A flower garden is a magical place. Some blooms speak of friendship, others of war. But as everyone knows, it is the roses that speak of love.

The white roses Headmistress Dominique Malfoy planted speak of the first kiss and the moment when two people fall in love.

The red roses that grow around the Burrow weep for fights and the yellow roses creeping up the cottage walls laugh with all the joyful moments.

In the end, it is the pink roses planted by our ladies' graves that tell the full story. There is both purity and passion in a pink rose. A pink rose means admiration that defies familiarity's contempt.

Malfoy, who was there for it all, approaches two graves quietly and leaves as quickly as he can with his cane. Perhaps his daughter-in-law awaits, or maybe he is simply tired. He'll be back tomorrow with another white rose. When he comes, he will place the flower beside others of its kind, and the wind will scatter the petals.

Sometimes Ronald Weasley comes, apologizing with a crimson rose as he never could with words. His sister watches him go, waiting in the shadows with a yellow rose. He doesn't want to see her here.

When all of these have come and gone with their myriad agendas, two more shadows emerge from the trees. Their names change every day, and their faces, but they are ever the same. A girl and a boy, sometimes, but more often two girls or two boys, clinging desperately to each other. It is these illicit lovers who leave pink roses. They say, We admire you. They wonder, How could you have been so brave? and occasionally, if the bearers are of a certain kind, the roses say, Someday... Someday, we'll do what you did... Someday, we'll be that brave.