Ok…one thing…

To Dunno, or whoever left the review…

"Oh look, another 'not chapter'!"

"It's another note~"

Do you understand how hard it is between school (college) and all the other things I have to do? And before 'you' call me lazy, 'Dunno' (as I know you want too), I would love to see you write a 'good' story. Let me know when you do so I can leave the same 'wonderful reviews'. I'll be deleting your review after this, so please, let me know what you think. I know you will, because you can't resist opening that big mouth of yours.

To the others: Here's the latest of the reviews…rather funny how they think I'll do as they say, when they say it.

'Get of your lazy ** and write a nother chapter! You MOTHER **! (Pulls out out
gun and shots bestfriend.) that's for taking my man! You better watch out
author or things will be bad for you! HAHAHAHAHA!'

Wow…I didn't know someone could be 'so sweet'…more like 'very annoying'.

Other news is this. I've started back to college, and I have a lot of hard classes, which means I might not have time to write the rewrite to this story anytime soon because I need to do my work and get good grades. I've also been thinking of ideas, listening to the ones I've heard from you, and writing some of these things down. It's a slow process right now

I thank everyone who has been kind enough to wait for the rewrite and those who have left nice reviews and placed this story in their story alerts and favorites. Thank you so much! I'll try my best to not let you down!

Bye for now!

*chibi Alice, chibi Runo, and chibi Julie wave*