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I ran and ran with Envy in my arms. My stomach was clenching and retracting, my hands shaking. I felt so... so bad.

I had just lost my friends, and by my own choice. I didn't have to leave, but then it just seemed right at the time. Now I felt sick just thinking about it. I'm alone with a human-killing homunculus. Isn't that perfect?

It isn't so bad... is it? That one voice in my head asked. I mean, he can give us information. He must know Father's weak points, right? Isn't that worth something?

I sighed. No it's really not because now I have no chance against Father because I have no one to help me. I looked down at Envy. Unless he helps me, of course. I just have to set his path straight, first.

Then, very rudely interrupting my thoughts, a rock came shooting up out of the ground and hit me dead center in the stomach, sending me flying backwards, dropping Envy. I think I broke my spine. Or maybe an arm.

"Shit." I said, getting up on my elbows. This just wasn't my day, was it? I just fought Envy, can't I get a break?

I quickly looked around for Envy, and found that he'd hit a tree, and not lightly either. There was a nasty looking dent in the poor pine. Getting up, I tried to run over to Envy. It really didn't occur to me that whoever who had just hit my stomach didn't want me getting to him.

A wall shot up in front of me and stopped me dead in my tracks. Who was doing this? And how were they doing it so quickly?

Deciding to not be bothered by it (speaking that the person who was using alchemy probably didn't know who he was dealing with) I just bested down the wall with my fist, just to have another one built in it's place. Damn it! This was getting annoying.

Growling, I jumped over it with a front flip. A stone pillar came out of the ground and was an inch away from hitting me in mid air. If I hadn't thought fast and put my feet out so I could jump off of it, I would be in some serious pain.

"Who's there?" I asked, running towards Envy again. Another damn wall popped up. "You know, I'm getting tired of the same game!"

"Oh are you?" I heard a rather cocky voice ask. I turned toward it's source only to see a golden eyed blond walk out from behind some trees.

"So, hind n' seeks over?" I asked.

"You bet." he answered, placing his hands on the forest floor. Out of nowhere a thick house-like structure came out of the ground, surrounding me. I laughed.

"You don't need a transmutation circle, hm?" I asked him.

"Yeah, impressed?" he asked form the other side.

"Ah..." I said, as if considering it. "Almost." I said, jumping and busting out of the roof. I landed with one foot on either side of the hole I had made.

He just started for a second, before giving a bored sigh. "What, am I boring you?" I asked.

"Yea." he answered.

"I'm sorry to hear that." I said back. This kid was aggravating. I hope he wasn't giving his all so far if he wanted a fight. He might walk away from here without a win. I glared for a second.

"Brother!" I heard a rather young sounding voice. "Brother, why did you run off? Did you see something?" it asked.

"Whose that?" I asked, jumping down from the 'house'.

"That just happens to be my brother, Al." I lost my balance and fell on my face.

I quickly regained my balance. "You mean Al, as in, Al Elric?" I asked.

He looked over. "Who did you think we were? Random passing people?" he asked

"Yes..." I hissed, "That's exactly what I thought..."

"Well, now you know. We're the Elric brothers." he said. "Now, may I ask you what you are doing with Envy? Or why he's alive? Mainly why you are carrying him to safety when he's knocked out?"

I stared at him. "Oh!" I exclaimed, "You think I'm evil, a human hater, whatever you want to call it." I said. He nodded. "You've got it all wrong." I said.

"Do I?" he asked. "Then tell me when I'm missing here."

I paused. "This might take a while."

"I've got time." he said.

And so I explained what happened so far, from Father still being alive to leaving my friends. He was a good listener, and his brother was, too. His brother was so much like him, he had his golden hair and his eyes, even his personality. Before I had started to tell them about the past few days I picked up the still very much unconscious Envy. I was absentmindedly playing with a green spike.

"So you left your friends... because you thought they were being cruel?" Edward asked.

"I left them because I saw what I saw in Fathers' homunculus in them. They didn't even bother looking for a way to keep Envy alive." I explained. "They just went for the way that left most people alive."

"Hm." Al said. "I don't think that's a good reason to leave your friends."

"You wouldn't be able to understand what I felt." I said, "I really felt them turning into something else then. Even Grudge had lost it in the fight."

"Even so... one chance?" Al asked.

"One's enough!" I boomed, not a yell, but above a talk. "Two's to many! They didn't think! Envy, on the other hand, had been trained to think wrong. Would you be mad at a dog that went to the bathroom in the house if it was never potty trained?" I asked.

"What a perfect analogy." Edward commented.

"No. I guess not." Al answered.

"Now, what if one had been potty trained for a long time just decided to go in your living room. Would that be okay?" I asked.

"No. I guess not." Al answered. "But they are your friends."

I waited a moment. "That's why it scares me." I said softly. "If they become like the Fathers' homunculus, and I hang out with them, then what happens to me? Do I become one?" I asked. I could see in their golden eyes that they understood.

There was a soft moment pause after that. Not even the birds sang, or the squirrels chuckled. Edward was the one to break that pause.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" he asked. "We got to go now if we ever want to stop father."

I looked up, surprise written all over my face. "So, are we making some sort of group?" I asked him.

"Do you want Father stopped?" he asked. What kind of question was that? Of course I did. I nodded. "And we do to. So we make the perfect group, right?" he asked. I smiled and nodded again, getting up right as Al did. Now I had the Elric brothers on my side. Who else did I need?

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