Life At Pizza Hut by YoshizillaRhedosaurus

Starring a psychic hedgehog; a loudmouthed crocodile: a charming adorably good bee, and their many tangibly SEGA related friendly foes!

"Hey look; I found a note here!" Silver the Hedgehog exclaimed; our absolute main character of this entire charade walking into the Sonic Adventure 1's Station Square Pizza Hut, taking a good look at it. "There's plenty of weird shit here."

"Well don't just stand there." Vector the Crocodile huffed while folding his lanky reptilian arms together. "Read it for all of us!"

"Okay then... New Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus (BAHPAH): Hoo boy... to say that I'm enormously proud of this story is an understatement. Thanks to everyone for reading and enjoying this bizarre collection of... well, Silver the hedgehog and his many fellow Sonic universe companions (and enemies) working together at Pizza Hut. Bizarre marraige, I know, but I manage to find a way to keep on adding and improving it, so... yeah. And it's arguably my biggest story ever, so from that view point, I'm proud. Enough of new me yapping, here's old me mouthing off. Enjoy it and the story itself! Sheesh that was a mouthful." Silver huffed while grabbing a plain pizza slice nearby and eating it up.

"You know there's more letters!" Charmy giggled for the youthful Bee decided to do some reading for once. "I'll fill in for you! Old Yoshizilla Rhedosaurus: I enjoy the idea of Vector being manager of Pizza Hut. I enjoy the idea of Silver working at Pizza Hut. In fact, I enjoy the idea of Vector and Silver being at Pizza Hut that I decided to pair them up together and use them in a slew of fanfics! And what better way to tie them together than Pizza Hut... of course, Pizza Hut won't be the only pizza-related objects in my fanfiction, but hey! If it works and if it's not broken, don't fix it. Anyway, enjoy, ladies and gentlemen! Ooh there's some secrets here!"

And there's some additional author notes that you missed." Espio the Chameleon interjected while grabbing the lest message. "I updated this a bit considering all the slew of new people who are reading this for the first time. This thing has become a monster in its own right. That, and to properly have it stand out. If that makes any sense. And also want to say that shadow759, the guy who basically inspired me to make this, actually saw it, so needless to say, I'm pretty satisfied. Thanks, guys. Also, I decided to introduce everyone who actually has some part in the story later on right now, to make the flow of the fanfic go a bit better, even if they're introduced way later on. And that's all I have to say. Well certainly a mouthful to be certain."

The Chaotix gang plus the present adjusted time traveler from a long gone future looked at each other and collectively shrugged while getting the legendary iconic story on the way.

Silver The Hedgehog walked into the Pizza Hut, being applauded by all the various customers as he was stretching his arms out, just for you, walking towards the green counter, seeing Vector The Crocodile standing behind it, right by the cash register. It was your typical nice, bright sunny afternoon.

"Morning, Vex. Had a good night sleep?" Silver asked as he hovered behind the green counter using his green psychic power, landing on the floor with style.

Vector boastfully laughed as he patted Silver on the back. "Good night sleep? I always have a great night sleep, man! Never let your spirit down even when you relax!" He then opened up the cash register, revealing all the bright green dollar bills, as well as the yellow and silver coins. "And I see that we got plenty of money to boot!"

Silver smiled as he got out some pizza dough, preparing to work. "Well, everyday is like a new beginning. Let's just take it in stride!" He then grabbed some of the spices from the cabinets using his psychic power, placing it on the green counter as he planned on using it later. "Hopefully we have a healthy batch of customers to sell these tasty pizzas to!"

"That's the spirit!" Vector exclaimed as he nodded his head, giving his approval to Silver as he headed into the office, with Silver making the first new batch of pizzas. "Just keep your chin up and do a good job, and you can do anything!"

"Heh. I doubt it." Shadow The Hedgehog stated as he was having some black olives and pepperoni pizza at one of the green tables nearby with Charmy Bee, who was being his usual, hyperactive self.

"Being positive is so much fun! YAY!" Charmy exclaimed as he began buzzing around the Pizza Hut, with both Vector and Shadow getting a bit annoyed as Silver simply laughed at this.

"Yep. That's definitely Charmy." Rotor Walrus laughed as he was drinking some water by the water cooler.

Espio The Chameleon sighed as he was also alongside Rotor at the water cooler, shaking his head. "He never takes a moment to not be perky. Or obnoxious."

"Well, I can sympathize with that." Space Ghost laughed as he then fired off his Destructo Ray at the soda machine, due to it not working. It caused soda to splash everywhere, soaking Space Ghost, Rotor, and Espio in the carbonated drink, with Rotor and Espio sighing as Space Ghost chuckled nervously.

"Looks like I got to do cleaning duty. Again." Moltar sighed as he pulled out a mop, shaking his head. "As usual."

"What could POSSIBLY go wrong?" Bubsy The Bobcat stated as he spun around in a rotating chair, being near the drive thru.

Toadette giggled as she twirled around, placing her hands on her face. "Silly Bubsy! Everything could go wrong here! That's what makes this place great!"

"If you say so, kid." Dry Bowser remarked as he was munching on a slice of bacon topped pizza at the counter, the skeletal reptile watching Toadette twirl around as he brushed back his red hair while feeling the pizza go right through his hollow ribs. "Why are we even here...?"

Silver was going to comment, but he got hit in the face by a slice of cheese pizza tossed by Charmy, who wanted to mess around even more.

"Hey Fwoggy, look at that funny white guy," Big The Cat said as he was having pizza at a table with his pollywog pal Froggy, who simply croaked in response.

Sonic The Hedgehog chuckled as he zipped in, showing off various poses as he smirked, placing his hands on his hips. "As usual, all the pizzas have been delivered! Did I miss anything good?

"Oh Sonic, everything's cooler when you're involved!" Amy Rose stated as she smiled, holding her hands together as she let out a deep pitched brassy tuba fart, gasping as she held down her red dress with her left hand, placing her right hand on her face while blushing red in embarrassment as she let out another loud bassy poot. "Oh my! Excuse me!"

"You always have excuses." Knuckles The Echidna laughed as he was flexing his muscles, noticing that Rouge The Bat was playing around with the Master Emerald, charging right at her. "HEY! GIVE ME BACK MY EMERALD!"

"You'll have to catch me first!" Rouge laughed as she began flapping her bat wings and flew in the air, with Knuckles hitting the slot machines as Rouge laughed.

"I will never understand you meat bags and your obsessions," E-123 Omega commented as he then inserted a coin into the arcade machine, using his arm cannons as ammo due to rigging himself to the system, with the arcade game in question involving the tactic of shooting various badniks, and other members of Eggman's robots.

Doctor Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik sighed as he had both of his hands on his head, sitting at a table by the window with Orbot and Cubot. "Why do we still come here...?"

"Because for someone with an IQ of 300, you're not very bright." Orbot pointed out to Dr. Eggman as he was looking at the menu for the Pizza Hut.

"Yeah. You make for a dumb leader." Cubot added as he was scarfing down bread sticks alongside slices of different topped pizzas.

Eggman screamed angrily as he slammed both Cubot and Orbot on the heads, causing them to recoil as the other badniks squinted their eyes at the scene Robotnik was making.

Mephiles The Dark chuckled as he tapped his crystallized fingertips together, nodding as he was enjoying the chaos. "Good, this is splendid... soon, all of you will be consumed into darkness..."

"Hey, edge lord, leave the edgy shtick to me," Scourge The Hedgehog interrupted as he punched Mephiles in the face, causing the two way past cool hedgehogs hanging on the edge of tomorrow to fight it out on the floor to see who would Live And Learn between them.

Marine The Racoon burped loudly and she took another sip of her Pepsi, courtesy of Pepsi Man. "Strewth! I just love this place!"

"Well I personally find it a bit... too out of the ordinary, personally," Cream The Rabbit meekly admitted since she watched several anthropomorphic pizzas walking out of the Pizza Hut, making her eyes widened as she didn't know of what to make of the weird scene before her.

"Help! Jane, stop this crazy thing!" Storm The Albatross exclaimed for he went flying about inside the Pizza Hut, his extreme gear board acting haywire once more.

Wave The Swallow sighed as she walked in, placing her right hand on her forehead while she held her extreme gear in her left hand. "Storm, you really have to get a control on that thing..."

"And I need more appearances! I'm tired of being the odd bird out!" Jet The Hawk squawked angrily as Storm bumped into him, the two going through Station Square towards the southern direction, with Wave not bothering to chase after them.

Arceus lifted down his newspaper as he was watching all sorts of unusual activity going on, shaking his head as he sighed. "Mortals. The objectives they do never cease to entertain me for the wrong reasons..."

Outside the Pizza Hut were those familiar dumbbots from AoStH, the notorious trio of Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts, all members of the Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad, or the SSSSS Squad for short. They were all working at a Taco Bell several blocks east of the Pizza Hut, with them not being as successful as the Pizza Hut.

"Baha, hohaw! We're gonna get them good!" Scratch stated as he readied a net.

Grounder nodded as he had some oil spilled on the pavement. "Uh-huh, heh-heauh! Yeah! We're going to get them real good!"

"Only if you idiots don't screw up this time!" Coconuts stated as he had a giant mallet in his hands. "Which is precisely why I'm here! So we could gettim, git ham, get him!"

Silver then stepped out of the Pizza Hut while munching on a slice of honey topped pizza, getting beaten up by Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts. The three badniks were them sent into the air by Silver using his green colored psychic power, the silver colored, telekinesis powered hedgehog sighing as he placed his left hand on his forehead.

"It's never a dull moment around here." Silver chuckled as he took his break, going for a little brief jog towards the western direction as he looked up to see Godzilla looking down at him. "...Yep, just like I-"

Godzilla roared loudly as he fired off his radioactive breath at Silver, who redirected it at some buildings with his psychic power as he accidentally caused property damage. Silver heard a loud honk, turning his quills covered head to see the infamous GUN Truck heading his way as he screamed and took off, with Godzilla shrugging as the giant dinosaur mutant resumed his usual kaiju city destructing as the king of the monsters.

Yes, sir, things here at the Pizza Hut in Sonic Adventure 1's Station Square seemed to be full of the usual fun activities you would expect out of a pizza based restaurant. But the beginnings were a lot more... humble than what the place has become over time... and thus, on that note...

"Sigh... another typical, boring day at the Station Square Pizza Hut..." Silver The Hedgehog moaned as he looked at the nearby dart board, shaking his head as he stretched his arms. "Another night wasted on staying overtime. And barely any customers at that." He shook his head in dismay. "Man, Vector better have some damn good excuse for this..."

Vector The Crocodile laughed as he exited the kitchen, wrapping his arm around Silver. "Hahaha! Silver, mah boi that sails the ship for DINNER, tonight was an excellent night, am I right or what!?"

Silver pulled Vector's arm off of him, glaring at the humanoid crocodile as he was serious. "Vector, we only had fifteen customers today, and they all purchased the standard pizza with extra cheese! We usually would get seventy four customers!"

Vector shrugged as he opened up the cash register. "Oh well! Not my vault that tonight was a Sunday. Besides, it's not like it was in vain!" He took out the money, shoving it in Silver's face. "After all, look just how much money we made!"

Silver continued glaring at Vector, his arms folded as he still was rather upset. "Vector, does any amount of money please you no matter how bad the situation is?"

Vector chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head as he placed the money back into the cash register. "Errr... well... you know, it's not that bad. I mean, I rather have money than no money at all!" He laughed heartily as he smashed Silver on the back, nearly knocking the albino hedgehog down as Vector pointed down at him, "Anyway, be sure to be ready for tomorrow. It's gonna be one hell of a storm, and I want to make sure that you will be in tip top shape!" He whistled as he left the restaurant, turning off all of the lights.

Silver moaned as he got back up, rubbing his right arm as he growled. "Sigh... that Vector, always cheerful and optimistic..." He shook his head as he placed his left hand on his forehead. "Where did I go wrong...?"

Silver looked at the bright, shiny red roof of the building that housed the only Pizza Hut in Station Square. He smiled as he formed a fist in his left hand.

"From this day forth, I will dedicate myself to making great pizzas! And have lots of fun with it!" Silver dramatically declared as he laughed, being tapped on the back. He turned around and looked up slightly, to see Vector smiling at him.

"Heya, new guy! I'm Vector The Crocodile, the manager of this here Pizza Hut!" He stated as he laughed, pounding his chest with pride, "Have you ever been considering in helping me find the computer room?"

Silver's eyes widened as he stepped a bit backwards, chuckling nervously. "Ehehehe... oh boy..."

"Come on, it'll be fun, trust me!"

"That's not the part that worries me!"

"What, you concerned that you'll get stuck in the pizza?"

"Well, let's just say that the heat does some things to me on a certain level..."

Upon remembering how he managed to snag a job as the main worker of the Pizza Hut, Silver slapped himself in the face, heading around the counter and heading out of the Pizza Hut, locking the restaurant as he turned to his right, heading westbound towards his home as he simply sighed, hoping tomorrow would be a better day as the rain clouds began forming, the rain starting to drip.

Little did he know that it was only the beginning... the beginning of something that he didn't take for granted...

"All right, we get it already." Silver complained as he folded his arms, glancing up at the stormy sky as his quills were soaked from the pouring rain.

And just how did the Sonic Adventure's Station Square Pizza Hut get to its current, infamous state? Just continue and read on...

"...well, the viewers will get to read on." Silver explained as he was handling the camnera.

"i can see that." Dry Bowser pointed out as he was sitting at his desk, with the talk show in question being 'Dry Bowser and Toadette Host the Most', the subject focusing on Silver due to him discussing about stupid shit regarding his shenanigans at the Pizza Hut he worked at.

Toadette farting loudly was preoccupying her for she fanned the air with her right hand, giggling in embarrassed pride. "Oh my! I think I should challenge Amy to a farting contest when I have the time... and the pants!"

"I don't understand you girls and your flatulence." Lumineon remarked as she dusted off her big butterfly wings, taking a break from conducting music.

"I think gassy girls are cool, pun totally intended," Vanilluxe remarked with a smile on her left face and laugh on her right face while twirling around, blowing snow everywhere.

"Oh, I agree..." Cherrim yawned as she emerged from her snoozing form, bursting into a more active open flower state as she squealed. "It brings out the best in girls!"

"Yeah, because it comes out of their tushies!" Aria Meloetta sung as she was eating vanilla icing, burping as she placed her right paddle shaped hand on her face, humming.

Arceus took a look at the various electronic graphs on one of the many monitors as he walked onto the set. "Guys, we have to get going. The network told us that the actual story should start-"

"Yes, let's finish this so I can finally head to the mart." Gruntilda Winkybunion stated, the wart green witch rhyming as she was cleaning off her purple scarf. "I'm tired of hearing these dumb girls fart."

"I will... have to agree." The Robotic Operation Buddy pointed out as he had a cardboard box full of VHS tapes in his metal hands. "We might be dragging this out a bit too much..."

"Says the robot who willingly beats up others during party related fights," Silver scoffed as he began cleaning up the camera, with R.O.B. just shrugging in response.

Suddenly Vector ran in, panting as he was sweating, with all the others looking at the green crocodile oddly as he cleared his throat and posed.

"Did I miss the interview?" Vector stated, not realizing that the actual story was about to begin.