My eye lids fluttered open. It took my brain a while to process where I was, that is until I saw Envy. Everything just came back to me. He, Cat, and Ligament were still sleeping, but I noticed Grudge and Gang weren't there. I sat up. They probably went out to get some wood, or something.

I was lying right next to Envy, and it looked like he wouldn't be waking up in a while. He was sound asleep.

I wonder what I should do. It's not like I have any idea what would be helpful in this situation: I've never run away from anyone before. I got board just sitting there, so after a while I started to play with Envy's hair. I looked at the spikes. What an interesting color. He couldn't be a natural green could he? Is there such thing? He also wears interesting... items. Those couldn't be called cloths, could they? He wore a skort and a belly shirt. I've never seen a guy wear anything like that. They look cold: he should wear a jacket or something.

That's when I realized that our cloths weren't that different. I wore a skort and a full V-neck shirt. They were the same color, too. That's weird, right?

I was twirling an end of his hair when I heard someone coming close. I sighed. It was either Gang, Grudge, an enemy, or some very stupid animal. Well, better safe than sorry.

I stepped out of the tent to see who it was, only to be met by Gang who was about to go inside. He smiled at me "Look who finally woke up!" he said. I smiled back.

"When did you wake up?" I asked

"When the sun wasn't up yet!" he said. He never learned to tell time by just looking at the sun. I should teach him.

"Six or seven then." I told him.

"What time is it now?" he asked. I wonder why he was so interested in time all of a sudden.

I felt the sun on the side of my face. "About... eight thirty to nine."

He looked in awe at the sun, wondering how I was able to do that. He was about one hundred years old, and he never bothered to learn a thing in his life time so far. I wondered how that was possible.

"Ligament awake? How's Envy doing?" he asked, momentarily forgetting the sun.

"Their both asleep." I said looking back at the sleeping figures. "Cat's there also."

He nodded and then helped himself inside. Once he was gone I pressed my back to the stone tent and slid down. What do we do now? Keep running?

"Hey, S!" I heard Grudge say. I looked up to see her running towards me from in the distance. "You won't believe what I found!"

"Is that so?" I asked, "And what is it that you found?"

"A city!" she said, "With people and stuff and...and PEOPLE!"

"We're not stopping." I said. Her face fell.

"Why not?" she whined.

"I'm not having Envy lose in city full of people. It's just not happening." I said. "If you can find a way to hide Envy in some kind of case, then-"

"Taken care of!" I heard a voice from beside me say, making me jump up.

"Cat? What are you-" then I noticed a rather large briefcase looking object made out stone.

"Don't tell me Envy's in there."

"He is." she said.



"So you used your alchemy to make a case around Envy while he was sleeping so that we could go to a city that we know nothing about. And the only way you could have known that she discovered a city around here would be by eavesdropping."

"Yep." she answered as if that was perfectly normal.

"You did all that so we could go to a city?" I said, saying each word separately.

"Yep!" Cat answered.

I paused for a moment. She went through all of that... gosh. "We're going." I said, followed by Cat and Grudge squealing in delight.

I went into the tent quick. "Hey, guys, if you want to come to the city with us you're welcome to." I said.

"Sure. How about we all go and then continue our little journey from there?" Ligament offered.

I gave that some thought. "Not bad thinking for a fifteen year old. Then it's settled. That's what we'll do."

"What do you mean 'for a fifteen year old'? You aren't that old yourself! Only older by two years." he said. I took a moment to consider that. Holly shit, he's right. I'm only seventeen.

"Hurry it UP!" I heard Cat squeak.

"We're coming!" I shouted back. I signaled for everyone to follow me out. Before Gang came out he covered his face with a scarf and a hat. We couldn't have a one eyed immortal walking around in plain sight, now could we?

"Cat, can you take that tent down or something?" I asked once we were all outside and ready to get on the move. Grudge was leading the way.

"Why?" she asked.

"If father sends someone out here, and that someone finds that tent, it'll be a big give away." I said. "We want to stay as hidden as possible."

"Hm..." she said, pressing her hands to the ground. "Good thinking." and using alchemy, as always, that tent went back into the ground.

"Okay, now everything's taken care of so we can go, right?" I heard Grudge impatiently ask. I laughed, going over to the case containing Envy and picking it up. This would be a fun trip, wouldn't it?

Once we got there, there was really nothing to see. It was just a town full of people, as Grudge had said earlier, and a lot of buildings. I was bored out of my mind.

Now, while I was dieing of boredom, Grudge and Cat were looking around as if there was nothing like the city. Cat was interested in the birds flying around and Grudge was well... interested in everything. Gang looked like he was trying to cope with it and Ligament didn't look bothered, but he wasn't having fun, either, that's for sure.

"OH! Look at that thing!" Grudge said, staring at a street light.

"You need to get out more. A LOT more." I said.

She pouted. "Not my fault I had to be a messenger in my free time!" she said. I just sighed instead of really talking back. I wasn't in the mood.

"OH MY GOSH- WHAT'S THAT THING-" Cat began before running into a man with a really... crippled face. She gasped, helping the man up, saying, "I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking at where I was going!"

"It's okay." the man said, smiling, but then frowned when he looked at me and gasped. "H-homunculus!" after a moment of clearing his eyes, looking like he was about to pass out he stumbled backwards in slow steady pace of walking away. I was surprised. And, how was he able to tell what I was again?

"Sir-?" Cat began, but then the man pushed her and began to run away before she could go on. And that wasn't good because if he ran and told someone... then I was in deep dog shit.

I sighed, and ran after him. I was much faster for a couple of reasons, so I caught up with him soon enough. "Sir, are you alright?" then an idea patched in my brain. Maybe, just maybe, I could play dumb with this guy. "What are you running from?"

He looked over to check out my eyes. Oh, that's how he was able to tell what I was. I tried to make my face look like the stupid curious face of a child, maybe he would change his mind if I didn't look like an evil plotting homunculus. It worked. He slowly turned from a running into jogging, trying to catch his breath.

"Are you okay, Mister?" I knew I had the height of a fifteen year old, and could be taken for younger, maybe thirteen. If I acted like an innocent child, maybe he would think I was one.

He looked kind of confused. "Sir, do you need to go to the hospital? Are you hurt?" I asked, my eyes widening in genuine worry, mainly because I didn't know if this guy was mentally challenged in away way, or if he was in shock.

He shook his head after a moment. "No. No I'm okay." he said

"Are you sure?" I asked, sort of relieved that I hadn't damaged this guys brain from scaring the crap out of him. Just then Cat came by my side, and I could hear the others in the distance. "Do you need help going home in that case?"

"No, I'm fine-" he said, beginning to walk away, but almost fell down. He was lucky that I caught him.

"Sir? I insist..." I said. This guy looked like he was going to pass out at any moment.

He seemed to give it some thought before letting out a sigh. "Sure... I'll give you directions, and then you can drop me off at my house. I think I need a nap..." he mumbled those last words.

He began to give us directions. He lived really close by. It was only one or two blocks away.

Once we got there and went up the stairs leading inside he opened the door to the apartment. "Thank you." he said, but then his face creased, as if trying to figure something out.

"No problem." I said, "I'll see you later, maybe." he nodded and I began to descend down the stairs.

"Wait." he said, making me turn around. "Please. Would you stay for some tea?" he asked. I was surprised, but I looked toward everyone else anyway to see if they wanted to. I saw a couple of them nod.

"Okay." I answered

Once we were inside he sort of awkwardly told us all to sit down at this round table while he went to make some tea for us all.

I looked around. His house was a mess, he had books and stuff like that lying all around. I got up.

"S?" Cat asked, watching me go up to one of the many desks surrounding us. I looked at the rows of scattered books, and then one with a red spine caught my attention. I picked it up and began to flip through the pages.

"Just looking around." I told her. The pages were rather old in this book, and when I looked around in the first couple of pages I saw that there was no exact date of when the book was written... how strange...

I flipped to a random page and began reading: Day 56: The thirty second experiment was a mess. We tried to use a different formula than the one the we decided to use: instead of using human blood, we used animal blood. The person ended up turning into a chimera, which is not what we're looking for. If we don't get the final outcome right, soon, then we'll run out of people.

Day 57: We've found our worst mistake. It was a silly one, too. In the transmutation circle there was a mistake, and an easy one to fix at that. It coasted us the life of one of the experiments. We will try again on another prisoner tomorrow.

Day 58: We have done it. We've made the philosopher's stone! It may have taken a lot of people, but it was worth it for the stone...

I quickly stopped reading, afraid I was going to be sick. This thing was hand written. This was someones... someones journal. Someone did all of these experiments...

"S? Sorrow?" I heard Grudge ask in worry when she saw me clutching at the side of the table. Words were banging in my head holly shit, holly shit, holly shit! This guy, why does he have this? Did he... was this...?

I shook my head, trying to pull myself together. I was... well, confused in a way. The realization hit me. They had discovered a way to make the philosopher's in... what, 1910? it's 1956 now! This journal would have to belong to some really old guy. This guy didn't seem to old!

"Sorrow!" I head Gang say from behind me. Were they all behind me? "Sorrow, you're really freaking us out!" Really? Well, sorry. I didn't realize I wasn't talking out loud.

I shook my head again before speaking. "Look.. look at this." I handed them the book, opened to the page I had seen. I waited a while before I heard a few gasps.

"Holly..." I heard Ligament say.

"No fucking way...this, this... it's fake, right? Tell me it's fake!" I heard Cat gasp.

The others seemed struck silent.

"Hey, you guys like ginger tea, right-?" I heard the man say, before cutting off suddenly when he saw us all standing, looking sick.

"Sir... do you mind me asking how old you are?" I asked softly.

"I'm... I'm forty." he said. I didn't believe that.

"And... may I ask you...whose book this is?" I asked slowly, taking the book from Grudge and showing him what I was talking about. He gasped.

"Get... get off of that thing!" he said, swiping it from my hands. I let him. We already knew what he was trying got keep from us.

"You... you transmuted human souls..." I asked, "To make philosopher's stones?!" I turned my head up, showing him my enraged eyes.

"I can explain!" he said. "Just calm down and I'll-"

"There's no need!" I said. "It wouldn't help you." I began to walk near him. He needed... needed to pay...

"It wasn't my choice!" he said. I laughed.

"So, whose choice was it to make you kill people?" I asked, deciding to hear him out.

"I didn't kill the people! I only did the research on the transmutation circle!" he said. I could see that he was truly panicking.

"You worked for them?" I asked, "You gave them information on how to kill people? Do you know how much worse that is than just killing the people? Do you know that it's all your fault that all those people died? And for those god forsaken stones, too?" I wanted to break something.

"Please, listen! I-I regret it now! I already payed, see!" he said pointing to his face. My eyes widened. Who made him pay for doing that? Who would be able to do that much damage to one persons face?

I took a shaky breath, raising my hand. He needs to pay from everyone this effected. It effected so many people, killed so many innocent lives, mainly Ishivlans from the war... and that's including Cat's parents!

I let my hand fall, meant to tear the mans face clean off in my anger, but someone stopped me before I was able. I looked up to see Cat, holding my arm. She had run so fast to stop me from killing the man. I wonder...?

"Cat?" I asked in a confused way. "I don't understand. Your parents. Aren't you mad? It's because of him that they're... they're gone..."

she looked at the ground. "I know." she said, "But if I let you get revenge on a man who was sorry for doing it in the first place," she paused before going on, "Then I would bet letting you become one of them." she finished. I felt my eyes sort of widen before I closed them tightly, turning my head away. I knew what she was talking about. She was talking about me becoming as good as one of the homunculus that works willingly for Father. I would become a monster.

I let my arm fall limply to my side. God this was to much.

"Sir... may I ask what your name is?" I asked the man who was seeming to calm down now that he knew his life wasn't threatened.

"It's... it's Tim Marcho." he said

"Just as I thought." I said. "You sacrificed many Ishbalans during the war. To make those stones..." I said.

"Yes." he replied, looking at the floor. What a breakdown. What an awful mess...

I went over to the table and took a seat, leaning back and trying to clear my head. It cleared really fast for the blow I just took. So this man killed Cats parents. Cat doesn't want him dead. Then it hit me. This guy probably had a whole lot of information on homunculus. We didn't know everything about them, even though we were homunculus. He could tell us how to kill them quickly... how to take the stones: put them to good use...

"And I can see..." he said, addressing me, "That one of those stones I made was put to go use...inside of you."

My eyes flew open. I stood and slammed my hand on the table. "And that's one of the reasons I hate you. If you hadn't been a dumb ass and decided to make those stupid stones, creatures like me wouldn't exist!" I said, pretty pissed. "Cat's parents would be still alive!"

He looked kind of confused. "You don't want to exist?" he asked me.

"I'm okay with me existing, but when there are others like me out there, terrorizing humans when they can't fight back, yeah, that bothers me! I don't know about you, but knowing that I'm a thing meant to destroy what that I'm trying to protect pisses me off!"

He looked shocked. "You...want to... save... humans?" he asked, a long pause between words.

"Is that a bad thing?" I asked.

"No." he said, "But there are so many of you out there, there are so many ways to make creatures like you, that only one of you doesn't make quite a difference."

"One?" I asked him. He looked confused for a moment before the realization hit. His eyes slowly widened as he looked around the room, looking into Gang, Ligaments and Grudge's eyes.

"That's right." I told him, "We're all homunculus: that's four right there."

"Four." he said, looking dazed. "There are four homunculus in my house..."

"Yep." I said, and then gave him a little time to cope with that idea. After he seemed to get it he looked into my eyes.

"Why?" he asked.

"Why? Why do I protect humans?" I asked.

"Yes, why?"

"Good question." I sighed out. "Maybe it's because I don't want to be a monster like all of the others are. Maybe it's because it's what I think feels right. There are so many possibilities, so many reasons, that telling you them all would take a while." I told him.

"So why are you here?" he asked.

"We ran away from Father, and-"

I saw his eyes look like they were about to burst from his head. "Father?" He choked out loud. I turned to him.

"That's what I said."

"But... but..." he said

"But what?" I asked him

"But father's dead!" he said. "We killed him a long time ago-"

"Well, you didn't kill him. He's very much alive." I told him.

He stuttered out some words, "We killed Father and all of his homunculus! We killed Lust, we killed Sloth, we killed all of them! I would know, I killed Envy!" my head snapped up.

"YOU killed Envy?" I asked, looking into his eyes. "How would someone like YOU take down a homunculus?"

"I know how to destroy philosopher's stones. I did that to him, he turned into him real form, then he got his body back by tricking a little girl, and then killed himself out of disgust when he found out he was jealous of humans." he said.

"I know the story about Envy coming back. I know that Father was able to bring him back. I don't know what happened when you were fighting father. Maybe you were fighting a dummy, but I know that Father is not dead."

"I knew it. I knew It couldn't be over so soon." he said. "And I only killed Envy."

"Hm." I slightly grunted, "And by any chance, would you have any idea on how to take down Father?" I asked him.

He sighed. "No idea."

"Oh..." I said. How disappointing.

There was a slight pause. "Only the four of you homunculus plan to take on father?" he asked.

"We weren't planing on taking him on in the first place," I told him, "We were running away. Also, if we were fighting father you would have to say the five of us. There's no way Cat would let us leave her out."

"Oh." he said, and then seemed to consider something. "If you were given a little more help to take down Father once and for all..." he suggested, "Then do you think you could?"

I took a little bit of consideration. "Maybe." I said, "And speaking that we have Envy with us-" then I realized that those were not the brightest choice of words

"WHAT?!" he asked. "Where!"

"He's sleeping." I told him. After a moment he seemed to relax at those words. I wouldn't tell him where though...

"How did you get Envy on your side?" he asked.

"Ugh... well he's not on our side yet. We sort of kidnapped him." I told him. He nodded his head, not minding the fact.

I took some time thinking about taking on Father. "You know..." I said, making him look up at me, "Maybe... just maybe... we could take on father by ourselves."

He looked insanely surprised. "To take on Father? The four of... five of you? I don't think so..."

I sighed. Maybe I should tell him...

"Tim?" I asked, making him look up. "I'm not a... normal homunculus. You see..." I said, taking my finger nail and running along the very top of my chest. "I don't have one philosopher's stone." I said, moving some of my muscles and stuff away, wincing from the pain, revealing two stones. He gasped.

"Two philosopher's stones!"

"Ugh..." I said, moving my insides around a little more until the other stone was revealed.

"Three." I corrected.

He looked at the stones in awe. I let the skin I was holding back to keep from healing go, allowing the wound to shut. "I was made by Father to be some kind of ultimate weapon of mass destruction. But as you can see from where I am," I gestured to the room I was in. "It didn't turn out how father had planned."

"You went against him..." he said. "Everything is clear now. But the only thing that's not clear to me is why you would feel responsibility as to taking down father."

I sort of turned away, avoiding his eyes. I took in a deep breath and then let it out slowly. "I want to protect humans. I can't do that with homunculus killing them left and right. And I have a feeling that if I kill Father... the art of making homunculus will just...die out."

He nodded. "I see." he waited a second, thinking, before getting up and walking over to the table of scattered books. He picked up a blue one and handed it to me.

I looked at the first page, only to be clearly surprised when I found that all of the words didn't make sense in the order they were in. I looked at his face in confusion.

"The book reads backwards." he told me.

What? Why would you write a book backwards? I flipped over to the last page and looked at the bottom, reading going up. After about a paragraph of reading I realized what it was. It was book on how to make creatures out of nothing.

"But why?" I asked. "Why show me this?"

He looked to his left, and then to his right. He went over and closed a window before talking. "That book teaches you how to make creatures out of nothing. It can also teach you how to bring the dead back, with sacrifice, and how to make an immortal creature... otherwise known as a homunculus."

My jaw dropped when I looked at the book. "Is this the only one in existence?" I asked.

"If you want to find out how to making something alive out of nothing, then yes. The only other thing that could tell you would be Father." he answered. "If you want to destroy it, then that's your own choice."

I stared at the books blue cover. How many secrets did it hold inside?

"Who wrote it?" I asked.

"Me" he answered.

"How long ago?"

There was some hesitation before he answered. "About... fifty years ago." I stared.

"You said that you were forty!" I said.

Again, there was a pause. "I... I used human transmutation to transport my body to another place. Edward was the one who taught me how to do that, but then I got creative. I decided, when I was fifty five, that I would use human transmutation to move my body to another place, but in the process I would make the body I went back into younger." my eyes went wide.

"You could call it whatever you want. A fountain of youth, a cheat of life, but it all comes to the same thing. It's a way for a human to live forever. The only problem that happened again and again is the fact that my face stays burned. I guess it's gods way of making sure I don't forget my past."

I stared. "Who else... who else knows-!?" I was a little panicked. If the whole world found out...

"Only the Elric brothers. No one else. They've been using it, too." I just looked at him. I knew about the Elric brothers, I knew that they were alchemists that become state alchemist at a young age. But... why...

"Why only them?" I asked, "Why not your family, your friends? Why not-"

"YAWN!" I heard from the other side of the room. I turned to face who it was, only to see everyone else looking around just the same. My eyes widened.

"Tim, we'll keep in touch!" I said, throwing at him the blue rock that I used to contact Cat. "Use alchemy! I'm sure you know the contact circle, right? Don't worry, we have the same rock! Just think of us! Well, we got to go now, see ya, by!" I said, hurriedly grabbing the now awaking Envy-in-a-case.

I ran out the door, hearing the footsteps of my following friends, and dashed as fast as I could through the city. I could imagine what Envy would do if he found out we were in a city full of humans. He would struggle rapidly until that thing fell out of his chest, then kill as many people as he could until we stopped him. How many people would die?

Ah! There was so much of the city left!

"Ah!" I heard from inside the case. "What the! Where am I? Why is it dark? Why am I getting tossed around!?"

I kept running, refusing to answer his question. I'd answer when we were out of danger.

"Hey! Hey, open up!" I heard the voice, and felt the case shake a little.

"Be quite for a second, would ya!" I said, loud enough for him to hear.

It was silent, but not for long. Right before we were out of the city, he started to talk again.

"Oh, come on! Let me out already!"

"No! Wait!" I commanded him.

"I'm sort of tiered of waiting! This is the most uncomfortable position I've ever been in!" he was undoubtedly struggling in there, the case swaying from side to side. Just then we entered the woods.

"Hold out a little longer, okay?" I asked him.

"AH!" I heard an aggravated grunt come from inside the case. We had to get farther away. At least far enough where he wouldn't be able to reach the city if he pulled a fast one on us and got his legs back somehow.

I ran for another minute before the bottom of the case collapsed, making an obviously tense and pissed Envy fall out the bottom. I stopped immediately.

"Was the bottom of the case that weak?" I asked, running over to him.

"N-no. I hit my head on it until the bottom gave way." he sort of choked out.

"WHAT?" I asked, laughing out loud. "You're kidding!"

"It's not funny!" he hollered, his back squirming. "First you lock me inside that thing while I was asleep and then you laugh when I finally get out!"

I was in a fit. I could hear the others laughing, too. Envy was sort of scowling before he began to chuckle. His chuckles grew to giggles and then he rolled onto his back, laughing out loud.

Once Envy was done laughing he gave out a sigh and turned his head. Oh shit.

"What's that?" he asked, his eyes wide. "Is... is that a building?"

"Nope!" I said grabbing him and turning him in the other direction.

His eyes transformed into evil, careless eyes. "Humans." he hissed and began to thrash wildly, trying to get away from me.

"Hold it Envy!" I said.

"Filthy humans!" he hissed again, trying to get out of the arms that were grabbing him, holding him down.

"Cool it, Envy!" Gang said.

"Get off of me!" he commanded.

"As if that will happen!" I said.

He looked around, looking for a way to get out. Then he began to thrash about violently, it was so bad that we all had to jump on him to get him to stop. He smiled and stopped thrashing once Grudge had her hands holding his chest down.

"Got ya." he said, and quickly turned, snapping the point out of his chest using Grudges own hands. SHIT.

He was up and running towards to city before I knew what to think. Damn it.

I began to run after him, thinking Shit, shit shit! He had a head start, he was fucking fast, and because he had fallen out of the case early, we never really got that far from the city. This was going to be a long, long fight.

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