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~The Forest of Immortals~

~Present Day.~

Amara rose From the stream to find Ryoma lying on the grass beside it fast asleep with his friend sleeping on top of him. She smiled as she silently stepped out of the water and onto land. This has been a daily ritual for her for almost 5 years now. Since that day 5 years ago, Ryoma has really got attached to the Himalayan cat. Everyday she would rise from the stream to find Ryoma either asleep, Training, or playing with the cat.

He has changed quite a bit. When she had first brought the boy to the priest who lives on the highest mountain of the Forest he was shy, unsure and weak... Now he was no longer pale. Long hours of Training under the sun had lightly tanned his skin. His body is fit and shines of health. His hair was longer and messier. His golden eyes were sharper and intense. Gone was the shy and awkward child. The young man in front of her was, without a doubt, strong, confident and proud. This was all the priests doing.

"How long are going to keep stare at me Ama?" Ryoma said from where he lay, eyes still closed. His voice had awoken the cat and was now starting to bother Him for food. Ryoma sighed and sat up, yawning and rubbing his eyes. His hair was messy and when he started to stand it would look like he was going to fall back down. Amara lightly shook her head and smile. "Really now Ryoma. The sun is almost above your head and you are just waking up?" Ryoma, still drowsy from sleep turned his head sideways to look at her with his bored eyes and gave a smirk. "It still that early?" "MEOW!" Blinking, Ryoma reached down and carried his cat to stand on his shoulder. "I hear you Karupin" He walked to the edge of the stream. In one swift motion, Ryoma Shot his right hand into the stream and pulled it out now holding a good sized fish for Karupin. He tossed it to his waiting cat who was now trying to Stop his breakfast from slapping her.

One of the first thing he had learned in the forest was that nothing is what it seems. Quite a number of times he had accidentally fallen into the Stream but the first was on purpose. The stream had looked so shallow and smooth that without hesitation, he jumped into it ending up almost getting killed. The stream was thousands of feet deep and the current was merciless. Gigantic creatures were swimming everywhere. and when Ryoma had looked bellow him, it was like the sky on a cloudless night. Jewels from the bottom of the waters twinkling like stars. The next thing he had remembered was a very angry priest carrying him into the temple. If Amara had not been in the waters when he fell he would not be here now.

Ryoma turned away from the stream and began to walk into the direction if the temple. Today was his last day in the forest. Tonight, when the full moon is at its highest, he will leave the Forest of Immortals and not comeback for a very long time.

On the outside, the temple was small and old. Overgrown Plants were everywhere. The paint was faded and the walls were cracked. Once you walk inside though its a whole different sight. everything was clean and glistering gems where hung on the walls to serve as lights, pictures of mighty beings were beautifully painted on the walls. The flowers inside creates an aroma that relaxes the muscle in your body and the sound of gentle water flows and chimes makes one feel completely at ease. The only thing out of place in this haven is~

"Oi! Brat! What's taking you so long?! Get in the kitchen and eat, your foods getting cold!"

'Speak of the devil' Ryoma thought. He turned a corner to see a tall rugged looking man with dirty blond hair tied in a ponytail and goes all the way to his waist. Logan, The ex-mercenary turned priest. He was wearing a white, loose long sleeved shirt... well, it was white. Ryoma's right eye twitched. He had just washed that yesterday but now its covered in god knows what... And it was HIS shirt.

"Thats mine" Ryoma said in a deadpanned voice. The priest's mischievous green eyes widened and he looked down. "Yours? What, you wearing it as a night gown to bed? This shirts loose on me and your not even half as big as i am!" Ryoma lowered his head and closed his eyes to check his temper for a moment and looked up again. "Your annoying" With that he walked past the priest and slammed the kitchen door. The priest smirked "Heeh, and to think that brat used to follow me everywhere like a tail" Twelve years and if he hadn't seen it himself he never would have believed that once upon a time that kid was actually cute.

He walked to the entrance door, grabbed his sword and yelled "When your done, wash the dished Then come out and spar with me." Today the kid will be leaving the forest and rejoin human civilization after 12 years. He didn't like it. As strong and tough Ryoma was, he's naive and innocent at heart. He doesn't know how cruel and harsh people can be. Perhaps it was his fault. When Ryoma was younger, he had forced the child to learn sword fighting. He'd purposely make him angry and watch Ryoma try to attack again and again with a red face and he never succeeds even until now. He was 70 years older though he doesn't look it. Being in the forest for so long slowed down his aging. At first, it was meant to distract the kid from his loneliness and worries of his family. Now the boy's obsessed with it thanks to him. But the thing he's most worried about was that thats all Ryoma really knows. Sword fighting. Added with his strange sense of justice Ryoma was bound to get into a fix... Taking a deep breath, He opened the door and stepped out of the sun .
"Rinko my friend, he had never stopped waiting for you" A part of him know that the other reason Ryoma wanted to leave the forest other than to further enhance his skills was to look for his family. "I pray you meet again"

Unknown to Logan, Ryoma who's staring at his breakfast was praying for the same thing.

~In The Castle of Seigaku~

"An invitation?"

"Yes your highness"

"I see, you are dismissed" The messenger boy bowed low and exited the room. The Prince released a sigh and stood up from his chair.

"Going somewhere your highness?"

"Yes... i need fresh air, staying in my study too long is suffocating"

"I'll prepare your horse"

"Thank you Saeki"

Prince Fuji looked outside from his window at the palace grounds. The new recruits were training for the war. No one had declared it but it was in the air. Tension between the 3 great kingdoms; Seugaki, Rikkai Dai and Hyuutei, had grown over the years. It is the lower class of the kingdom who have felt it the most. Thievery, kidnapping, murder. Though he dose not care about such things, the responsibilities were thrown on him while the king is busy with his women. The king might as well be dead for all the work he has done for the last few years. Always on about a weapon of great power. Sending soldiers on countless missions and always returning empty. Fuji sighed. A knock on the door caught his attention.

"Your horse is ready your highness" said a servant. Fuji nodded and walked out of the room.

He hadn't taken 3 steps outside his study when-

"Fujikooooooooo~!" Glomp! unsurprised, Fuji merely tuned to face his red headed, neko like friend. "Eiji" The red head beamed "Hey hey, where are you going? Arent you going to get ready for the party tonight? Im going to go shopping with some buddies! i came to invite you Nya!" Kikumaru is the son of a Duke. Fuji had first met him 3 years ago on one of the castle parties and the neko's behavior was strange enough for his liking. It was something different which was a godsend. Being a genius has his downside for you learn and ace everything quickly and gets bored just as fast. "Hmm, where will you go?" asked the Prince. Eiji instantly got hyper. "There's this new Shop thats just opened and its been the rave of the town! Its has the latest trends and it has this hat i've been dying to try! lets go Nya!" Fuji went along, its fine as long as he can get out. The servants and guards have gotten used to such mannerism and ignored the entire scene.

~Late afternoon in the Forest of Immortals~

Ryoma leaded against a tree starting to regain his breath. He had been sparring with Logan for almost 5 hours. 'Damn it!' he still couldn't win. Regaining his composure, he turned back to his now sleeping opponent. Logan was lying on a flat rocky surface snoring with his cap covering his head. Suppressing his anger, Ryoma calmly walked to were Logan was until he stopped beside the sleeping man. "Oi, wake up, were not done yet" The figure mumbled but made no indication of moving. Ryoma was reeeeeally starting to get pissed. "You~" Ryoma scrunched down beside Logan and inhaled deep.

"OLD MAN WAKE UP!" Shocked, Logan jumped up only to slip and fall on his back with a loud thud. "Ouuuuuuch! ow! ow! ow! ow! You little Brat!" Logan yelled, glaring at Ryoma. Ryoma merely raised one eye brow and smirked. "You sure can jump high" "Don't act all cocky you brat! you cant even land more that 2 hits on me!" Logan slowly sat up, rubbing his back. He aging might be slow but he wasn't immune to pain.

"You could have gotten me then you know" He said as he started to stand up "While my guard was down, that was probably your best chance" He turned to Ryoma now who has also stood up. Hearing what he said, the youth raised his head in an annoyed gesture, scowling. "Dont insult me, i fight fair" "Sigh, i knew it"

Ryoma blinked, he wasn't expecting that response. 'whats his problem' "Weeell, thats enough for now. I need to go to the village. you wanna come?" Ryoma frowned. if they stop now, he wouldn't be able to fight Logan for who knows how long. Sensing where Ryomas thoughts were heading, Logan head locked him. "Mada mada dane Ryo! Bwahahahaha! A few years of training out there wont be enough for you to beat me!" Ryoma struggled to get loose from the bigger mans grip and when it didn't work, he brought his middle and thumb finger to his lips and whistled. A second later, Karupin jumped out of no where straight onto Logans face and started scratching. For some odd reason, karupin really disliked Logan. Logan instantly released Ryoma and was now struggling to detach the extra sharp nails of the hissing cat from his face. Ryoma dusted himself and looked at his screaming teacher. If it was anyone else he would have felt bad.

~Kingdom of Seigaku~

~Corona Street~

Inside the FashionHigh shop Fuji inwardly sighed as hoard after hoards of wealthy women and men came in just a little after he did. Men had attempted to begin a conversation with him. Women had more than hinted what's on their mind. Nothing unusual. Fed up, Fuji decided he might as well find someone to screw around with till Eiji had had his fill on the new store. That would mean at least 2 hours. Fuji smirked 'Now then... Lets see' 4 women were currently in front of him pretending to be looking at the rows of gown while giving him a good view at their cleavage. 'Too easy' He turned his attention at some women on the corner of the room eyeing him up and giggling to each other. One winked at him. again he sighed inwardly.

"Looking for your next victim, your highness?" Fuji turned with a small smile. "Maria"
Maria used to work in the palace as a maid but then a nobleman got interested at her and she got hitched. That was 2 years ago. She was a very curvy woman. Flawless, with her light blue eyes surrounded by long thick eye lashed. Red seductive lips and sexy blond hair. Maria was his first when he was 12. She was a perfect sex friend. Surprisingly practical. Knows and most importantly never expects any emotional attachments. Sex is sex and nothing more. "My husband is away for 7 days... " She said, seductively biting her full bottom lips. He knows who he'll be with the next 2 hours.

~The forest of Immortals~

~Mystic Village~

The Mystic village was one the largest village in the forest. These villages were not inhabited by humans but by demons. Demon being the given name to them by humans. For the wise and the few who knows the truth, they are called Auroras. This was because every different species has a different color glow when their powers are used. The strongest and most beautiful was the Winged Stardust. To human eyes they would look like humans with pointed ears and butterfly wings. The bigger and brighter the wings, the stronger. They hold the highest rank in the forest. The head of the village who Ryoma and Logan were currently having tea with was an old Winged Stardust named Sumire Ryuzaki. She is, by far the most powerful Stardust that has ever existed and the only one who could open a portal to the outside world... Aka, Ryoma's only way out.

"Tonight's the full moon, The time when the barrier is at its weakest... Do you really want to leave here Ryoma?" Ryuzaki asked for the 23rd time. "Yes" was Ryomas only answer. He stared wearily at the smirking old woman. They had been sitting and talking, the later mostly done by Logan and the head lady, for a good hour and Ryoma wasn't sure he could stand it anymore.

"Grandmother, the preparations are all set- gasp!" The three turned to a Young wingless stardust with long brown hair that was twin braided. She was a terribly shy stardust especially when around Ryoma. "There you go Ryoma" Said the Head Lady "Sakuno has everything ready... Would you like to go now?" Ryoma blinked "But the full moon..." Ryuzaki mabe a big smile.
"The night of the full moon, the Barrier will be dramatically weakened but it is weakest when the moon is at the highest point of the night, now usually i cant do this alone but today~!" The head lady stood up and walked beside the nervous young stardust "Sakuno here-" She patted Sakuno's back "-will be assisting me" "OOOOH? The little stardust has begin to show sighs of growth? since when?" Asked Logan eagerly. Growth, meaning Sakuno's powers has begun to show which also means she is closer to growing her wings. "About two months ago!" Ryuzaki beamed proudly holding a now red beat Sakuno.

"Wait, you mean i can leave now?" Asked Ryoma, feeling his palms start to sweat. Was it from excitement or dread, he wasn't sure... Perhaps both. Excitement for finally being able to leave after so long and Dread for the unknown that awaits him.

"Yes you can" Said Ryuzaki. "Ryoma is leaving?" Asked Sakuno, surprised. The Young stardust has had this crush with Ryoma since he saved her from a silvertip wolf 5 years ago. Silvertip wolfes have black wolves with tails that have silver on its tip. They mostly hunt at night, receiving energy from the moon through the silver of their tail. It was her fault for daydreaming and ended up getting lost in the wolfs territory. She feels sad that her hero had to leave.

"Wait... i'll be back" Ryoma said in a rush as he stood up and exited the room. "Whats wrong with him?" The head Lady asked. Logan scratched his head. "Maybe he's going to Amarasarit to say good bye, she has been his mother figure here" "And you the father" Logan smiled goofily
"What you think Ryuzaki? Im a good dad right?" The old Lady thought of the used to be shy and cute kid to the anti social, sword obsessed, serious young man. "You need to work on the verbal skills more"

Ryoma placed his thumb and middle finger on his lips and blew. A moment later karupin came meowing. "Karupin" Ryoma lifted the cat and held her in his arms. "Were leaving" He looked at the distance and saw the quiet glow of the eternal stream. He couldn't fight the sadness he felt for leaving.

Amara slowly rose from the stream and came face to face with Ryoma, all packed up with Karupin on his shoulder. She felt Ryoma's emotitons and gently smiled. "You will be missed terribly Ryoma" His lips tightened and he looked down. A gentle hand on his head nearly made his cry. "Ryoma, do you know why i am called the eternal waters?" he looked up and shook his head. He felt like 4 again. It was only with Amara that he would act like this, anyone else and he would die of embarrassment. "That is because i am everywhere" Ryoam smiled back at her and bowed. "Thank you" 'For so many things' He added silently. Amara places a hand into the stream and pulled out a Plain looking light brown cloak and gave it to Ryoma. "This will keep you safe... and then some, look inside its pocket" Ryoma did so and saw nothing. He looked at Amara questioningly. "Now reach inside without looking" Feeling kind of silly, Ryoma did what was told and found "...Gold?" Amara nodded "Take it as a gift from the eternal stream" Ryoma graciously accepted and once again bowed low. "Goodbye my friend" With that. Ryoma turned around and ran to the village without looking back.

"About time!" said Logan who was waiting for him. Ryoma just walked passed him and followed Ryuzaki into a roofless room. The room was plain looking enough. Plain looking in the forest means being covered in gems and other rich glowing minerals from the earth. What caught his attention was the writings on the center of the room floor. It was written in a circle and Ryoma could not read it. "Ancient words Ryoma! passed down from generations to generations. Now i need you to stand in the middle of the circle." Ryoma did so. Sakuno was on the egde of the circle maintaining its glow with her new powers. "What should i do?" Asked Ryoma. "Nothing, just don't move" Ryoma held Karupin firmly but not enough to hurt. "Ready Ryoma? Sakuno, begin your chant" The young stardust began a melodious chant. Soon after the Head Lady joined her. The symbols on the ground started to light up one by one. Logan was standing a few steps away. When Ryoma started to feel a strange pull, he looked up instantly at Logan and smirked, his golden eyes glowed with anticipation. "When i come back, i will defeat you" he said confidently. Before everything around him faded completely, he heard the old man laughing.

When Ryoma had disappeared, Sakuno sighed 'Ryoma...' "Sakuno" called her grandmother. "Yes?" "What were you thinking while chanting?" her face started to turn red "Umm... That... That i didn't want him to go?" Ryuzaki clapped her hands together. "So thats why!" Logan walked closer "Why what?" "I had planned to send Ryoma just outside the forest but just before he disappeared i saw his background, It was a the center of some fancy human town" "Eeeeeh?!" Sakuno felt panic "H-he'll be alright, right grandma?" "He's good at sword fighting isn't he? he'll be fine" Logan and Sakuno sweat dropped.

~The Kingdom of Seigaku~

~ Maria Lorrellae's Mansion~

Takeshi Momoshiro was not happy. Right now he was sitting under a tree just outside the front door of the mansion. His highness, the first prince Fuji was currently messing around with a nobleman's wife. He had seen the woman and she was gorgeous. "She's nothing to my Ann! 3" Thought the sulking man. He should be with his girlfriend now instead of baby sitting his royal pain. He'd rather lick boots then even think of daring to say that in front of the prince. He was one of the knights of Seigaku for crying out loud! Why was he asked to follow the prince by the king? That man does not trust anyone at all, not even his own son... But then again, with a son like Fuji maybe he shouldn't be too surprised. He looked up the 2nd floor window and saw his topless highness opening the window. The prince turned to him and waved then disappeared. 'Bastard' He had giving up trying to sneak and hide from prince Fuji. One way or another he always gets caught so nowadays he doesn't bother trying to hide and just follow the prince a few steps away for all to see. The prince seemed to prefer it that way. Since he'd stop sneaking round he doesn't get into strange accidents anymore. He looked up again to the window then down to his dirty boots. He blinked a few time then snaps his head back up, shocked. There was something in the air just outside the window. A small yellow orb of light. Then suddenly, in a blink of an eye. The ball seemed to have exploded without a sound and the next thing he saw was someone's legs hanging on the outside of the window while their upper body inside and... Is that a cat?

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