"STOP GRABBING MY PIZZA BOX!" Silver snapped while trying to keep his tower of cardboard boxes containing pizza in place from the random being trying to snatch them for he and the others were in a weird match of Fall Guys set up within the Pizza Hut.

"This was probably the best idea I've had in a long time!" Vector laughed while snatching the money from the other people trying to troll each other and not paying any attention to the crocodile. "And they said this game was hard!"

"Not gonna lie but these songs are jamming!" Hatsune Miku sung for she slipped on pizza while trying to the music playing in the background.

Infinite scoffed while having a pizza by himself on a ledge overlooking the chaos within the restaurant. "Pfft, I could win if I wanted to; I'm not weak..."

"Hey I'm trying to have an unbirthday party here if you don't mind!" Alice complained for everyone was dunking pizza on the poor human girl as if she were in Wonderland again like it was 1951.

Of course there could only be 1 winner in this game of guys falling: and in the end it turned out to be the pirate fox animatronic from FNAF who was doing a victory dance and was rewarded a crown.

"Yarr this is going to look good in my pirate cove." Foxy laughed with a smirk for he winked and began showing off to the ungrateful losers who had to try harder to win next time.

"All right who hit the button?" Vector asked for among them was an imposter trying to cause the Pizza Hut to lose business.

"It was him, he wasn't doing a thing!" Charmy suddenly exclaimed while pointing at Moltar.

"Hey I was making sure the ovens were in top shape." Moltar spoke back calmly with his hands held behind his back.

"Wait a moment, where were you when we put out that fire?" Silver questioned while enjoying a nice slice of pizza.

Charmy began to sweat nervously for he noticed everyone looking at him. "I was, uh... making sure the air quality was good?"

"What a load. He's getting out of here!" Vector exclaimed, opening up a window and chucking the bee out for they all watched him drift off into deep space.

Yes the Pizza Hut somehow found itself drifting across the universe; it's best not to ask how or why.

"There's still 1 imposter here," Spencer Daniel Ricardo pointed out while wrapping his friends in pizza dough since he didn't trust them.

"Is no one going to point this out that this seems suspicious?" Noah Raymond Thompson questioned with everyone else shrugging and going about their business within the restaurant.

"...What am I doing here?" Marcus Leon Metzner questioned in a confused manner for the emergency button was suddenly pressed, causing chaos as there wasn't a kill yet someone wanted to mess around with everyone.

"What's happening this time?" Moltar asked while getting the subway station stop cleaned up for the customers emerging out of the trains.

"We're just switching positions because the ovens upstairs explode on us." Silver explained with a slice of bacon wrapped pizza in his gloved hand, proceeding to munch on it. "So we have been scattered about until things get better."

1 of the ROB units raised his metal head. "It appears there is quite a predicament going about this."

Silver nodded while placing various cardboard boxes down on the counter near him. "There is and frankly I'm wondering how we'll be able to cover the cost."

Moltar grabbed 1 of his many green colored books and flipped through it. "Perhaps there's something in here to help. I remember how much cost cutting I had to do back when I was a producer on the show."

"You know how much about the wraparounds of money managing?"

"I wouldn't exactly describe it like that but yes."

"Oh man; if I had known your skills could get to this degree than I would have came to you earlier!"

"Sometimes all it takes is to just ask."

"Well shit dude I have to remember this!"

"Ooh you're really showing us how to bask in the ill-scented feelings going around here!" Cream chimed for the trio of the most known anthropomorphic mammals girls in this speedy universe were breaking wind while having pizza together.

Amy laughed while playfully fanning the air with a half eaten pepperoni pizza slice in her right hand. "Well when you know that you're filthy you just have to embrace the cheesy odor!"

"I wouldn't say these foetid scents reek of cheese but that's just me." Rouge joked for she was enjoying her suit being puffed by her massive methane by virtue of her pants filling up with flatulence.

"Are these girls just going to keep talking about the art in f-ing fart?" Silver groaned while taking out several finished pizza pies from the ovens.

Espio was cleaning the counter after having cleaned everything else in the kitchen. "You're surprised at this after how many chapters we've dealt with this?"

Silver squinted his eyes. "I just don't see why we have to commit to dealing with this-"

"Well maybe you should take consideration that everyone farts!" Amy snapped for she began farting consistently with her dress going up from every poot followed by her tail being wiggled about by the flatus.

Cream nodded for her rabbit rears were blown about by the tooting she sharted about. "That's right; you shouldn't be looking down on others for being guilty of the same thing."

"Yes, we all happen to have solid material in our liquid body to allow such gas to come out," Rouge concluded in a smug tone for her pooting filled up her skintight suit.

Silver raised his arms and shook his quills topped head, deciding to not bother. "Maybe I shouldn't even go about with arguing you over this shit."