Choices. Chapter I.

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That's when he came to the rescue…

Chapter I – Not Meant To Be…


"So Finn, as I was saying, next Friday…. For…. And after that we…."

Finn nodded, pretending to be listening to his now girlfriend. But in truth, he was thinking about Quinn. He obviously wasn't over her.

"Finn? Finn! You there?" Rachel noticed Finn was blanking out.

"Huh? O-oh yeah! I'm here! Just thinking about some stuff…"

"Oh.. ok then. And next Saturday is…. Don't forget to…. And the…. Ok?"



The bell rang, signaling 4th period.

"Bye Finn!" Rachel waved, quickly running to her chemistry class. Rachel Berry is never late for anything.


"Finn!" Britney called out, patting the seat beside her. Finn approached, only to be stopped by Santana, telling him to sit next to her, not Britney. Finn had a tough decision to make, two hot cheerleaders wanted him to sit with them both.

"I have an idea. He can sit in between both of us!" Britney announced.

'Wow. That's like the smartest thing she's said in weeks.' Santana thought, agreeing to the surprisingly fair idea. "Ok then Finn, let's go." She said, putting a hand over his buff chest. Britney slightly glared, it was unfair, she was first to seduce him. She then lowered her uniform top, showing part of her cleavage. She knew that men were natural perverts. She then accidentally dropped her hair tie. Letting her hair loose and showing him her pure cleavage. "Yeah, I didn't wear a bra today Santana. Beat that!" she whispered to Santana, slowly picking up her hair tie. Finn nearly had a nosebleed.

"Finn? Let's go." Santana tried her best to distract Finn from looking at Britney's cleavage.

"Y-yeah." Finn replied, still in a daze. Santana was annoyed, so she placed a finger on her lips and then onto Finn's. 'Mmm… ' He thought, finally sitting down. He didn't notice that Rachel was there the whole time, luckily she had been talking to Kurt the whole time about a makeover.

"Please Kurt, you're the king- I mean queen of style!"

"Fine. I'll cut you a deal, you give me a set of Paul Mitchell shampoo bottles and it's a deal."



"Let me see your wardrobe, Rachel." Hopefully it's not as pink and preppy as your whole damn room.

"Here it is."

I stand corrected.

Kurt pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and immediately called Mercedes. "Mercedes we have GOT to take Rachel shopping. Half- I mean Three- Fourths of her wardrobe looks like it's from the cabbage patch kids play doll sets!"

"Hand her the phone Kurt."

Kurt did as he was told.

"Girl, we are going shopping!"

This morning

"You need to lure that Finn Hudson from that loser Rachel Berry to get on my good side again. You bunch of sloppy babies."

"But how, Ms. Sylvester?"



Present time

Quinn sighed. She really still missed Finn. Though he may be stupid at times, he cared for her. A lot. Britney and Santana told her that they'd treat her to a shopping spree just to cheer her up. Only if she did it blindfolded. So there she was, inside a store blindfolded and alone. That was until she heard footsteps approaching her and muffling.

"W-who's there?" she asked, slightly nervous.

"It's us, Britney and Santana."


"Then who's that?"

"What? I don't hear anything!" Britney said, a little too quickly.

"Bring him to the dressing room, Britney. NOW!" Santana whispered, quietly enough for their pregnant friend not to hear.

"Hey Finn, I have a little surprise for you!" Britney said, pushing him to the first dressing stall and locking the door. 'Santana, you better do it fast.'

"Von Dutch, let's start here." Kurt said, pushing the entrance door open.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Rachel asked, being held by Mercedes.

"Of course girl!" Mercedes replied, winking at Kurt.

Meanwhile, Kurt was looking for clothes for Rachel, Quinn was being pushed to the stall where Finn was currently in. And yeah, it wasn't as easy as it sounded. Imagine pushing a pregnant lady into a small and cramped up stall. That was exactly what Santana was doing at the moment. When she finally managed to push her in, she pushed out Britney and locked the door. From the outside.

"You can both remove the blindfolds now!~" Britney shouted, echoing through the glass frame of the dressing room. Quinn and Finn removed their blindfolds, still clueless of the set-up planned for them. 'Both? What do they mean by-' That was when they realized…



They said the names simultaneously, moving away from each other as far as possible. There was an awkward silence. Until Quinn finally had the courage to break it. "BRITNEY! SANTANA! GET ME OUT!"

'Oh god. She's so hot when she's mad.' Finn still remembers how aggressive Quinn was in the hot tub. She was beautiful. Mesmerizing.

Finn took a deep breath. He couldn't hold it in forever. "Quinn, I wanted to say… I'm sorry. For everything."

Quinn couldn't believe what she was hearing. Did Finn just apologize to her? For something she did?

"I still have feelings for you, Quinn…"

Quinn seriously couldn't believe what she was hearing. He did. He really did. But not as much as she does she bets.

Finn was ready to risk it all. She kissed her. Right on the lips.

Quinn's eyes instantly widened. He did have feelings for her.

She responded back, ending up with her on the floor and Finn on top, passionately kissing her.

"Try this one on, Rachel." Kurt handed Rachel a sleeveless shirt, imagining the reaction of the other boys in school.

"S-sure." Rachel felt a bit afraid. Even though she was the one that asked for a make-over, she was beginning to think it would be useless.

Mercedes saw what was happening so she quickly pushed Rachel to the dressing rooms entrance and quickly ran to Kurt to give him the status report.

As soon as Britney saw Rachel approaching the entrance, she unlocked the first door and proceeded to run into the second one and talk to Santana.

Rachel came in, thinking that the first stall was unoccupied. But as soon as she pushed the door, she saw it. Finn shirtless on top of Quinn. His ex girlfriend. Or so they thought she was. She dropped the set of clothes, catching the attention of Finn, who quickly got up and fixed his hair.

"Wait Rachel! I can explain!"

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Next Chapter:

"Hi, I'm Jesse, Jesse St. James. Nice to meet you Rachel." He smiled, holding her hand.


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"Please! Rachel! I'm foolish! I'm selfish! I know I don't deserve you, but I love you Rachel Berry! Give me one more chance!" he said, drenched under the storm with nothing but a simple hoodie to fight the cold.

"Too late." Jesse came out, in a Rachel Berry bathrobe.

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