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We are legion. We're the 2nd best soldiers ever made, second only to the Spartans. Here we all have a checkered past. We are all running from something or looking for a new start, but I'm getting ahead of myself. This is the legionnaire program. It was founded by both the UNSC and New covenant after the human-covenant war. The idea behind this was to provide expert yet expendable soldiers. Taking a page from the 21st century French foreign legion, the 2 nations formed a program that got rid of the traitors, rejects, and sociopaths, and at the same time supply candidates for the program. They were needed because no sooner than had the UNSC and New covenant formed good relations, had the insurrectionist come back in full force…with new covenant races amongst their ranks.

The New covenant and UNSC after returning to full strength invested all their power into quelling the rebels and traitors. However after a major engagement on the planet Fi'rios, an outdated UNSC signal was picked up. They found the other half of forward unto dawn. It was heading into uncharted territory.

The best and perhaps most odd of the legionnaire squads, was sent to recover the residence of the ship. What no one expected was to enter a system abundant with life…and in the middle of a war.

The operatives of legionnaire squad omega is a s following

Nijon Voltaire

Race: Sangheli

Specialty: stealth, and Close quarters combat.

Offense: Killing an ally.

Reason: Claims the soldier tried to "kill a female who was unprotected"

Favored weapon: twin energy swords, or twin plasma rifles.

Appearance: Clad in White Sangheli Commando armor.

Attitude: Reserved, Calm, good natured, never caught off guard.

Muraka Turok

Race: Mgalekgolo

Specialty: Heavy weapons, and brute force

Offense: Went berserk

Reason: bond brother was killed. Was stabilized after years of specialized therapy. Years later it was taken in by the legionares.

Favored weapons: Shield, fuel rod cannon (capable of switching between blast and beam mode)

Appearance: Clad in blue armor.

Attitude: Depressed, angry, demanding, you get the picture


Race: Kig Yar

Specialty: Scout, Sniper

Offense: Being involved in the raid of a UNSC cruiser.

Reason: Formal pirate

Favored weapon: Beam rifle, plasma pistol, and energy shield

Appearance: Clad in the normal Jackal armor but it's pitch black, also had a dark blue skin tone as apposed to the tanned one jackals often do.

Attitude: Easily annoyed, Violent, sneaky

Craig O'nel

Race: Human, Coccasion

Offense: Desertion

Reason: Personnel "refuses to say anymore"

Favored weapon: Assault rifle with grenade launcher (built for all grenades)

Appearance: modified gray ODST armor without helmet, instead fishing hat. Low cut hair, blue eyes, black hair, and heavy Australian accent.

Attitude: Demanding, firm, zero tolerance for disrespect

Given the squad make-up one would expect horrible performance. In all actuality they've been the most deadly squad with a kill ratio equal to that of a veteran Spartan 2. It's because of this they've been chosen to retrieve the legendary solider. Now however they will fight an enemy unlike any they have ever witnessed. This is their story.