ah, I remember. The youngest son had a lover who was pregnant with his child and the king had her tracked down and killed!" She turned to Fuji.

"Then after the woman and the unborn child's death... Terrible things started happening to the land. The plants stopped growing, The wells ran dry. People were starving! Then sickness came and there was always fire!" When Yumiko started raising her voice, caught up in the past, Fuji placed a reassuring hand on her shoulders.

"Don't force yourself, sister." Yumiko nodded and calmed down. But then suddenly she remembered something... Something, it it were true, would be very very bad.

"Fuji... There was one other rumors of that time... But i had not believed it" She turned to Fuji.

"Go on" He said, voice as soothing as ever.

"The woman... The woman that bore the youngest son's child... She was said to be a Dark Witch"

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